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"What's Going On UP There?"
This fast paced, multi-faceted doc examines the sacrifices that must be made on the road to revitalizing the space industry. Featuring interviews with scientists and scholars from MIT, Yale, Sydney University and U.C. San Francisco, physicists, astronomers, historians, aviators, environmentalists, filmmakers, youngsters and ordinary citizens considers the risks and potential life saving benefits of full throttle return to the great beyond. Gorgeous animation, special effects, archival and contemporary live-shot footage from space, witty and informative interviews bring to life the many sides of the space debate. Topics debated include: *Potential for commercial space travel and tourism *Future and past impact of space technologies and businesses *Impact of space technologies on the environment *Who regulates these space based initiatives and what are the implications for spy satellites, weapons, military? *Mining resources and possible exploitation should global competitions arise *Who will pass the torch to future generations? How will Apollo and Sputnik era information be transferred? *What do our children think about their future in space based activities at this moment in history? Introduced by Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock) the doc asks us Earthlings to consider what we will do with this final frontier.

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(500) Days of Summer
Marc Webb In this quirky romantic comedy about love and fate, a young greeting card writer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is hopelessly, helplessly searching for the girl of his dreams...and his new co-worker, Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), may just be “the one.” But the 500 days of their offbeat relationship reveal (in no particular order) that the road to happiness can be unpredictable, uncontrollable—and unbelievably funny!
Audio: English: 5.1 Dolby Surround / Spanish & French: Dolby SurroundLanguage: Dubbed & Subtitled: English, French & SpanishTheatrical Aspect Ratio: Widescreen: 2.40:1
In this surreal comedy, Paul Giamatti plays an actor named...Paul Giamatti. Paul very well might have found the key to happiness for which he's been searching, soul storage. But, complications arise when he is the unfortunate victim of 'soul-trafficking.' Balancing a tightrope between deadpan humor & pathos, and reality & fantasy, Cold Souls is a true soul searching comedy.
. . . And the Pursuit of Happiness
Louis Malle Over the course of a nearly forty-year career, Louis Malle forged a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile cinematic storytellers, with such widely acclaimed, and wide-ranging, masterpieces as Elevator to the Gallows, My Dinner with Andre, and Au revoir les enfants. At the same time, however, with less fanfare, Malle was creating a parallel, even more personal body of work as a documentary filmmaker. With the discerning eye of a true artist and the investigatory skills of a great journalist, Malle takes us from his French homeland to India to the United States, in some of the most engaging and fascinating nonfiction films ever made. Six Disc Set Includes:

Vive Le Tour Humain, Trop Humain Place de la Republique

An energetic evocation of the Tour de France, a meditative investigation of the inner workings of a French automotive plant, and an entertaining snapshot of the comings and goings on one street corner in Paris - Louis Malle's three French-set documentaries reveal, in an eclectic array of ways, the director's eternal facination with and respect for, the everyday lives of everyday people.

Phantom India Malle called his gorgeous and groundbreaking Phantom India the most personal film of his career. And this extraordinary journey to India, originally shown as a miniseries on European television, is infused with his sense of discovery, as well as occasional outrage, intrigue, and joy.

Calcutta When he was cutting Phantom India, Malle found that the footage shot in Calcutta was so diverse, intense, and unforgettable that it deserved its own film. The result, released theatrically, is at times shocking - a chaotic portrait of a city engulfed in social and political turmoil, edging ever closer to oblivion.

God's Country In 1979, Louis Malle traveled into the heart of Minnesota to capture the everyday lives of the men and women in a prosperous farming community. Six years later, during Ronald Reagan's second term, he returned to find drastic economic decline. Free of stereotypes about America's "heartland," God's Country, commissioned for American public television, is a stunning work of emotional and political clarity.

...And the Pursuit of Happiness In 1986, Malle, himself a transplant in the United States, set out to investigate the ever widening range of immigrant experience in America. Interviewing a variety of newcomers (from teachers to astronauts to doctors) in middle-and working-class communities from coast to coast, Malle paints a generous, humane portrait of their individual struggles in an increasingly polyglot nation.
3:10 to Yuma
James Mangold In Arizona in the late 1800s, infamous outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe) and his vicious gang of thieves and murderers have plagued the Southern Railroad. When Wade is captured, Civil War veteran Dan Evans (Bale), struggling to survive on his drought-plagued ranch, volunteers to deliver him alive to the "3:10 to Yuma", a train that will take the killer to trial. On the trail, Evans and Wade, each from very different worlds, begin to earn each other's respect. But with Wade's outfit on their trail - and dangers at every turn - the mission soon becomes a violent, impossible journey toward each man's destiny.
Pen-ek Ratanaruang Shortly after losing her job, Tum finds a mysterious noodle box full of money on her doorstep. The clever beauty attempts to hold on to the loot and soon finds herself at the center of a thrilling, high stakes caper between Thai boxing gangsters, corrupt executives and the bungling authorities.
8 Mile
Curtis Hanson Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy, Mekhi Phifer. Loosely based on Eminem's early years, this film depicts an angry white kid from the slums of Detroit who tries to make it in the harsh rap business. Includes never-before-seen live performances by Eminem. 2002/color/100 min/R/widescreen.
9 to 5 - Sexist, Egotistical, Lying Hypocritical Bigot Edition - Widescreen
Pembroke J. Herring, Colin Higgins In this witty, satirical farce, secretaries Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and office manager Lily Tomlin live every female worker's dream after discovering they share the same resentment towards their egotistical, sexist boss (Dabney Coleman). When they get an unexpected chance to take revenge, they turn their male controlled workplace into a modle office - even as their scheme spins wildly out of control.
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America
Barak Goodman, Bruce Sinofsky, David Heilbroner, James Moll, Jeffrey Friedman Offering a fresh perspective on the American experience, 10 acclaimed documentary filmmakers direct ten pivotal moments in United States history and the often unexpected changes they triggered.

These critical but unsung pieces of history include a local rebellion that inspired a national constitution, bullets fired in Buffalo, New York, and even a crooner from Memphis who couldn't stand still. These are just a few of the fascinating subjects explored in 10 DAYS THAT UNEXPECTEDLY CHANGED AMERICA—10 riveting one-hour documentaries by 10 award-winning independent filmmakers. Together, the documentaries represent compelling stories about less well known events that serve as a lens with which to view the range of the American experience.

From the first massacre of Native Americans to the single bloodiest day in American history, from a courtroom battle of science vs. religion that still rages today to the racial murders that led to the Voting Rights Act, these are the events that tested America's soul and forged her destiny.
10 Items or Less
Brad Silberling Once the center of Hollywood, an aging actor finds that his fear of failure has made his career dry up, and he’s now forced to consider a role in a small independent movie. While researching for the role, he stumbles into Scarlet, a spitfire check out clerk at a Latino community market. Soon abandoned by his driver, the world famous actor must rely on Scarlet to lead him back to his side of the tracks. This trek through Los Angeles features richly unexpected situations, chance encounters, and personal revelation that neither character could ever have anticipated.
The 10th Victim
Elio Petri Long before reality shows took over the TV airwaves and violent parodies like Series 7 and Battle Royale hit international screens, Elio Petri made this campy social satire of a future in which the bored, the ambitious, and the just plain violent can sign up for a deadly game of cat and mouse. "The Big Hunt is necessary as a social safety valve," explains one TV personality. "Why control births when we can control deaths?" Marcello Mastroianni, who plays the womanizing Italian media darling with a gift for ingenious assassinations, becomes the target of sexy champion Ursula Andress, a New York Amazon with a wardrobe as deadly as it is chic. She'll pocket $1 million if she can successfully kill Mastroianni, her 10th and last victim, but on the side she concocts a deal to do the deed in concert with a live song-and-dance extravaganza mounted by a tea company.

Directed with tongue firmly in cheek, Petri lampoons the whole media obsession with high-risk contests and games of chance with cool style, absurdly chic fashions, a bouncy score of organ riffs and funky lounge sounds, and a comically blasé performance by Mastroianni. It's like Fellini gone ballistic with a hint of Divorce, Italian Style: a battle of the sexes in a world where spontaneous shootouts are forever erupting in the fringes of the frame. —Sean Axmaker
12 Monkeys
Terry Gilliam Inspired by Chris Marker's acclaimed short film La Jetée (which is included on the DVD Short 2: Dreams), 12 Monkeys combines intricate, intelligent storytelling with the uniquely imaginative vision of director Terry Gilliam. The stor
12:08 East of Bucharest
Roxana Szel, Corneliu Porumboiu (Black Comedy) 16 years after the Revolution and just days before Christmas, a local television station in Bucharest has invited several guests to share their moments of glory, as they allegedly stormed city hall, chanting "down with Ceasescu!," before Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife fled the presidential palace by helicopter so many years ago. An alcoholic history teacher and a lonely retiree, who moonlights as Santa, are forced to answer questions from dubious viewers who aren't convinced that the Revolution ever took place in their city.
13 Tzameti
Géla Babluani While struggling to support his immigrant family, 22-year-old Sebastien learns that his neighbor will be receiving a package promising riches. Deciding to intercept the parcel, he discovers that it contains a series of cryptic instructions. After assuming a new identity, Sebastien is plunged into a Kafkaesque odyssey involving the police, a gambling ring and a deadly game of chance. George Babluani, Pascal Bongard, Aurelien Recoing star. 90 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English; interview; deleted scenes; theatrical trailer. In French with English subtitles.
24 Hour Party People
Michael Winterbottom "Magnificent" (The New York Times), "amazing" (Los Angeles Times) and "a blast" (Rolling Stone), this true story of the raucous anti-establishment explosion that revolutionized the music industry is "miraculous one of the smartest, liveliest, most engaging and involving works you're likely to see this year" (Premiere)! Blown away by an unknown local band called the Sex Pistols, TV personality Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) is inspired to invent a uniquely anarchic record label. Soon he's promoting everyone from New Order to Happy Mondays on his newly formed Factory Records and partying like a rock star. From Tony's speedy rise to Factory's hedonistic fall, this "wonderful party of a movie stamps on a smiley face that will stay with you for hours" (New York Post)!
25th Hour
Spike Lee Academy Award(R)-nominee Edward Norton (Best Actor, 1999, AMERICAN HISTORY X) heads an amazing all-star cast in the critically acclaimed Spike Lee (SUMMER OF SAM, DO THE RIGHT THING) film 25th HOUR. In 24 short hours Monty Brogan (Norton) goes to prison for seven long years. Once a king of Manhattan, Monty is about to say good-bye to the life he knew — a life that opened doors to New York's swankest clubs but also alienated him from the people closest to him. In his last day on the outside, Monty tries to reconnect with his father (Brian Cox, THE BOURNE IDENTITY), and gets together with two old friends, Jacob (Philip Seymour Hoffman, ALMOST FAMOUS) and Slaughtery (Barry Pepper, THE GREEN MILE). And then there's his girlfriend, Naturelle (Rosario Dawson, MEN IN BLACK 2), who might (or might not) have been the one who tipped off the cops. Monty's not sure of much these days, but with time running out, there are choices to be made as he struggles to redeem himself in the 25th hour.
30 Pounds Of Love
Zack Snyder The epic graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City) assaults the screen with the blood, thunder and awe of its ferocious visual style faithfully recreated in an intense blend of live-action and CGI animation. Retelling the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, it depicts the titanic clash in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and his massive Persian army. Experience history at swordpoint. And moviemaking with a cutting edge.
The 400 Blows
Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte, François Truffaut Francois Truffaut's first feature was this 1959 portrait of Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), a boy who turns to petty crime in the face of neglect at home and hard times at a reform school. Somewhat autobiographical for its director, the film helped usher in the heady spirit of the French New Wave, and introduced the Doinel character, who became a fixture in Truffaut's movies over the years. Poignant, exhilarating, and fun (there's a parade of cameo appearances from some of the essential icons and directors from the movement), this film is an important classic. —Tom Keogh
664 The Neighbor Of The Beast
George O'Connor
The 800 Mile Wall
The 800 Mile Wall highlights the construction of the new border walls along the U.S.-Mexico border as well as the effect on migrants trying to cross into the U.S. This powerful 90-minute film is an unflinching look at a failed U.S. border strategy that many believe has caused the death of thousands of migrants and violates fundamental human rights. Since border walls have been built, well over 5,000 migrant bodies have been recovered in U.S. deserts, mountains and canals. Some unofficial reports put the death toll as high as 10,000 men, women and children. As a direct result of U.S. border policy, migrants are forced to cross treacherous deserts and mountains in search of low skill and low paying jobs in the United States. The New York Times writes, "Current border strategy is serving as a funnel through deadly terrain." The 800 Mile Wall documents, in great detail, the ineffective and deadly results of a failed border policy and offers some thoughts and on how the current human rights crisis may be resolved. Directed by John Carlos Frey and Produced by Jack Lorenz. Running Time: 90 min.
1947 Earth
Deepa Mehta Earth, The second film in Deepa Mehta's controversial trilogy is an emotionally devastating love story set within the sweeping social upheaval and violence of 1947 India. As her country teeters on the brink of self rule and instability, 8-year old Lenny, an innocent girl from an affluent family, is in danger of having her world turned upside down. As the simmering violence around them reaches a boiling point, Lenny's beautiful nanny Shanta (Nandita Das) falls in love with one of Lenny's heroes,… the charismatic and peace-advocating Hassan. Love, however, can be dangerous when religious differences are tearing the country apart, and friendships and loyalty are put to the test. Building to a shattering climax, Earth is a devastating human drama in which desire unfolds into a stirring tale of love and the ultimate betrayal.
2001: A Space Odyssey
Ray Lovejoy, Stanley Kubrick EDITOR'S NOTE: According to a Warner Home Video technician involved in the production of The Stanley Kubrick Collection, Kubrick authorized all aspects of the Collection, from the use of Digital Component Video (or "D-1") masters originally
2012: Science Or Superstition
Nimrod Erez December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in central America. Countless books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse the end of time and those who see a coming renewal, a rebirth of consciousness.

Adding fuel to the debate, some scientists see the increasing number of natural disasters in recent years as evidence of a catastrophic climax of events in 2012. How much of what we re hearing is science and how much is superstition? In this film the leading researchers, writers and scientists in the field tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it s important, and what we should expect.

Featured in the film are Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alberto Villoldo, Anthony Aveni, Robert Bauval, Jim Marrs, Walter Cruttenden, Lawrence E. Joseph, Douglas Rushkoff, John Anthony West and Benito Vegas Duran.
2081 | based on Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron"
Chandler Tuttle A short film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron, 2081 depicts a dystopian future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance of the United States Handicapper General, everyone is "finally equal...." The strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the intelligent wear earpieces that fire off loud noises to keep them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. It is a poetic tale of triumph and tragedy about a broken family, a brutal government, and an act of defiance that changes everything.

Featuring an original score by Lee Brooks performed by Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream) and narration by Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven, Goodnight and Good Luck), 2081 stars James Cosmo (Braveheart, Trainspotting), Julie Hagerty (Airplane!, What About Bob?) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network).
4192: The Crowning Of The Hit King
Terry Lukemire On the evening of September 11, 1985, before a sellout crowd at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Pete Rose stood on the edge of history. With one swing he would collect more hits than anyone in the history of the game he loved. 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King is a love letter to baseball that highlights the playing career of one of the game s most honored and controversial stars. It is a story that began in 1963 when Rose ran to first base on a walk. It spanned more than two decades and brought numerous individual awards as well as three World Series titles. But there is more to this story than just awards. It is about baseball and what drove this man to chase what many thought was an unbreakable record and become The Hit King.
A Day Without a Mexican
Sergio Arau California awakens one day to discover that one third of its population has vanished. A peculiar pink fog surrounds the state and communication outside its boundaries has completely shut down. As the day progresses, it becomes apparent that the sole characteristic linking the missing 14 million is their Hispanic heritage.
A Woman is a Woman
Jean-Luc Godard With A Woman Is a Woman (Une Femme est une femme), compulsively innovative director Jean-Luc Godard presents "a neorealist musical, that is, a contradiction in terms." Featuring French superstars Anna Karina, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and Jean-Claude Brialy at their peak of adorability, A Woman Is a Woman is a sly, playful tribute to - and interrogation of - the American musical comedy, showcasing Godard#s signature wit and intellectual acumen. The film tells the story of exotic dancer Angéla (Karina) as she attempts to have a child with her unwilling lover Émile (Brialy). In the process, she finds herself torn between him and his best friend Alfred (Belmondo). A dizzying compendium of color, humor, and the music of renowned composer Michel Legrand, A Woman Is a Woman finds the young Godard at his warmest and most accessible, reveling in and scrutinizing the mechanics of his great obsession - the cinema.
Abel Raises Cain
Jeff Hockett Jenny Abel Long before Borat, The Yes Men and Jon Stewart, there was Alan Abel, the legendary media prankster and culture jammer who has spent a lifetime pulling off elaborate stunts and satirical pranks that are JUST ridiculous enough to be believable, especially to a media that feeds on salacious, far-fetched stories. After a half-century of creating fake news and riling up the masses with his outlandish crusades, Alan's story is brought to light for the first time by his daughter, Jenny Abel, along with co-director, Jeff Hockett, in their award-winning documentary debut, ABEL RAISES CAIN.

In this hilarious and unflinching portrait, Jenny tells her personal account of what it was like growing up with a lovable but slightly demented father and takes a glimpse behind-the-scenes at many of the crazy hoaxes and schemes that Abel concocted over the years, all of which were designed to provoke and amuse...while making people question everything that they see, hear and read.

Hailed as "a humorous and highly personal documentary" by the Los Angeles Times, and "a fun and fascinating look at an American original" by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, SLATE calls ABEL RAISES CAIN "an invigorating and often hysterical look at a gifted comic and the nation of dupes he continues to use as his medium."

*This DVD also features Bonus Scenes, Featurette, Rare 16mm Footage of Alan Abel, Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew and English Captions on the Feature, accessible via remote control.
About a Boy
Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, Rachel Weisz. A 38-year-old slacker who passes himself off as a single father in order to date single mothers gets a taste of the real thing when he is befriended by a fatherless 12-year-old boy. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby. 2002/color/106 min/PG-13.
Absolutely Irish
Paul Wagner Absolutely Irish! brings together the brightest stars of traditional Irish music for a once-in-a-lifetime concert that will leave folk music fans stunned by the virtuoso performances. Filmed live at the intimate Irish Arts Center in New York City s famed Hell s Kitchen neighborhood, Irish music impresario Mick Moloney presents three generations of brilliant musicians as they display their mastery on much-beloved jigs, reels, and airs, then rock the hall with contemporary takes on favorite old tunes.With special guest appearances by two living legends—80-year-old flute player Mike Rafferty and 85-year-old Irish dancer Jo McNamara — and a heart-tugging rendition of Leaving Liverpool performed by the entire ensemble, Absolutely Irish! showcases the best talent on the Irish music scene today.Absolutely Irish! includes performances by: whistle player Joanie Madden; fiddlers Liz Carroll, Eileen Ivers, and Athena Tergis; flute and banjo player Seamus Egan; guitarist John Doyle; singers Karan Casey, Robbie O Connell, and Susan McKeown; piper Jerry O Sullivan; concertina player Tim Collins; accordionist Billy McComiskey; and dancers Niall O Leary and Darrah Carr.This DVD also features bonus footage of eight additional performances at the Irish Arts Center!
Spike Jonze The Superbit titles utilize a special high bit rate digital encoding process which optimizes video quality while offering a choice of both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. These titles have been produced by a team of Sony Pictures Digital Studios video, sound and mastering engineers and comes housed in a special package complete with a 4 page booklet that contains technical information on the Superbit process. By reallocating space on the disc normally used for value-added content, Superbit DVDs can be encoded at double their normal bit rate while maintaining full compatibility with the DVD video format.
Adventures for the Cure: The Doc
When three young men set off to cross the United States on single-speed, fixed-gear bicycles, the physical challenge itself in incredibly daunting. But these are not just three tough guys; they ride to raise money and awareness for diabetics and to help disables Kenyan kids. The film focuses on Adam, himself a Type-1 diabetic who has to manage his illness while riding up to 150 miles a day. And it tells the touching stories of two diabetic children the group meets along the way, and how they change the men's lives. But the ride has its comical side, too: The three are chased by wild does in Kentucky, ditch their rain-battered tent in Kansas to sleep on picnic tables, engage in an insane game of "foot down" with a bunch of bikers in Oregon, and struggle hilariously to achieve their goal of singing karaoke in all 16 states they pass through on their zigzag 6,500-mile journey. The trip is one of amazing discovery - of a country of stunning natural beauty and of a nation of incredibly kind and generous souls passed along the way. "Adventures for the Cure" is narrated by three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.
Adventures in Babysitting
Chris Columbus Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) agrees to babysit after her "dream" date stands her up. Expecting a dull evening, Chris settles down with three kids for a night of TV ... and boredom. But when her frantic friend Brenda calls and pleads to be rescued from the bus station in downtown Chicago, the evening soon explodes into an endless whirl of hair-raising adventures! Babysitter and kids leave their safe suburban surroundings and head for the heart of the big city, never imagining how terrifyingly funny their expedition will become.
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
W. D. Richter "The very oddest good movie in many a full moon," Buckaroo Banzai combines "humor, imagination, a little oriental mysticism and a passel of sharp performances [into] very chic sci-fi" (Time)! Oscar(r) nominees* Peter Weller and John Lithgow team with Emmy(r) winners Ellen Barkin and Christopher Lloyd for a fiendishly clever, action-packed adventure in an outlandishworld you'll want to visit again and again! Brilliant brain surgeon Banzai (Weller) just made scientific history. Shifting his Oscillation Overthruster into warp speed, he's the first man ever to travel to the Eighth Dimension and come back sane! But when his sworn enemy, the demented Dr. Lizardo (Lithgow), devises a plot to steal the Overthruster and bring an evil army of aliens back todestroy Earth, Buckaroo goes cranium to cranium with the madman in an extra-dimensional battle thatcould result in total annihilation of the universe! *1993: Short Film/Live Action, Partners (Weller); 1983: Supporting Actor, Terms Of Endearment (Lithgow)
The Adventures of Milo and Otis
Masanori Hata A curious kitten named Milo and his inseparable friend, a pug-nosed puppy named Otis, tumble through one exciting escapade after another in The Adventures of Milo and Otis, a heartwarming live action film. Milo and Otis start life together on a farm and spend their days exploring the barnyard and the surrounding countryside. One day, the little feline is swept down a rushing river and Otis takes off in pursuit to rescue his friend, thus beginning a series of adventures. The Adventures of Milo and Otis, which took four years to complete, is a film that will delight both the young and young at heart.
An Affair to Remember
James B. Clark, Leo McCarey In this poignant and humorous love story nominated for four Academy Awards, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on an ocean liner and fall deeply in love. Though each is engaged to someone else, they agree to meet six months later at the Empire State Building if they still feel the same way about each other. But a tragic accident prevents their rendezvous and the lover's future takes an emotional and uncertain turn.
Paul Schrader Paul Schrader's Affliction, adapted from the novel by Russell Banks (The Sweet Hereafter), charts the slow descent of small-town sheriff Wade Whitehouse (a raspy, gruffly restrained Nick Nolte) into violence, the legacy of the corrupt love of an abusive, alcoholic father. The story ostensibly centers on a hunting death on the outskirts of town, but as Wade digs into what may or not be a conspiracy, his personal life spirals out of control. James Coburn, who deservedly won an Oscar for his mocking, sneering performance, is Wade's father, who jumps back into the cycle of abuse when Wade moves in to care for the aging man. Chronicling the story in distant, dispassionate tones is Willem Dafoe as Wade's younger brother Rolfe, who "escaped" his father's legacy in a world of books. Schrader has made his reputation revealing the scarred psyches of American men trying to reconcile the contradictions of masculine fantasy and social reality, as in his screenplays for Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, and in Affliction he creates his most poignant and powerful work. The quiet beauty of the snow-blanketed New Hampshire setting (using Canadian locations) and Schrader's restrained yet intimate cinematic style builds the underlying emotional tensions until they explode in startling close-ups, revealing the repressed fear, rage, and helplessness cracking through Wade's carefully maintained façade. As Rolfe's narration coolly analyzes his brother's affliction, he reveals his own: an emotional remove so complete that he's edited himself out of his family history. The legacy of abuse leaves no one untouched. —Sean Axmaker
Agadez: The Music And The Rebellion
The Agronomist
Jonathan Demme The life of Haitian radio journalist and human rights activist, Jean Dominique, told through historical footage of Haiti; interviews with Dominique and his wife, Michele Montas; and footage shot before his assassination in April 2000.
Aguirre, the Wrath of God
Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus, Werner Herzog Klaus Kinski, Ruy Guerra. Werner Herzog directed this surreal tale of a mad, power-hungry 16th-century conquistador who leads a doomed expedition through Spain in search of a lost city of gold. 1973/color/94 min/NR/German/subtitled.
Akeelah and the Bee
Glenn Farr, Doug Atchison An inspirational drama, Akeelah and the Bee is the story of Akeelah Anderson (Keke Palmer), a precocious eleven-year-old girl from south Los Angeles with a gift for words. Despite the objections of her mother Tanya (Angela Bassett), Akeelah enters various spelling contests, for which she is tutored by the forthright Dr. Larabee (Laurence Fishburne); her principal Mr. Welch (Curtis Armstrong) and the proud residents of her neighborhood. Akeelah’s aptitude earns her an opportunity to compete for a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee and in turn unites her neighborhood who witness the courage and inspiration of one amazing little girl.
Al Franken - God Spoke
Chris Hegedus, Nick Doob Saturday Night Live veteran, radio commentator...political candidate? This hilarious and provocative documentary follows the career of humorist Al Franken, whose biting humor becomes a focal point of the increasingly heated animus between right- and left-leaning talking heads. The film features Franken going toe to toe (and quip to quip) with conservative icons such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly. 84 min. Soundtrack: English; biographies; deleted scenes.
The Alcove
Joe D'Amato From the infamous Joe D Amato, director of such EuroSleaze classics as Emanuelle In Bangkok and Papaya: Love Goddess Of The Cannibals comes perhaps his most sumptuous skin saga of all! Legendary sex goddess Laura Gemser (Black Emanuelle) stars as an African princess brought home as a slave by a 1940s military officer, only to be sucked into a depraved new world of voyeurism, drugs, pornography, lesbian seduction, unholy nuns and more. Annie Belle (Laure), Al Cliver (Devil Hunter, Zombie, The Beyond) and supermodel-turned-porn-queen Lilli Carati (Escape From Women s Prison) co-star in this stylish-yet-filthy flesh-fest, now presented totally uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America!

-Interview with Director Joe D'Amato
-Theatrical Trailer
Alexander Nevsky Criterion Collection
The highlight of Eisenstein's Alexander Nevsky is certainly the epic thirty minute battle on ice — at times intense and powerful, other times almost comical with its keystone cop-ish music. We get shots of hundreds (if not thousands) of soldiers flailing about and smashing each other's armor with swords, battle axes and clubs. Then of the organist who accompanied the German Teutonic Knights (along with the make-shift tent church complete with cross bearing monks) followed by the carnival like band the Russians brought along. The tight shots of the battle are incredibly forceful and the sweeping long shots show the stark beauty of the land. A harbinger of dark days to come (World War II) and the propagandistic overtones make the film just that much more interesting to watch. "Those who come with a sword to us will die from that sword!"
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Marcia Lucas, Martin Scorsese Ellen Burstyn won a well-deserved Best Actress Oscar for her wonderful portrayal of a widow and mother of a young son who struggles to overcome one hurdle after another in an effort to make it on her own. The story later became the hit TV series "Alice." Kris Kristofferson, Harvey Keitel, Diane Ladd co-star. Directed by Martin Scorsese. 112 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; audio commentary by Scorsese; documentary; theatrical trailer. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.
Alien Nation - Ultimate Movie Collection
Chuck Bowman, David Carson, Gwen Arner, Harry Longstreet, John McPherson Eric Pierpoint, Gary Graham. Though the sci-fi series was cancelled after just one season, the Alien Nation saga continued with a number of TV movies that picked up where it left off in Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994/90 min.), Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995/87 min.), Alien Nation: Millennium (1996/120 min.), Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (1996/120 min.) and Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1996/120 min.). 3 DVDs. Color/NR/fullscreen.
All That Jazz
Bob Fosse Part tragic, part comic, this outrageous look at life in the fast lane in the Academy Award-winning musical about Bob Fosse's excessive life in show business. Played by Roy Scheider, Fosse's alter-ego drives himself over the edge and soon finds he is caught between a recurring fantasy about his death and the reality of a near-death experience. Dazzlingly presented, this electrifying story about the perils of pushing yourself too hard is filled with Fosse's legendary song-and-dance choreography.
All the Queen's Men
WWII spy comedy. An American army officer (Matt LeBlanc) leads a mismatched team of British Special Services who must go in disguise as women and infiltrate a female-run Enigma factory in Berlin and bring back the decoding device that will end the war. The team, with the exception of one member who happens to be a drag performer (Eddie Izzard), must learn the basic skills for completing their mission, like walking in heels and applying lipstick. The American and his team stumble through the German factory in full drag, barely escaping the clutches of German soldiers, while attempting to complete the most important mission of their lives.
Almost Famous: The Bootleg Cut
Cameron Crowe 2-DVD set which includes the special Stillwater CD Soundtrack of the movie. Limited Digpak packaging.
Almost Peaceful
Set during the largely unexplored period immediately following World War II, the film follows a group of mostly Jewish Parisians who attempt to restart their lives and rekindle their capacity for happiness in the shadow of unspeakable horrors. Variety called it "thoroughly charming. Sad, gentle, and funny in the best French tradition of high quality cinema." A film by Marcelo Gomes . 94 minutes, color, French w/ English subtitles.
The Amateurs
Sex sells in America and these guys know it. When Andy (Jeff Bridges) discovers that his ex-wife has married an extremely wealthy man who is now his son’s "cool" stepfather, he becomes motivated to make a change in his life. With the help of his friends (Ted Danson, Joe Pantoliano) a small town group of loveable losers, they hit upon an idea to make their dreams come true. The grand plan that will lead to a life of riches and fame is to make the world’s most innocent adult film. Everyman’s fantasy turns into a hilarious misadventure when they find that they’re way in over their heads.
Amazing Grace
From the makers of Ray, AMAZING GRACE tells the inspiring story of William Wilberforce and his passion and perseverance to pass a law ending the slave trade in the late 18th century. Several friends, including Wilberforce's minister, a reformed slave ship captain who penned the beloved hymn Amazing Grace, urge him to see the cause through.
America's Living Constitution: An Oral Presentation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
Studio: Infinity Resources Inc Release Date: 06/23/2009
America: Freedom to Fascism
Aaron Russo Controversial and throught-provoking are two words that describe one of the most talked-about documentaries of 2006.

Determined to find the law that requries American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo (Bette Midler'sThe Rose, Trading Places) set out on a journey to find the evidence.

Neither left nor right-wing, this startling examination of government exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with two U.S. Congressmen, former IRS Commissioner and former IRS and FBI agents, tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card, which becomes law in May 2008 and will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Could this be a precursor to an impending police state in America? Watch the film and make your own conclusions.
American Beer
Paul Kermizian, Jeremy Goldberg, Richard Sterling, Jon Miller, Robert Purvis Five friends travel the United States by minivan and visit 38 craft breweries in 40 days. The Special Edition DVD contains more than 80 minutes of additional material including breweries not featured in the film. This item is factory sealed, brand new with all proper packaging. Ships directly from production company.
American Blackout
Ian Inaba Ironweed Film Club edition, includes "American Blackout" by Ian Inaba (84 min, 2006) and short film "How Democrats and Progressives Can Win" by Hayden Reiss (25 min, 2004). About American Blackout: Whatever you think you know about our election systems or Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, this film will make you question further why the news media fails to accurately inform the public. Directed by GNN's Ian Inaba, creator of Eminem's "Mosh" music video, American Blackout critically examines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence voices of political dissent. Many have heard of the alleged voting irregularities that occurred during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004. Until now, these incidents have gone under- reported and are commonly written-off as insignificant rumors or unintentional mishaps resulting from an overburdened election system. American Blackout chronicles the recurring patterns of voter disenfranchisement from Florida 2000 to Ohio 2004 while following the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Mckinney not only took an active role investigating these election debacles, but has found herself in the middle of her own after publicly questioning the Bush Administration about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Featuring: Congressional members John Conyers, John Lewis, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Bernie Sanders and jounalists Greg Palast and Bob Fitrakis.
The American Brew
Roger Sherman, Producer A documentary about the rich and surprising history of beer in America rich history of America's favorite beverage of moderation. From colonial settlers, through the rise of microbrewers and developments in brewing technologies, "The American Brew" explores the evolution of beer throughout the centuries.
An American Crime
Tommy O'Haver "This," said Prosecutor Leroy New, "has been the most terrible crime ever committed in the state of Indiana;" the first crime of child abuse that broke through reticence and denial to register with the public. In Tommy O'Haver's heartbreaking and hard-hitting film, AN AMERICAN CRIME, Academy Award ® nominee Catherine Keener portrays Gertrude Baniszewski, the seemingly ordinary housewife who imprisons and tortures a beautiful teenager, played by Academy Award ® nominee Ellen Page, in the basement of her house - two portrayals that will resonate with audiences long after they leave the theatre. AN AMERICAN CRIME also stars James Franco and Bradley Whitford.
American Experience: A Class Apart
Carlos Sandoval In the tiny town of Edna, Texas, in 1951, a field hand named Pete Hernandez murdered his employer after exchanging words in a gritty cantina. From this unremarkable small-town murder emerged a landmark civil rights case that would forever change the lives and legal standing of tens of millions of Americans. A Class Apart tells the little-known story of a band of underdog Mexican-American lawyers who took their case, Hernandez v. Texas, all the way to the Supreme Court, where they successfully challenged Jim Crow-style discrimination against Mexican-Americans.
American Experience: Civilian Conservation Corps
Robert Stone In March 1933, within weeks of his inauguration, President Franklin Roosevelt sent legislation to Congress aimed at providing relief for the one out of every four American workers who were unemployed. He proposed a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to provide jobs in natural resource conservation. Over the next decade, the CCC put more than three million young men to work in the nation's forests and parks, planting trees, building flood barriers, fighting fires and maintaining roads and trails. Corps workers lived in camps under quasi-military discipline and received a wage of $30 per month, $25 of which they were required to send home to their families. This program interweaves rich archival imagery with the personal accounts of CCC veterans to tell the story of one of the boldest and most popular New Deal experiments, positioning it as a pivotal moment in the emergence of modern environmentalism and federal unemployment relief.
American Experience: The 1930s
Artist Not Provided The unforgettable decade in American history characterized by the onset of the Great Depression has been incredibly captured by the acclaimed PBS documentary series. The five-chapter chronicle of the 1930s includes The Crash of 1929 (1990/55 min.), Surviving the Dust Bowl (1998/55 min.), Hoover Dam (1999/55 min.), Seabiscuit (2003/55 min.) and The Civilian Conservation Corps (2009/55 min.). 5 episodes on 5 DVDs. Color/NR/fullscreen.
American Flyers
Dallas Puett, Frank Morriss, John Badham UPC: 85391152026

Sports physician Marcus persuades his unstable brother David to come with him and train for a bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains. He doesn't tell him that he has a cerebral tumor. While David powerfully heads for the victory; Marcus has to realize that the contest is now beyond his capabilities. / Features great views of the Rockies and an insight in the tactics of bicycle races.
American Graffiti
Marcia Lucas, Verna Fields, George Lucas A group of high school graduates decide their next steps in this comical coming-of-age story set in an innocent California town in the early 1960s. The film featured a grown-up Howard and made stars of Ford and Dreyfuss.
American Gun
Aric Avelino An Oregon mother (Marcia Gay Harden) whose son was killed after going on a high school shooting spree, an inner-city Chicago principal (Forest Whitaker) who deals with violence on a daily basis, and a Charlottesville gun shop owner (Donald Sutherland) are among the disparate group of people whose lives are all deeply affected by America's ever-growing obsession with firearms. Tony Goldwyn, Linda Cardellini, Schuyler Fisk also star in this powerful and timely drama. 95 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1.
American Movie
Barry Poltermann, Jun Diaz, Chris Smith The strange, disturbing scenes in Mark Borchardt's low-budget horror film Coven are nothing compared to his real life! This acclaimed documentary follows the efforts of this struggling Wisconsin filmmaker to complete his film, using the funds and labors of his friends and relatives. 1999/color/104 min/R.
American Pop Collection Vol 1
Artist Not Provided
An American Rhapsody
Éva Gárdos
American Splendor
Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini Based on the life and work of underground comic book writer Harvey Pekar- a prickly poet of the mundane who knows that all the strategizing in the world can't save a guy from picking the wrong supermarket checkout line.
American Swing
Jon Hart, Mathew Kaufman The Seventies were sexy and sleazy. At the epicenter of it all was Plato's Retreat, the controversial, first-ever swingers club. In New York's conservative Upper West Side, Plato's embraced adventurous couples who came to dance, to swim, and... to swap. It was the start of a revolution. The brainchild of Larry Levenson, the self-proclaimed King of Swing, Plato's Retreat quickly emerged as the mainstay of public sex for the me generation, welcoming anyone and everyone. For only $35, couples checked their judgments and pedigrees at the door; debutantes got it on next to bus drivers, as movie stars gave secretaries the starlet treatment. For Levenson and others, Plato s was a utopia. However, this wild party did not last. American Swing brings this enigmatic epic of excess to the screen for the first time.
American Tongues
American Zombie
Filmmakers Grace Lee ( The Grace Lee Project ) and John Solomon ( Nonsense Man ) team up to shoot a documentary about high-functioning zombies living in Los Angeles and their struggles to gain acceptance in human society.Despite their wildly different working styles Grace and John manage to chronicle the hopes and dreams of four fascinating subjects: IVAN a convenience-store clerk who longs for a career in publishing; LISA a florist trying to recover her lost memories; JUDY a hopeless romantic who learns to accept her true nature; and JOEL (pronounced Yo-El ) a committed political activist striving for zombie rights. As Grace strives to get to know the zombies on their own terms John is eager to uncover their darker side and rallies to get the crew permission to shoot at a three-day zombies-only retreat called Live Dead where the documentary takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. What transpires there is beyond anything the filmmakers could imagine as they are forced to re-evaluate their ideas about tolerance identity politics and the future of the human race.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HORROR/COMEDIC HORROR UPC: 881394105027 Manufacturer No: CLS1050
The Amish: Back Roads to Heaven
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, hosts the oldest Amish community in the world. This is the most recent documentary, released in 2007. It includes Amish response to the Nickel Mines school tragedy.
Amish: How They Survive
The Amish live far outside the cultural mainstream. During the last century, they grew from 5,000, inhabiting a handful of states, to 200,000 souls living in 25 states and one Canadian province.

Preferring community to technology, the Amish live their lives in close fellowship with each other. Within their religious communities, everyone agrees on what technologies to adopt, what clothes to wear and what horse-powered transportation to drive.

A decade ago, approximately 90% of Amish earned their incomes from farming operations. Today, in some communities, less than 5% do so. Learn how the Amish have successfully responded to a tightening agricultural economy. See how their strict adherence to community values contributes to their doubling in size every 20 years.

This documentary takes you on an intimate journey into Ohio Amish life and culture. You will discover how rapid growth and economic pressures threaten their community. You will also meet a people who, as a result of creative disengagement with the culture around them, thrive.

Burton Buller documents the lives of the Amish, Hutterites, and Mennonites. His programs have appeared on PBS, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Hallmark Channel, ABC TV and NBC TV.

Sixty years ago, the Amish were consigned to disappear, swallowed by modernity. Today they are thriving as never before, spiritually and sociologically. The film brilliantly documents that process. - Dr. Al Keim, Professor Emeritus of History, Eastern Mennonite University

DVD Features:
Subtitles: Optional English
Chapter Selections
John W. Bosley
Amores Perros
Alejandro González Iñárritu Vanessa Bauche, Gael Garcia, Goya Toledo. A car crash draws the very different lives of three Mexico City inhabitants into a strange and dangerous triangle in this acclaimed drama from director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. 2000/color/153 min/R/Spanish/widescreen.
And Now For Something Completely Different
Ian MacNaughton The best of Monty Python's Flying Circus in their first feature film. Includes their most memorable skits and cartoons. 1972/color/89 min/PG/fullscreen.
And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself
Bruce Beresford Antonio Banderas (Spy Kids, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) delivers a powerful, larger-than-life performance as the title character of this incredible true story of how Mexican Revolutionary, Pancho Villa, allowed a Hollywood crew to film him in battle, altering the course of film and military history in the process. The adventure gets its start when early movie giants D.W. Griffith (Colm Feore) and Harry Aiken (Jim Broadbent), send a junior executive, Frank Thayer (Eion Bailey) to Mexico to persuade the cash-strapped, publicity-hungry Villa to let them film his revolution. Stepping into the literal crossfire, Thayer's crew risks their lives in the mingling of fiction and reality. After a string of dangerous exploits, narrow escapes and double-crosses worthy of a silent action short, Thayer and Villa make their movie, and "The Life of General Villa" is released in the U.S. to popular acclaim. The film changes the public opinion in Villa's favor and proves that "the lens is mightier than the sword."

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Audio commentary with writer/executive producer Larry Gelbart
Featurette:Behind the scenes
And the Band Played On
Roger Spottiswoode Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, Richard Gere. Dr. Don Francis fights a race against time to uncover information about what causes AIDS while coping with a disinterested public, government and media. 1993/color/140 min/PG-13/widescreen.
Andre Rieu - The Homecoming
Part one
1. Carmen Overture
2. Aviator's March
3. You're Worth Your Weight in Gold
4. Song of Vilja
5. Today is the Most Beuatiful Day (Heut' ist der schönste Tag)
6. Oh, I have in My Heart (Ach Ich Hab in Meinem Herzen)
7. Concierto d'Aranjuez
8. Swinging bells of Limburg
9. Funiculi Funicula
10. The White Horse Inn
11. Second Waltz
12. Chianti Song
13. Maastricht Anthem
Part Two
1. Radetsky March
2. Whether Blond or Brunette, We Love Them All (Ob Blond, Ob Braun)
3. I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady
4. With a Little Bit of Luck from My Fair Lady
5. Juliska from Budapest
6. Memories from Cats
7. A Bright Young Man - Medley
8. Toselli Serenade (Nightingale Serenade)
9. Libiamo
10. La Donna è Mobile - Medley
11. Auld Lang Syne
12. Ode to Maastricht
13. Lullaby
14. Entry March
15. Maastricht, City of Jolly Singers
Bonus Features:
songs - My Father's Favorite, Halleluja, Milord.
specials - 'Limbourgeois' (behind the scenes TV special), Two Weeks in Two Minutes
Andre Rieu - Tuscany
1. The Godfather (Love Theme) 2. Strangers In Paradise 3. Romance Anonyme - Jeux Interdits 4. Once Upon A Time In The West 5. Chanson d'Amour 6. O Mio Babbino Caro 7. William Tell Overture 8. Opera Potpourri 9. Italian National Anthem 10. L'Italiano 11. Marina 12. Roses From Tyrol 13. Lagune Waltz 14. The Rose 15. Italiana 16. Barcarole 17. La Paloma 18. Light Cavalry 19. All Men Shall Be Brothers (Ode To Joy) 20. Radetzky March 21. Vino 22. La Montanara 23. I Love You
The Andromeda Strain
Stuart Gilmore, John W. Holmes, Robert Wise Scientists rush to isolate an alien germ brought back by a space probe. From the Michael Crichton novel.
Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers & Tides
Thomas Riedelsheimer Wildly praised by the nation's top critics, the smash theatrical hit RIVERS AND TIDES is a mesmerizing, poetic and curiously contemplative portrait of revered Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, whose long-winding rock walls, icicle assemblages and other intricate, druidic masterpieces are made entirely of materials found in the wild. Gorgeously shot and edited by director Thomas Riedelsheimer, RIVERS AND TIDES is an intoxicating study of the fragile relationship between man, art and nature.
Angel Heart
Alan Parker Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet. A private detective takes a hellish journey to 1950s New Orleans where he discovers an erotic and shocking world of murder, sex and voodoo rituals. 1987/color/112 min/NR/widescreen.
Angels in America
Mike Nichols Academy Award-winners Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson lead an all-star cast in a 6-hour HBO Films Event. Directed by Mike Nichols and written by Tony Kushner based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play: Angels in America.
Angry Monk
Luc Schaedler Gendun Choephel is a legendary figure in Tibet. Believed to be the reincarnation of a famous Buddhist lama, this promising young monk turned his back on monastic life and became a fierce critic of his country's religious conservatism, cultural isolationism and reactionary government. After leaving the monastery in 1934, and fueled by his intellectual curiosity and free-spirited nature, Choephel traveled throughout Tibet and India in order to understand the true history of his country.

Both a personal and political portrait of this pioneering and visionary intellectual (who also renounced the "false duty of monastic obligations" and smoked, drank and was married), ANGRY MONK features rare archival footage, Choephel's paintings, and contemporary scenes of sites he visited, along with interviews with Tibetan historians, scholars, writers, and his wife.

Today Choephel is a revered figure in his homeland, and an influential symbol of hope for those seeking political and spiritual reform in a free Tibet. ANGRY MONK tells his story.
Animaniacs, Vol. 2
Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs! The adventures or misadventures of the Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner Sister, Dot, who were so crazy that the studio execs locked them away in the water town at the Studio. The witty, slapstick humor with pop culture parodies and cartoon wackiness is on DVD for the first time ever with 25 fantastic Animaniacs episodes.
The Animation Show, Vol. 3
Rebecca Moline Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt have returned with another collection of incredible animated short films! This program brings together the best work from The Animation Show’s 2007 theatrical program and additional groundbreaking shorts, 17 in all. See the latest work from leading independent animators - Don Hertzfeldt, Mike Judge, Bill Plympton, Joanna Quinn and Pes! There’s an enormous array of great animation that’s rarely seen in the United States. We hope this formative new DVD series will continue to bring more artists and unseen classics into the spotlight for many years to come…
The Apartment
Winner* of five 1960 Academy AwardsÂ(r), including Best Picture, The Apartment is legendary writer/director Billy Wilder at his scathing, satirical best, and one of "the finest comedies Hollywood has turned out" (Newsweek). C.C. "Bud" Baxter (Jack Lemmon) knows the way to success in's through the door of his apartment! By providing a perfect hideaway for philandering bosses, the ambitious young employee reaps a series of undeserved promotions. But when Bud lends the key to big boss J.D. Sheldrake (Fred MacMurray), he not only advances his career, but his own love life as well. For Sheldrake's mistress is the lovely Fran Kubelik (Shirley MacLaine), elevator girl and angel of Bud's dreams. Convinced that he is the only man for Fran, Bud must makethe most important executive decision of his career: lose the girl...or his job. *1960: Director, Story and Screenplay, Editing, Art Direction (B&W)
Apocalypse Now
Francis Ford Coppola Digitally remastered with 49 minutes of previously unseen footage, Apocalypse Now Redux is the reference standard of Francis Coppola's 1979 epic. A metaphorical hallucination of the Vietnam War, the film was reconstructed by Coppola and editor Walt
Apocalypse Now Redux
Francis Ford Coppola Digitally remastered with 49 minutes of previously unseen footage, Apocalypse Now Redux is the reference standard of Francis Coppola's 1979 epic. A metaphorical hallucination of the Vietnam War, the film was reconstructed by Coppola and editor Walter Murch to enrich themes and clarify the ending. On that basis Redux is a qualified success, more coherent than the original while inviting the same accusations of directorial excess. The restored "French plantation" sequence adds ghostly resonance to the war's absurdity, and Willard's theft of Colonel Kurtz's beloved surfboard adds welcomed humor to the film's nightmarish upriver journey. An encounter with Playboy Playmates seems superfluous compared to the enhanced interplay between Willard and his ill-fated boat crew, but compensation arrives in the hellish Kurtz compound, where Willard's mission—and the performances of Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando—reach even greater heights of insanity, thus validating Redux as the rightful heir to Coppola's triumphantly rampant ambition. —Jeff Shannon
Apollo 13
Mike Hill, Dan Hanley, Ron Howard Astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert try to come back alive after an explosion aborts the April 1970 moonshot. Directed by Ron Howard. From Lovell's memoir "Lost Moon."
Ed Harris In Marshal Virgil Cole and deputy Everett Hitchs line of work, you shoot quick, you shoot clean, and you reload straightaway. No remorse. No looking back. No feelings. Feelings get you killed. Paired as rivals in A History of Violence, Ed Harris (who also directs, produces and co-scripts) and Viggo Mortensen stand together as longtime friends and for-hire peacekeepers Cole and Hitch in this character-driven, bullet-hard Western based on Robert B. Parkers novel. Blood will spill in the town called Appaloosa.
From the Academy Award(R)-nominated director Atom Egoyan (Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, 1997; EXOTICA, FELICIA'S JOURNEY), and featuring an all-star cast, ARARAT is the acclaimed cinematic masterpiece about a tragic historical event, a country in denial, and a people yearning for the truth. For the estranged members of a contemporary family, the tangled relationships of their present are only complicated by their catastrophic past. And what begins as a search for clues becomes a determined quest for answers across a vast and ancient terrain of deception, denial, fact, and fears. This stunning and passionate motion picture explores the pursuit of identity through the intimate moments shared by lovers, families, enemies, and strangers.
Archer : Season 1 (2 disc)
Arctic Exposure With Nigel Marven
Intrepid zoologist, Nigel Marven, spends nine months exploring wildlife and the surrounding area in the Canadian Arctic. His expedition takes him from the icy wasteland of the far north, across near-endless tundra to the vast boreal forest in the south.
Robert Altman, Bruce Beresford, Bill Bryden, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman ARIA is that history-making film. Sexy, violent, thought-provoking and funny, here is the movie critics raved about, audiences flocked to see, and no one could stop talking about.
The Aristocrats
Paul Provenza Comedy veterans and co-creators Penn Jillette (one half of the hit duo Penn & Teller) and Paul Provenza capitalize on their insider status and invite over 100 of their closest friends (who happen to be some of the biggest names in entertainment, from George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Carey to Gilbert Gottfried, Bob Saget, Paul Reiser and Sarah Silverman) to reminisce, analyze and deliver their own versions of the world’s dirtiest joke, an old burlesque routine too extreme to be performed in public, called The Aristocrats. One of the smash hits of the 2005 Sundance film festival, this critically acclaimed, star-studded comedy extravaganza, which celebrates the art of improvisation and the finest (and most foul mouthed) traditions of stand up, is sure to stretch the limits of its audience, particularly for how loud and how long they can laugh.
Army of Shadows
Arranged [DVD]
Diane Crespo, Stefan Schaefer Two Brooklyn schoolteachers (Zoe Lister-Jones, Francis Benhamou), coming from conservative Jewish and Muslim backgrounds, discover they have much in common when their families begin campaigns to see them married to grooms not of their own choosing. As the young women endure the company of many ill-conceived suitors, they bond with each other despite the cultural gulf between them. John Rothman, Mimi Lieber co-star. 89 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; bonus short "The Raft" (2004).
Arrested Development: Season One
Anthony Russo, Greg Mottola, Jay Chandrasekhar, Joe Russo, John Fortenberry 22 episodes on 3 DVDs. 2003/color/8 hrs., 11 min/NR/widescreen.
Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - Smithsonian
Art Blakey was an acknowledged musical master, a founder of modern jazz drumming and a father figure to three generations of superstars. His Jazz Messengers first appeared on the scene in 1954, and the alumni is a who's who of great jazz names including Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Johnny Griffin, Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett, and many more. Here, Wynton Marsalis makes his debut appearance as Blakey's trumpeter. From the first distinctive Blakey drum roll, the Messengers deliver a hard bop concert, playing "Little Man," "New York," "Webb City," and an extended version of Kurt Weill's "My Ship," which features Wynton as trumpet soloist.
Art School Confidential
Terry Zwigoff "Art School Confidential" follows talented young artist Jerome Platz (Max Minghella) as he escapes from high school to a tiny East Coast art school. Here the boyish freshman's ambition is to become the world's greatest artist, like his hero Picasso. Unfortunately, the beauty and craft of Jerome's portraiture are not appreciated in an anything-goes art class. Neither his harsh judgments of his classmates' efforts nor his later attempts to create pseudo-art of his own win him any admirers. But Jerome does attract the attentions of his dream girl, the stunning and sophisticated Audrey (Sophia Myles), an artist's model and daughter of a celebrated artist. Rejecting the affectations of the local art scene, Audrey is drawn to Jerome's sincerity. When Audrey shifts her attention to Jonah (Matt Keeslar), a hunky painter who becomes the school's latest art star, Jerome is heartbroken. Desperate, he concocts a risky plan to make a name for himself and win her back.
As You Like It
Kenneth Branagh Emmy award winner Kenneth Branagh, the man who redefined Shakespeare for a whole new generation with Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet, brings the Bard's most delightful comedy to sensational life! Rosalind is a young woman living in the court of her uncle when she falls in love with Orlando, a young gentleman of the kingdom. When Rosalind is banished, she flees into the forest of Arden disguised as a man...only to encounter Orlando who has also been exiled! But can she win his heart, disguised as she is? With a setting inspired by 19th century Japan and a star-studded cast including Kevin Kline (Dave, A Prairie Home Companion), Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3, The Lady In The Water) and Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2, The Da Vinci Code), AS YOU LIKE IT once again proves that all the world's a stage. Come enjoy!
Asparagus! Stalking The American Life
Anne de Mare and Kristen Kelly
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Andrew Dominik Everyone in 1880s America knows Jesse James. He’s the nation’s most notorious criminal, hunted by the law in 10 states. He’s also the land’s greatest hero, lauded as a Robin Hood by the public. Robert Ford? No one knows him. Not yet. But the ambitious 19-year-old aims to change that. He’ll befriend Jesse, ride with his gang. And if that doesn’t bring Ford fame, he’ll find a deadlier way. Friendship becomes rivalry and the quest for fame becomes obsession in this virile epic produced in part by Ridley Scott and featuring gripping portrayals by Brad Pitt (winner of the Venice Film Festival Best Actor Award) as Jesse and Casey Affleck as the youth drawn closer to his goal…and farther from his own humanity.
The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Niels Mueller Based on real life events, Assassination is set in 1974 and centers on a businessman (Penn) who decides to take extreme measures to achieve his American dream.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Director Commentary
Other:Closed Captioning- English
Atom Age Vampire
Atomic City
Jerry Hopper Nuclear physicist Frank Addison (Gene Barry, The War of the Worlds) and his wife are living every parent's worst nightmare: their son Tommy (Lee Aaker, TV's The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin) has been kidnapped. The kidnapper's ransom demands are the secrets behind the H-bomb! The desperate scramble to rescue Tommy unfolds at a rapid pace in The Atomic City - from the streets of Los Angeles to cliff dwelling of Santa Fe; the real-life locations provide the vivid backdrops for this taut and suspenseful thriller. Director Jerry Hopper (Pony Express) makes his feature film debut.
Joe Wright From the award-winning director of Pride and Prejudice comes a stunning, critically acclaimed epic story of love. When a young girl catches her sister in a passionate embrace with a childhood friend, her jealousy drives her to tell a lie that will irrevocably change the course of all their lives forever. Academy Award® nominee Keira Knightley and James McAvoy lead an all-star cast in the film critics are hailing "the year's best picture" (Thelma Adams, US Weekly).
L'Auberge Espagnole
Francine Sandberg, Cédric Klapisch Seven sexy co-eds. One Spanish apartment. No rules. A single year of learning turns into an outrageous adventure of a lifetime in this "fresh, captivating comedy" (Newsday) that has audiences and critics cheering around the world! Xavier (Romain Duris) is a straight-laced French college senior who moves to Barcelona as part of a exchange program, much to the dismay of his beautiful Martine (Audrey Tautou). But sharing cramped quarters with students from all over Europe quickly leads to multi-cultural chaos as Xavier gets a hilarious, eye-opening lesson on how to live, love, laugh?and party!
August Rush
Kristen Sheridan There’s music in the wind and sky. Can you hear it? And there’s hope. Can you feel it? The boy called August Rush can. The music mysteriously draws him, penniless and alone, to New York City in a quest to find – somehow, someway – the parents separated from him years earlier. And along the way he may also find the musical genius hidden within him. Experience the magic of this rhapsodic epic of the heart starring Freddie Highmore (as August), Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terrence Howard and Robin Williams. "I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales," August says. Open your heart and listen. You’ll believe, too.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Jay Roach It's a smashing shagadelic party as Mike Myers (Wayne's World 1 & 2, So I Married an Axe Murderer) and Elizabeth Hurley (Dangerous Ground) star in a non-stop, hilarious comedy adventure. Frozen in the 60's, secret agent Austin Powers (Myers) is thawed back into action to once again battle his archenemy Dr. Evil. With his sexy sidekick Ms. Kensington (Hurley), Austin must stop Dr. Evil's outrageous plot to control the world. But first, this time-warped swinger must get hip quick and discover that there's no free love in the 90's! An all-star supporting cast including Michael York, Robert Wagner, Mimi Rogers and Carrie Fisher make Austin Powers a wacky, far-out trip you won't forget.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Commentary by actor Mike Myers and director M. Jay Roach.
Deleted Scenes
Other:An original animated sequence "Music to Shag to". Spy genre retrospective. Star highlights with scenes (all Letterbox 1.85, Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) from Dangerous Ground (1997), Monkey Trouble (1994), Rapture, The (1991) (qv), and Wide Sargasso Sea (1993).
Production Notes
Theatrical Trailer
Auto Focus
Paul Schrader Greg Kinnear, Willem Dafoe, Maria Bello. The wild story of Hogan's Heroes star Bob Crane's adventures in pornography filmmaking and shady acquaintances, culminating in his still unexplained murder in an Arizona motel room in 1978. 2002/color/107 min/R/widescreen.
The Aviator
Martin Scorsese An epic biopic depicting the early years of legendary director and aviator Howard Hughes' career, from the late 1920's to the mid-1940's.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary: Commentary by Scorsese
Deleted Scenes:Deleted scene: Howard Tells Ava About His Car Accident
Documentaries:Modern Marvels: Howard Hughes— a 45 minute Documentary By The History Channel
Documentary:2 Music Featurettes: Scoring The Aviator: The Work Of Howard Shore The Wainwright Family - Loudon, Rufus And Martha
Featurette:A Life Without Limits: The Making of The Aviator The Role Of Howard Hughes In Aviation History An evening with Leonardo DiCaprio and Alan Alda The Affliction of Howard Hughes: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Panel Discussion With Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, And Howard Hughes' Widow Terry Moore
Other:2 Behind-the-scenes featurettes: The Age Of Glamour: The Hair And Makeup Of The The Visual Effects Of The Aviator
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Away from Her
Sarah Polley Married for almost 50 years, Grant's (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona's (Julie Christie) commitment to each other appears unwavering. Their daily life is filled with tenderness and humor; yet this serenity is broken by Fiona's increasingly evident memory loss - and her restrained references to a past betrayal. For a while, the couple is able to casually dismiss these unwelcome changes. But when neither Fiona nor her husband can deny any longer that she is being consumed by Alzheimer's disease, the couple is forced to wrenchingly redefine the limits of their love and loyalty - and face the complex, inevitable transition from lovers to strangers.
Azur and Asmar: The Princes' Quest
Once upon a time there were two children who grew up together - Azur, the blue-eyed son of a nobleman, and Asmar, the dark-eyed child of a nurse. As they grow up, the nurse tells them many enchanting stories, but their favorite is about a beautiful fairy waiting to be released from captivity by a good and heroic prince. The two boys are as close as brothers, until the day Azur's father cruelly separates them, banishing Asmar from his home and sending Azur away for private education. Some years later Azur sets out to a land far away to find Asmar and to see if the legend of the fairy is true. Finally reunited, Azur and Asmar set out to see who will be the first to rescue the fairy.
Baby Mama
Comedic geniuses Tina Fey (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live) and Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live) team up to celebrate a modern twist on motherhood! Kate (Fey) is a single, successful career woman who wants something more: a baby. But she gets more than she bargained for when she hires Angie (Poehler), a free spirit from South Philly, to be her surrogate in a hysterical mama match-up. From birth class to baby-proofing, they’re the ultimate odd couple that critics are calling “the best female comedy duo since Lucy and Ethel” (Claudia Puig, USA Today). With hilarious performances from an all-star cast featuring Greg Kinnear, Dax Shepard, and Sigourney Weaver, Baby Mama is as full of laughs as it is heart!
Back to the Future
Robert Zemeckis From the Academy Award-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis comes Back to the Future - the original, groundbreaking adventure that sparked one of the most successful trilogies ever! When teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future - and leave him trapped in the past. Powered by innovative special effects, unforgettable songs and non-stop action, Back to the Future is an unrivaled adventure that stands the test of time.
Bad Education
José Salcedo, Pedro Almodóvar Writer/director Pedro Almod??var's dark, sexy Hitchcock homage is his best work since his Oscar-winning "All About My Mother", and deepened by a sun-dappled sadness. Handsome, enigmatic ?Ångel (Gael Garc??a Bernal) arrives at the Spanish movie offices of director Enrique Goded (Fele Martinez) and happily proclaims that he's actually Enrique's long-lost school chum Ignacio—an announcement that is both less than convincing and more than it seems. A novice actor, ?Ångel pitches a semi-autobiographical screenplay in which he's determined to star, a revenge-laden reflection of the doomed love he and Enrique shared as boys before a pedophile priest cruelly intervened. The script, and the lost days it recalls, carefully unfurls into a series of brooding movies-within-movies and memories-inside-memories, which allow the sensual, multiple-role-playing Bernal to give the performance of his young career—among other things, he makes a stunningly convincing drag queen—and Almod??var the opportunity to movingly suggest that people will pay any price to ensure that their stories are told. "—Steve Wiecking"
Bad Lieutenant
Abel Ferrara He has survived on the streets for twenty years. He's a gambler...a thief...a killer and a cop. Now's he's investigating the most shocking case of his life, and as he moves closer to the truth, his self-destructive past is closing in. Harvey Keitel gives a searing performance as an out-of-control police detective on a collision course with disaster in director Abel Ferrara's brilliant and deeply disturbing crime drama.
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
Werner Herzog In Werner Herzog's new film Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, Nicolas Cage plays a rogue detective who is as devoted to his job as he is to scoring drugs while playing fast and loose with the law. He wields his badge as often as he wields his gun in order to get his way. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he becomes a high-functioning addict who is a deeply intuitive, fearless detective reigning over the beautiful ruins of New Orleans with authority and abandon. Complicating his tumultuous life is the prostitute he loves (played by Eva Mendes) and together they descend into their own world marked by desire, compulsion, and conscience. The result is a singular masterpiece of filmmaking: equally sad and manically humorous.
A Bad Situationist
Badder Santa
Terry Zwigoff Hollywood favorites Billy Bob Thornton (THE ALAMO), Bernie Mac (MR. 3000), and John Ritter (TV’s 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER) kick it up a notch in this unrated version of the outrageous comedy hit BAD SANTA. You'd better watch out — Santa Claus Willie T. Stokes (Thornton) is coming to town and he doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice. Willie's favorite holiday tradition is to fill his sacks with loot lifted from shopping malls across the country. But this year his plot gets derailed by a wise-cracking store detective (Mac), a sexy bartender (Lauren Graham — TV's GILMORE GIRLS), and a kid who's convinced Willie is the real Santa Claus! You're sure to believe in BADDER SANTA: THE UNRATED VERSION — once you experience this longer, funnier, and more explicit motion picture!
Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass While the Duplass Brothers were shooting their last feature film The Puffy Chair, a crew member raised the question "what's the scariest thing you can think of?" Someone immediately said "a guy with a bag on his head staring into your window." Some agreed, but some thought it was downright ridiculous and, if anything, funny (but definitely not scary). Thus, Baghead was born, an attempt to take the absurdly low-concept idea of a "guy with a bag on his head" and make a funny, truthful, endearing film that, maybe, just maybe, was a little bit scary, too.
Ballet Shoes
Dreams do come true…
Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) stars in Ballet Shoes, a heartwarming and uplifting film based on the beloved, best-selling novel by Noel Streatfeild and featuring an award-winning cast that includes Emilia Fox, Victoria Wood, Richard Griffiths and Eileen Atkins.

"We three Fossils vow to put our name in the history book, because it is ours, and ours alone…" With these words, three orphans, raised as sisters, leave their sheltered lives and embark on an exhilarating journey that takes them to the heights of the stage, screen and sky!

Exclusive 20-Minute Interview with Emma Watson
Deleted Scenes, Ballet Shoes Audiobook Excerpt
Ballot Measure 9
Heather MacDonald, B.B. Jorissen Ballot Measure 9 is a chilling portrayal of a divisive anti-gay campaign initiative and the unprecedented violence it provoked — such that activists risking their lives were given full-time police protection. For the crusaders on the right it was a simple battle between good and evil. Director Heather MacDonald ducks behind the headlines to bare the passions and strategies that drove both sides. As the level of violence escalates, the documentary acquires the tension and suspense of a fiction film, and its local chronicle evolves into a far-ranging exposé of hate politics that crosses lines of race, religion and sexual identity.
The Band's Visit
Eran Kolirin This heartwarming and poignant winner of the Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard prize is the mesmerizing and witty story of strangers in a strange land. A fading Egyptian police band arrives in Israel to play at the Arab Cultural Center. When they take the wrong bus, the band members find themselves in a desolate Israeli village. With no other option than to spend the night with the local townspeople, the two distinctly different cultures realize the universal bonds of love, music and life. Set against a breathtaking desert landscape, this cross-cultural comedy proves that getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself.
Bandit Queen
Renu Saluja, Shekhar Kapur
Bang the Drum Slowly
The story of the friendship between a star pitcher, wise to the world, and a half-wit catcher, as they cope with the catcher's terminal illness through a baseball season.
Hassan Hassandoost, Majid Majidi Stars Hossein Abedini, Mohammad Naji, Zahra Bahrami, Hossein Rakimi, Hossein Mahjoob
Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy
Roger Vadim In the far future, a highly sexual woman is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people.
The Barbarian Invasions
Academy Award(R) winner for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003, THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS is a provocative look at the many ties that bind a group of friends and lovers. It's not easy for a narrow-minded professor (Rémy Girard) to reconcile with his equally stubborn son. But soon, father and son find themselves gathering with their wide and colorful circle of family and friends to confront their differences, confess their secrets, and celebrate life! Winner of the Best Actress (Marie-Josée Croze) and Best Screenplay awards at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival — critics everywhere hailed this outstanding motion picture as one of the year's best!
Barton Fink
Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Set in Hollywood during the 1940's, "Barton Fink" is a comic satire about creative egos, flashy moguls, a travelling salesman and a nasty case of writer's block. Barton Fink (John Turturro) is a New York playwright lured to Hollywood to work as a screenwriter. It doesn't take long for Barton's life to erupt in complete chaos. His studio boss orders the serious-minded Barton to write a low budget wrestling movie. Deeply disappointed, Barton returns to his seedy hotel, types one sentence and then¿ nothing. To make matters worse, he is continually interrupted by Charlie (John Goodman), a chatty travelling insurance salesman who lives next door. Eventually they become friends and Charlie tries to help Barton by teaching him the finer points of wrestling. As the clock ticks away and the temperature climbs, Barton becomes more desperate as his life spins out of control.
Bat Thumb
David Bourla Super hero Wuce Bane (a.k.a. Bat Thumb) and his trusty sidekick, Blue Jay, are called upon to save Gaaathumb City from the evil, despicable, and poorly dressed "No Face." Will the city survive? Will Bat Thumb's true identity be revealed? Will Vicky Nail learn to control her unruly waves? Find out the answers to all these questions in this latest comic adventure from master storyteller Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, Jimmy Neutron, The Nutty Professor).
Batman Year One
Lauren Montgomery, Sam Liu When Gotham City is in desperate need of heroes, two men take a stand for justice…but on opposite sides. Bruce Wayne returns home after years abroad to become a crimefighter, just as honest cop Lt. James Gordon moves to Gotham and finds corruption at every level. When Bruce becomes the masked vigilante Batman, the city explodes as his new nemesis Catwoman, the mob and Gordon all close in! Don’t miss this thrilling DC Universe Animated Original Movie based on the groundbreaking story by Frank Miller and featuring Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie, Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku, Alex Rocco and Jon Polito in its stellar voice cast. Experience a bold and dynamic vision of the Dark Knight’s first year in action and the start of his enduring friendship with Jim Gordon.
Batman: Dead End
Sandy Collora
The Battle of Algiers
Mario Morra, Gillo Pontecorvo One of the most influential films in the history of political cinema, Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers focuses on the harrowing events of 1957, a key year in Algeria’s struggle for independence from France. Shot in the streets of Algiers in documentary style, the film vividly recreates the tumultuous Algerian uprising against the occupying French in the 1950s. As violence escalates on both sides, the French torture prisoners for information and the Algerians resort to terrorism in their quest for independence. Children shoot soldiers at point-blank range, women plant bombs in cafés. The French win the battle, but ultimately lose the war as the Algerian people demonstrate that they will no longer be suppressed. The Criterion Collection is proud present Gillo Pontecorvo’s tour de force—a film with astonishing relevance today.
The Beatles - Help!
John Victor-Smith, Richard Lester After the worldwide success of A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles and director Richard Lester reunited for a follow-up film, Eight Arms to Hold You. Well, that wasn't the final title; a pleading Lennon-McCartney tune provided the catchier handle: Help! A loose semispoof of the globe-trotting James Bond pictures, Help! has always been considered a somewhat disorganized comedown from its predecessor; but it presents "the famous Beatles" even more clearly as the English cousins of the Marx Brothers. The plot has an Eastern religious cult declaring that the new ring on Ringo's finger is the key element in a human sacrifice; they will stop at nothing to obtain it. Meanwhile, a mad scientist (crazed Victor Spinetti, who also appeared in A Hard Day's Night and Magical Mystery Tour) believes that if he has the ring, he could—dare we say it?—rule the world. The songs, including "Ticket to Ride" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," are filmed with gleeful ingenuity, in locations such as the Bahamas, an Austrian ski resort, and the Salisbury Plain. The relentless nonsense becomes nearly the equivalent of a swinging-'60s Alice in Wonderland: for instance, Paul shrinks to the size of a gum wrapper, John fishes a season ticket out of his soup, George wears a top hat on the ski slopes, the lads sing the "Ode to Joy" to a lion. Oh, and the film is dedicated to Elias Howe, "who in 1846 invented the sewing machine." Brilliant. —Robert Horton
The Beatles - The Making of A Hard Day's Night
Donna Izzo, Ron Furmanek A Hard Day's Night is "among the five best movie musicals I've ever seen," says Roger Ebert, "right up there with Singin' in the Rain." That ringing endorsement of the most famous film from rock's most famous group, the Beatles, is only one of the testimonials recorded in You Can't Do That: The Making of "A Hard Day's Night." This engrossing 1994 documentary is hosted by Phil Collins, who actually appeared in the original among a crowd of frenzied teenagers at the theater where the songs were filmed. There's plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, and producer Walter Shenson, director Richard Lester, and screenwriter Alun Owen, among others, contribute comments, which are occasionally punctuated by brief clips from the film (à la HBO's 1990s series Dream On). Micky Dolenz, Roger McGuinn, and Beatles fans are also interviewed, and George Harrison's voice is heard briefly. Filmed at the height of Beatlemania shortly after their 1964 trip to the U.S., A Hard Day's Night was conceived as an excuse to release a soundtrack album. But while nine songs were written, only seven were used in the film, and for many fans the chief item of interest here will be the inclusion of one unused performance, "You Can't Do That," shown partially during the documentary, then in its entirety as an epilogue. —David Horiuchi
Beau Travail
Claire Denis Inspired by Herman Melville's Billy Budd, Beau Travail is the most provocative and accomplished film yet by French director Claire Denis (Chocolat, I Can't Sleep, Nenette and Boni). Set against the stunning East African enclave of Djibouti, Beau Travail follows a troupe of men in a small French Foreign Legion outpost. Exercising their muscular torsos under the blaring sun, each day the Legionnaires engage in a hypnotically choreographed routine of drills, chores, and mock battles. Sergeant Galoup (Denis Lavant) seems the ideal Legionnaire: a brooding loner, cut off from his past. He runs the troupe like a well-oiled machine, until his jealously for a promising young recruit, Sentain, threatens the delicate balance of his life. With the haunting suspense of a Greek tragedy, Galoup's uncontrollable urge to destroy Sentain ultimately leads to his own downfall.
A Beautiful Mind
Mike Hill, Dan Hanley, Ron Howard Winner of 4 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, A Beautiful Mind is directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard and produced by long-time partner and collaborator, Academy Award winner Brian Grazer. A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe in an astonishing performance as brilliant mathematician John Nash, on the brink of international acclaim when he becomes entangled in a mysterious conspiracy. Now only his devoted wife (Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly) can help him in this powerful story of courage, passion and triumph.
Beauty in Trouble
Jan Hrebejk
Becoming Jane
Julian Jarrold Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries) gives a radiant performance as a young, love-struck Jane Austen in the witty and engaging romantic comedy Becoming Jane from Miramax Films. It s the untold romance that inspired the novels of one of the world s most celebrated authors. When the dashing Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy, The Last King Of Scotland), a reckless and penniless lawyer-to-be, enters Jane s life, he offends the emerging writer s sense and sensibility. Soon their clashing egos set off sparks that ignite a passionate romance and fuel Jane s dream of doing the unthinkable marrying for love. Becoming Jane, also starring the acclaimed Maggie Smith, James Cromwell and Julie Walters, is an enchanting and imaginative film you ll fall head over heels for
Before Sunrise
American traveller Ethan Hawke and French student Julie Delpy meet while on a Vienna-bound train and share a mutual attraction. With less than 24 hours before having to go their separate ways, the two decide to explore their feelings and Vienna at the same time. A change of pace for director Richard Linklater, this delicate romance features affecting performances and gorgeous scenery. 101 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English, French; theatrical trailer; interactive menus; scene access.
Before Sunset
Richard Linklater Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy. Nine years after a chance meeting and a romantic one-night rendezvous in Vienna, the paths of two virtual strangers cross again in Paris for a second look at what might be love. 2004/color/80 min/R/widescreen.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Unknown You know legendary maniacs Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. Now meet Leslie Vernon, the next great psycho-slasher. Nathan Baesel of INVASION stars as Vernon, a good-natured killing machine who invites a documentary film crew to follow him as he reminisces with his murder mentor (Scott Wilson of IN COLD BLOOD), evades his psychiatrist/nemesis (Robert Englund of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), deconstructs Freudian symbolism, and meticulously plots his upcoming slaughter spree. But when the actual carnage begins, where do you draw the line between voyeuristic thrills, mythic evil, and good old- fashioned slasher movie mayhem? Angela Goethals (24) and Zelda Rubinstein (POLTERGEIST) co-stars in this ingeniously twisted and awardwinning shocker that Film Threat hails as "a masterpiece…".
Behind The Sun
Walter Salles Golden Globe Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Behind The Sun is a critically acclaimed story about love, loyalty and the choice a son must make between honoring his family and following his heart. In th ebrutal Brazilian badlands of 1910, two families are locked in a bloody, generations-old feud. In one family, the oldest remaining son- distressed by the prospect of death and encouraged by his younger brother- begins to question the cycle of violence. Then, a beautiful young woman crosses his path and opens his eyes to life outside his culture's rigid code of honor. Stunningly photographed and exquisitely told, this outstanding motion picture masterpiece will transport you to a vastly different place and time... a place somewhere beind the sun!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.
Being Caribou
Leanne Alison, Diana Wilson Environmentalist Leanne Allison and wildlife biologist Karsten Heuer follow a herd of 120,000 caribou on foot across 1500 kilometres of rugged Arctic tundra. Running time 72 minutes.
Being John Malkovich
Spike Jonze While too many movies suffer the fate of creative bankruptcy, Being John Malkovich is a refreshing study in contrast, so bracingly original that you'll want to send director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman a thank-you note for restoring your faith in the enchantment of film. Even if it ultimately serves little purpose beyond the thrill of comedic invention, this demented romance is gloriously entertaining, spilling over with ideas that tickle the brain and even touch the heart. That's to be expected in a movie that dares to ponder the existential dilemma of a forlorn puppeteer (John Cusack) who discovers a metaphysical portal into the brain of actor John Malkovich. The puppeteer's working as a file clerk on the seventh-and-a-half floor of a Manhattan office building; this idea alone might serve as the comedic basis for an entire film, but Jonze and Kaufman are just getting started. Add a devious coworker (Catherine Keener), Cusack's dowdy wife (a barely recognizable Cameron Diaz), and a business scheme to capitalize on the thrill of being John Malkovich, and you've got a movie that just gets crazier as it plays by its own outrageous rules. Malkovich himself is the film's pièce de résistance, riffing on his own persona with obvious delight and—when he enters his own brain via the portal—appearing with multiple versions of himself in a tour-de-force use of digital trickery. Does it add up to much? Not really. But for 112 liberating minutes, Being John Malkovich is a wild place to visit. —Jeff Shannon
Being Julia
István Szabó Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Bruce Greenwood, Michael Gambon. A delightful comedy/drama set in 1930s London, where a beloved actress falls for a handsome American and begins a passionate summer fling. But she soon learns that he is just a social climber with his sights set on the next up-and-coming starlet. 2004/color/105 min/R.
Being There
Based on Jerzy Kosinski's satirical novel about an illiterate gardener who has lived his entire life behind the walls of a Washington, D.C., house, his only knowledge of the world coming from the TV programs he watches. When his employer and protector dies, he is catapulted into the fast lane of political power.
Ben X
Nic Balthazar Ben is a bit different and often seems to be living in another universe. While he is a courageous hero in the computer gaming world that consumes him, Ben is tormented by classmates and ignored by apathetic teachers in his daily life. As the bullies relentless attacks push him over the edge and out of control, his online dreamgirl, Scarlite, steps in to help him devise a perfect plan to make them pay for their persecution. Director Nic Balthazar s dazzling debut blends fantasy and harsh social realism to bring us an utterly original and important film.

OFFICIAL ENTRY Belgiums official submission for Best Foreign Film at the 2008 Academy Awards
WINNER Grand Prize, Audience Award for Most Popular Film, Ecumenical Jury Prize for exploration of ethical and social values, Montreal World Film Festival
WINNER FIPRESCI Award, Istanbul Intl Film Festival
WINNER Audience Award and Directors Choice Award, Sedona Intl Film Festival
WINNER Heineken Red Star Award, Palm Springs Intl Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION Berlin Intl Film Festival, Seattle Intl Film Festival, Cleveland Intl Film Festival
Sean Mathias Renowned British stage director Sean Mathias directs Martin Sherman's "powerful and provocative" (The New York Times) screenplay about one man's struggle to maintain his dignity while imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. Featuring exceptional performances by Lothaire Bluteau (Black Robe), Clive Owen (Gosford Park), Brian Webber, Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings: TheFellowship of the Ring) and Mick Jagger, Bent will "grab filmgoers by the heart" (Rex Reed)! Max (Owen) is a handsome young man who, after a fateful tryst with a German soldier, is forced to run for his life. Pursued and captured, Max is placed in a concentration camp where he pretends to be Jewishbecause in the eyes of the Nazis, gays are the lowest form of human being. But it takes a forbidden relationship with an openly gay prisoner to teach Max that without the love of another, life is not worth living.
The Best of the Electric Company

If you were between six and ten years old during the years 1971 through 1985, then there is a good chance you learned to read with help from The Electric Company. Comedy sketches, music, animation and special effects were the tools of this "video" classroom. Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Spider-Man Road Runner and others were the teachers.

The Electric Company was a product of its time — perennially cool and hip, while never wavering from its educational goals; it was full of wit and energy and made learning to read fun. So, take a trip back in time with Spider-Man, Letterman, J. Arthur Crank, the Short Circus, Jennifer of the Jungle, DJ Mel Mounds, Easy Reader, Paul the Gorilla, Lorelei the Chicken and all the rest with THE BEST OF THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.

DISC 1: #1 (10/25/71); #10 (11/5/71); #14 (11/11/71); #21 (11/22/71); #26 (11/29/71) Special Features: Rita Moreno Remembers: The only female performer to have won an Oscar®, an Emmy, a Tony and a Grammy, Rita looks back on her experiences with The Electric Company.

DISC 2: #109 (3/23/72); #131 (10/23/72); #181 (1/1/73); #285 (11/23/73); #321 (1/14/74) Special Features: Joan Ganz Cooney Then And Now: From 1971 to the present, the founder of The Children’s Television Workshop has never wavered in her commitment to early education.

DISC 3: #379 (4/3/74); #386 (4/15/74); #391 (10/21/74); #437 (12/24/74); #453 (1/15/75) Special Features: "Silent E" Karaoke: Sing along with Tom Lehrer’s unforgettable and imaginative song. The Creative Team Remembers: Executive producer Sam Gibbon and head writer Tom Whedon reminisce.

DISC 4: #491 (3/10/75); #72A (1/27/76); #110A (3/19/76); #79B (2/3/77); #130B (4/15/77) Special Feature: June Angela Remembers: "Julie" in The Short Circus; June Angela was with the cast for the entire run of the show.
The Best Of Youth
Marco Tullio Giordana In the award-winning epic tradition of The Godfather and Cold Mountain, The Best Of Youth has wowed critics and earned honors at numerous fi lm festivals worldwide. As Italy explodes in an era of social unrest, a single ill-fated incident sends the lives of equally idealistic brothers Nicola and Matteo Carati careening in opposite directions. Divided by politics but bonded by blood, the next 40 years will find the brothers' divergent paths intersecting through some of the most tumultuous events in recent history! A stunning cinematic achievement - you don't want to miss this incredible motion picture!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Better Luck Tomorrow
Justin Lin Never underestimate an over achiever. To his classmates and teachers, high-schooler Ben Manibag (Perry Shen) appears to be the "model" student: a perfectionist and overachiever, destined for nothing less than graduating at the top of his class and then attending a prestigious college. But underneath this persona is a darker side - Ben and his bored high-school buddies lead double lives, flying high in a world of petty crime and material excess in order to ease the pressures of "being perfect." It's a free-wheeling lifestyle that soon takes a downward spiral, leading to an unexpected end. An Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival, Better Luck Tomorrow is a gripping, edgy and provocative film that rips the tranquil, well-manicured facade off of middle-class suburbia and cultural stereotypes.
Better Off Dead
Alan Balsam, Savage Steve Holland After his girlfriend (Amanda Wyss) ditches him for a boorish ski jock, Lane (John Cusak) decides that suicide is the only answer. However, his increasingly inept attempts bring him only more agony and embarrassment. Filled with the wildest teen nightmares, a family you can't help but identify with and a host of wonderful comic characters, Savage Steve Holland's writing/directorial debut is a masterful look at those painfully funny teen years.
Beverly Hills Cop
Martin Brest The heat is on in this fast paced action-comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a street smart Detroit cop tracking down his best friend's killer in Beverly Hills. Axel quickly learns that his wild style doesn't fit in with the Beverly Hills Police Department, which assigns two officers (Judge Reinhold & John Ashton) to make sure things don't get out of hand. Dragging the stuffy detectives along for the ride, Axel smashes through a huge culture clash in his hilarious, high-speed pursuit of justice. Featuring cameos by Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot and Damon Wayans, Beverly Hills Cop is an exhilarating, sidesplitting adventure.
Beyond the Call/The Motherhood Manifesto/Interview with Jody Williams
Laura Pacheco, Turk Pipkin Adrian Belic Features the films "Beyond the Call" and "The Motherhood Manifesto." Also includes an interview with Jody Williams from "Nobelity."
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season
This season the Big Bang gang’s romantic universe expands. On the rebound from Penny, Leonard falls into the arms of Raj’s sister Priya. Sheldon gets a girlfriend, or rather a friend who is a girl: Amy, a dour neurobiologist who declares herself besties with Penny. Howard and Bernadette heat up. And so do Raj and Bernadette (at least in Raj’s Bollywood daydream). All in the furtherance of award-winning genius comedy.
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Second Season
At work, physicists Leonard and Sheldon and their geek pals conquer the cosmos. At home, real life - from dating to driving - conquers them. This season, Leonard gets a girl. So does Sheldon. (Sheldon?!) Howard drives the Mars Rover into a ditch. Raj woos a terminator. Gorgeous girl-next-door Penny falls under the spell of Age of Conan. And super-smart, ueberconfident Leslie Winkler reduces mere men to spineless jellyfish. Twenty-three laugh-filled episodes from series creators Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men) and Bill Prady (Gilmore Girls) and a talented cast with astronomical comedy I.Q.s show why Big Bang is such a big hit.
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season
Mark Cendrowski From Emmy® nominees Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, Dharma & Greg, Cybill, Grace Under Fire) & Bill Prady (Dharma & Greg) comes The Big Bang Theory. Leonard (Galecki) and Sheldon (Parsons) are brilliant physicists, the kind of "beautiful minds" that understand how the universe works. But none of that genius helps them interact with people – especially women. All this changes when a free-spirited beauty named Penny (Cuoco) moves in next door. Sheldon, Leonard's roommate, is quite content spending his nights playing Klingon Boggle with their socially dysfunctional friends, fellow Caltech scientists Howard Wolowitz (Helberg) and Rajesh Koothrappali (Nayyar). Leonard, however, sees in Penny a whole new universe of possibilities ... including love.
Big Fan
Robert Siegel Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt), a 35-year-old parking attendant who lives at home with his mother, is the self-described world s biggest New York Giants fan. He spends his off hours calling local sports-radio stations where he rants in support of his beloved team. One night, Paul and his best friend Sal (Kevin Corrigan) spot Giants star linebacker Quantrell Bishop and follows his limo to a strip club. Paul decides to approach his hero but things don t go as planned. The chance encounter brings Paul s world crashing down around him as his family, the team, the media and the authorities engage in a tug of war over Paul, testing his allegiances and calling into question everything he believes in.
Big Man Japan
Hitoshi Matsumoto BIG MAN JAPAN is an outrageous portrayal of an original superhero. As Big Man Japan, Daisato inherited the role of defending Japan against a host of bizarre monsters. He receives high-voltage electroshocks which transform him into a stocky, stick-wielding giant several stories high.
However, where his predecessors were revered as national heroes, he is an outcast among the citizens he protects.
Big Shot's Funeral
Xiaogang Feng World famous film director Don Tyler is surrounded by hundreds of costumed extras in China's fantastic Forbidden City when a creative drought hits and he has no idea where to the camera. Tossed off the picture by his studio boss, Tyler's depression is only relieved by his unlikely friendship with down-on-his-luck cameraman YoYo.

Knowing he's not well, Tyler asks his friend to plan a "comedy funeral" for him where people leave feeling happy, as they do at Chinese funerals of the elderly. When Tyler eventually falls into a coma, YoYo begins the task of granting Tyler's last wish.

However, when the costs of his spectacular funeral spin wildly out of control, can YoYo hold it all together by selling prime ad space at this unique event to be televised around the world? And more importantly for YoYo, can he convince Tyler's lovely assistant Lucy that he isn't just selling Tyler out to the highest bidder?

That's the world of BIG SHOT'S FUNERAL: a zany, satiric comedy capturing the dizzy excitement and whirlwind change of modern-day China.
The Big Sleep
Howard Hawks L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe takes on a blackmail case...and a trail peopled with murderers, pornographers, nightclub rogues, the spoiled rich and more. Humphrey Bogart plays Raymond Chandlers' legendary gumshoe and director Howard Hawks serves up snappy character encounters (particularly involving Lauren Bacall), brisk pace and atmosphere galore in the certified classic.
Bill Harley: Yes to Running - Bill Harley Live
Various 2008 Grammy Award Nominee For Best Spoken Word Album For Children!!!

"Effervescent and engaging stories ... more fun than a water pistol on the playground." — Parents Magazine

"Harley's audiences are families, but it's hard to tell who enjoys him more—parents or children." — Los Angeles Times

There is nothing like seeing Grammy winner Bill Harley live in concert, but this comes close! This DVD presents the abridged version of a concert already shown on Montana PBS stations and available to all affiliates starting in Fall 2008. The stories provide an irreverent, true look at elementary school days—a perfect introduction to singer/storyteller Bill Harley!
Bill Hicks Live - Satirist, Social Critic, Stand-Up Comedian

Bill Hicks Live is the first official DVD release from the legendary and beloved comedian.

Since Bill died in 1993, his work has reached a new audience and he has become a powerful cult figure. For these fans who never had the opportunity to see Bill in person, this DVD will be a revelation. The DVD captures Bill at his very best, with three of his legendary filmed performances:

"One Night Stand" from the Old Vic Theatre in Chicago (approx 30 minutes)

"Revelations" from the Dominion Theatre in London (approx 65 minutes)

"Relentless", Bill’s breakout performance at the Montreal Comedy Festival (approx 70 minutes)

The DVD focuses on his incredible live act, with Hicks hilariously assaulting the stage and the audience with a non-stop cornucopia of insights into our twisted world; the government, the military, the police, religion, smoking, pornography, drugs and of course, for those of you who are getting antsy, a couple of dick jokes.

As a bonus, the documentary "Just A Ride" surveys Bill’s remarkable career with insights from his peers; including Brett Butler, Eddie Izzard, Richard Jeni, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Thea Vidale. (approx 45 minutes)

Total running time: approx 3.5 hours of pure, unadulterated Hicks.
Bill Maher: But I'm Not Wrong
A comic force, multi-Emmy® nominee Bill Maher (Real Time with Bill Politically Incorrect ) is in his true element — stand-up comedy — in this freewheeling, no-holds-barred performance before a packed house in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this live show, Bill fearlessly and hilariously lets loose on a comprehensive set of unique insights and controversial topics: the“Great Recession,” fake patriotism, President Obama, Michael Jackson, the drug war, health care, the Tea Party movement, reverse racism, religion, and much more — including the first-ever burka fashion show. Incisive wit, social observer, political provocateur, Maher proves to be one of today’s most brilliant comedy minds.
Billabong Odyssey
Philip Boston No Description Available.
Genre: Sports Highlights
Rating: NR
Release Date: 20-APR-2004
Media Type: DVD
Billy Elliot
Stephen Daldry Julie Walters, Gary Lewis, Jamie Bell. Boxing gives way to ballet for the young son of a coal miner in this highly acclaimed hit comedy. 2000/color/111 min/R/widescreen.
Black Book
Paul Verhoeven In the darkest days of World War II, Jewish fugitives attempt to escape occupied Holland – only to face a Nazi ambush. Rachel Stein (Carice van Houten) alone survives the attack and joins the Dutch Resistance to avenge her family. She soon confronts the ultimate test: she must infiltrate German headquarters by tempting Captain Ludwig Mÿntze (Sebastian Hoch). In the heat of passion, he uncovers her duplicity...but keeps her secret. Then Rachel's espionage reveals that a murderous traitor lurks within Resistance ranks. Unable to fully trust anyone, Rachel navigates a minefield of deception and becomes an enemy to both sides. Epic, passionate, breathtaking, Black Book relates an untold story of World War II where the distinctions between good and evil become blurred by the complexities of human nature.
Black Devil Doll
Jonathan Louis Lewis Five beautiful young women... one evil, murderous puppet.
Heather thought that a Ouija board was nothing but an innocent child's game. Little did she know, this child's game would open a flaming door to hell and re-animate the soul of a recently executed black militant serial killer! With his spirit now trapped in the body of a trash-talking ventriloquist doll, Heather and her friends must fight off the unrelenting horrors and unspeakable deviant advances of a three foot killer with a taste for young flesh and warm blood. Can they stop the BLACK DEVIL DOLL?
Check out the most talked-about independent cult film of the year of the year and find out for yourself—or ELSE!

-5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound mix
-Five (!) Audio Commentaries, one by the Black Devil Doll Himself!
-Three Exclusive Black Devil Doll Trailers
-Film Festival Clips
-Rare Footage from the New Beverly Cinema Hollywood Premier!
-Three Black Devil Doll animated short films!
-Behind the scenes still gallery!
-Rare interviews with the Black Devil Doll!!!

Black Gold - Also Included: Heroes From Working Man's Death; Fair Trade - The Story; Interview with Amartya Sen from Nobelity
Mark Francis and Nick Francis, Michael Glawogger, Dennis Lee, Turk Pipkin From the Ironweed Film Club - January 2007 edition. Black Gold Mark Francis and Nick Francis ? 2006 ? 78 minutes A coffee grower co-op manager's quest for a long-term fair trade solution for his farmers. Heroes from Working Man's Death Michael Glawogger ? 2006 ? 30 minutes A profound and stunning study on globalization from deep in the coal mines of Ukraine. Fair Trade: The Story Aaron Straight and Ian Jay ? 2006 ? 8 minutes Fair trade isn't a product. It isn't a brand. It's a story. Interview with Amartya Sen from "Nobelity" Turk Pipkin ? 2006 ? 8 minutes Taken from feature film "Nobelity," Amartya Sen (Nobel Economics Prize, 1998) talks about solving world poverty through the power of reason.
Black Sheep
Jonathan King An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.
Black Wave: The Legacy Of The Exxon Valdez
Kevin Connor In the Golden Age of Piracy, at the dawn of the 18th century, Blackbeard stood out among the lawless rogues as the most fearsome and notorious seafarer of them all. He killed for the reputation, and his reputation has become legend. Now, for the first time, comes the true story of pirate Edward Teach, the man who terrorized the seas.
Blackbeard's Ghost
Robert Stevenson This film featured the second Disney teaming of Suzanne Pleshette and Dean Jones, who scored a hit in 1966's THE UGLY DACHSHUND. They would team up once again in 1976 for THE SHAGGY D.A.
Blackboard Bungle
AV Geeks
Blade Runner
Ridley Scott Visually spectacular, intensely action-packed and powerfully prophetic since its debut, Blade Runner returns in Ridley Scott's definitive Final Cut, including extended scenes and never-before-seen special effects. In a signature role as 21st-century detective Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford brings his masculine-yet-vulnerable presence to this stylish noir thriller. In a future of high-tech possibility soured by urban and social decay, Deckard hunts for fugitive, muderous replicants - and is drawn to a mystery woman whose secrets may undermine his soul. This incredible 2-Disc Set features the definitive Final Cut of Ridley Scott's legendary Sci-Fi classic and the in-depth feature length documentary "Dangerous Days" and features all new 5.1 Audio.
The Blair Thumb
Todd Portugal Created by the writer of "The Nutty Professor," "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" and "Patch Adams," this second installment in the Thumbation series is a clever tale about three thumbs who travel into the woods to make a documentary about a local urban legend. One year later, the thumbs' video equipment is found, the footage compiled and made into a chilling movie about the terror the students encountered during their search for the truth behind The Blair Thumb.
Blazing Saddles
Mel Brooks, Robert Butler The railroad's got to run through the town of Rock Ridge. How do you drive out the townfolk in order to steal their land? Send in the toughest gang you've got...and name a new sheriff who'll last about 24 hours. But that's not really the plot of Blazing Saddles, just the pretext. Once Mel Brooks' lunatic film many call his best gets started, logic is lost in a blizzard of gags, jokes, quips, puns, howlers, growlers and outrageous assaults upon good taste or any taste at all. Cleavon Little as the new lawman, Gene Wilder as the wacko Waco Kid, Brooks himself as a dim-witted politico and Madeline Kahn in her Marlene Dietrich send-up that earned an Academy Award nomination all give this sagebrush saga their lunatic best. And when Blazing Saddles can't contain itself at the finale, it just proves the Old West will never be the same!
Bleak House
Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/28/2006
Blessed By Fire
Tristán Bauer Acclaimed director Tristán Bauer presents the harrowing story of a band of Argentinean soldiers sent to fight an un-winnable war and left to bear the brutal scars of the past. After learning of a friend’s attempted suicide, a journalist goes back to relive his experiences in the Falklands.
Fernando Meirelles UPC:786936775129
DESCRIPTION: A doctor's wife becomes the only person with the ability to see in a town where everyone is struck with a mysterious case of sudden blindness. She feigns illness in order to take care of her husband as her surrounding community breaks down into chaos and disorder. Based on a novel by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago.
Blood Simple
Joel Coen The debut film of director Joel Coen and his brother-producer Ethan Coen, 1983's Blood Simple is grisly comic noir that marries the feverish toughness of pulp thrillers with the ghoulishness of even pulpier horror. (Imagine the novels of Jim Thomp
Bloody Sunday
With breathtaking verisimilitude, Bloody Sunday posits an immediate, you-are-there re-creation of Ireland's most controversial contemporary tragedy. From dusk to dawn, the events of January 30, 1972, are presented in convincing verité fashion; by employing rapid fade-to-black transitions, director Paul Greengrass approaches two perspectives with equal anticipation of potential disaster, based on facts as reported in Don Mullan's politically influential book Eyewitness Bloody Sunday. Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt) is, ironically, a Protestant Member of Parliament, leading a peaceful but tensely expectant civil rights march through the Catholic "bogside" of the city of Derry, in protest of the British practice of internment without trial. He watches in horror as his throng of unarmed protesters splinters against British paramilitaries who impulsively open fire. No question where Greengrass's sympathies lie (heard but not seen, the first shots are British), but despite charges of inaccuracy and bias, Bloody Sunday will likely stand as the definitive cinematic representation of that horrible day when deadly confusion reigned supreme. (U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" plays over the closing credits; any other choice would have been blasphemous.) —Jeff Shannon
Blow Up
Michelangelo Antonioni Taking photographs of a couple making love proves deadly when the photographer enlarges the image and discovers murder. The film and pictures are stolen from his studio and the body vanishes. In this elegant balance of deciet and trickery, the photographer must question the reality of what he has actually seen.
Blue Velvet
Dennis Hopper, Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern, Isabella Rossellini. Lumberton, USA has some strange goings-on behind its idyllic exterior, involving a haunting nightclub singer, a murderous madman and perverse sexual intrigue. Directed by David Lynch. 1986/color/121 min/R/widescreen.
Blue Vinyl
From the Ironweed Film Club April 2007. Blue Vinyl Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold ? 2002 ? 98 minutes Directors Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold set out to expose the toxic truth about vinyl, one of the fastest selling plastics in America. Crude Impact James Jandak Wood ? 2006 ? 30 minutes An eye-opening look at Peak Oil, and the impact of human beings' pursuit of oil on the planet.
Brandon Sonnier Ty Hodges (TV's Even Stevens) and Steve Connell (The Beat) star in this riviting and explosive crime thriller from Sundance Film Festival alum Brandon Sonnier (The Beat). Co-starring Sydney Tamiia Poitier (Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof), Ari Graynor (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist), Henry G. Sanders (Rocky Balboa) and Peter Gail (JarHead). Chile (Hodges) and Head (Connell), two wannabe thugs, get more than they bargained for when they duck into a Blues joint while on the run from the cops. The seventy-year-old owner of the club and his staff, each societal misfits in their own right, become hostages and bear witness to an intense journey of self discovery as Chile and Head move down vastly divergent paths. When the situation explodes into violence, each person must look deep inside himself to discover what they are truly made of. A hero can be found in each of us...but so can a villain.
BMX Bandits
Brian Trenchard Smith The future Academy Award® winner made her movie debut at 16 years old as the pouffy-haired star of this action/comedy about a cache of stolen walkie-talkies, three BMX-riding friends, and the ruthless bank robbers who will pursue them through every graveyard, shopping mall, construction site and waterpark in New South Wales, Australia. It's a high-flying ride to adventure filled with wild stunts, cool BMX outfits, creepy innuendo, cheezy synth music, an obnoxious fat kid, and gobs of fast & furious fun. John Ley (Mad Max), David Argue (Razorback) and Bryan Marshall (The Long Good Friday) co-star with thrilling cinematography from future Oscar® winner John Seale (The English Patient) in this Down Under 80s cult classic from Ozsploitation master Brian Trenchard-Smith, the legendary director of Turkey Shoot, Dead End Drive-In and Stunt Rock!
Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back
D.A. Pennebaker When acclaimed documentary filmmaker D A Pennebaker (Monterey Pop, The War Room) filmed Bob Dylan during a three week concert tour of England in the Spring of 1965, he had no idea he was about to create one of teh most intimate glimpses of the rock legend
Bob Roberts
Written and directed by actor Tim Robbins (who also plays the title role), this 1992 mock documentary about an upstart candidate for the U.S. Senate is smart, funny, and scarily prescient in its foreshadowing of the Republican revolution of 1994. Bob Roberts is a folksinger with a difference: He offers tunes that protest welfare chiselers, liberal whining, and the like. As the filmmakers follow his campaign, Robbins gives needle-sharp insight into the way candidates manipulate the media. While the film follows Roberts's campaign, it also covers a fringe journalist (Giancarlo Esposito), who may have dug up the kind of dirt to push Roberts's campaign off the rails. Robbins captures the chilly insincerity of this right-wing populist and fills his cast with terrific supporting players, including Alan Rickman as the campaign's shadowy financier and Susan Sarandon and Peter Gallagher as a pair of airhead TV news anchors. —Marshall Fine
Emilio Estevez (Drama) A re-telling of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. The film follows 22 individuals who are all at the hotel for different purposes but share the common thread of anticipating Kennedy's arrival at the primary election night party, which would change their lives forever. This historic night is set against the backdrop of the cultural issues gripping the country at the time, including racism, sexual inequality and class differences.
Body Heat
Carol Littleton, Lawrence Kasdan While scoring high-profile credits as a screenwriter (including The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Raiders of the Lost Ark), Lawrence Kasdan made his directorial debut with this steamy, contemporary film noir in the trad
Bonnie and Clyde
Dede Allen, Arthur Penn They're young, they're in love, they rob banks! Arthur Penn's dramatic (if not totally accurate) depiction of the famed '30s criminal pair ushered in a new era in screen realism. Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman and Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Estelle Parsons star; look for Gene Wilder in his film debut. 112 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; theatrical trailer.
Like new, only watched one time. In perfect working condition.
The Boondocks: The Complete First Season
Anthony Bell, Joe Horne, Kalvin Lee, Lesean Thomas, Sean Song The Boondocks is Aaron McGruder’s boundary-busting series based on his provocative comic strip. This breakout hit was nominated for a 2006 NAACP Image Award (Outstanding Comedy Series).

When Robert “Granddad” Freeman becomes legal guardian to his two grandsons, he moves from the tough south side of Chicago to the upscale neighborhood of Woodcrest (aka “The Boondocks”) so he can enjoy his golden years in safety and comfort. But with Huey, a ten-year-old leftist revolutionary, and his eight-year-old misfit brother, Riley, suburbia is about to be shaken up. Race relations, tabloid media, hip-hop culture, Santa Claus – nothing and no one is safe from these boyz 'n tha ‘hood.

Featuring the voices of Regina King (Ray, Miss Congeniality 2), John Witherspoon (Soul Plane, Friday After Next), Mike Epps (Roll Bounce, Guess Who), and Charlie Murphy (Chappelle’s Show), The Boondocks: The Complete First Season presents all fifteen envelope-pushing episodes on three discs, uncut and uncensored with footage never shown on TV!
Kazakh TV talking head Borat is dispatched to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in locating and marrying Pamela Anderson.
Born into Brothels
Ross Kauffman A tribute to the resiliency of childhood and the restorative power of art, BORN INTO BROTHELS is a portrait of several unforgettable children who live in Calcutta's red light district, where there mothers work as prostitutes. Spurred by the kids' facination with her camera, Zana Briski, a New-York-based photographer living in the brothels and documenting life there, decides to teach them photography. As they begin to look at and record their world through new eyes, the kids, who society refused to recognize, awaken for the first time to their own talents and sense of worth. Filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski capture the way in which beauty can be found even the seemingly bleakest and most helpless of places, and how art and education can empower children to transform their lives.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
The Boss of It All
Lars von Trier The owner of an IT firm wants to sell up. The trouble is that when he started his firm he invented a nonexistent company president to hide behind when unpopular steps needed taking. When potential purchasers insist on negotiating with the "Boss" face to face the owner has to take on a failed actor to play the part. The actor suddenly discovers he is a pawn in a game that goes on to sorely test his (lack of) moral fiber.
Boston Comedy Shorts Collection
Bottle Rocket
Wes Anderson Three Best Friends Who Attempt To Escape Their Surburan Boredomthrough A Life Of Crime. But These Bickering, Bumbling Thievesare No Match For The Local Godfather Who Leads Them Into Thebiggest Heist Of Thier Careers.
Bottle Shock
1976. Napa Valley. One small American winery and its workers are about to show the French that the world's finest wines will now come from the other red, white and blue. Based on an inspiring true story and starring Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, Chris Pine and Rachael Taylor, Bottle Shock is an 'intelligent, affectionate, beautifully acted movie' (The Hollywood Reporter) that pours out the laughs.
Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski Intense, erotic crime thriller with Gina Gershon as an ex-con who, after having a sexual liaison with neighbor Jennifer Tilly, joins forces with her to dupe gangster boyfriend Joe Pantoliano out of $2 million of laundered loot. This stylish, sizzling suspenser features titillating sex scenes and lots of plot surprises. 109 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: Spanish; audio commentary by the Wachowski Brothers, Gershon, Tilly, Pantoliano; theatrical trailer; scene access.
Frank Oz Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham. When a hack film producer fails to land Hollywood's hottest action star for the lead role in his new movie, he does the next best thing: lure the unwitting star through a series of bizarre chases and schemes while secretly filming his every move. 1999/color/97 min/PG-13/widescreen.
Bowling for Columbine
Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore (Roger & Me) takes aim at America's love affair with guns and violence in this Oscar(r)-winning* film that "demands attention" (People)! Mixing riveting footage, hilarious animation and candid interviews with everyone from the NRA's Charlton Heston to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, Bowling for Columbine is a "brilliant" (The Hollywood Reporter) tour de force of filmmaking. *2002: Documentary Feature
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Mark Herman From Miramax Films, the studio that brought you the Academy Award winning LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (Best Foreign Language Film, 1998) comes THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS. Based on the best selling novel by John Boyne, it's an unforgettable motion picture experience powerful and moving beyond words (Pete Hammond, Bored and restless in his new home, Bruno, an innocent and naive eight year old, ignores his mother and sets off on an adventure in the woods. Soon he meets a young boy, and a surprising friendship develops. Set during World War II, this remarkable and inspiring story about the power of the human spirit will capture your heart and engage your mind.
Bonus Features include Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Writer, Director Mark Herman and Author John Boyne, Friendship Beyond the Fence Featurette, Feature Commentary by Writer, Director Mark Herman and Author John Boyne
Boy Wonder
Michael Morrissey A young Brooklyn boy witnesses the brutal murder of his mother and grows up obsessed with finding her killer. Thus begins his life as a quiet, straight-A student by day and a self-appointed hero at night. But what is a real hero? And who decides what is right or wrong? As the boundaries blur, Sean's dual life wears on his psyche and his two worlds careen dangerously close to colliding. Like a graphic novel you can't put down, Boy Wonder challenges morality, distorting perceptions of what is right and what is justified, as it races to its shocking conclusion.
The Boys of Baraka
Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, Lalita Krishna Ironweed Film Club. This DVD includes: Feature Film * One Short * Directors' commentary interactive menus and DVD extras. The Boys of Baraka Directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady * 2005 * 84 minutes. Ryan's Well Directed by Lalita Krishna * 2001 * 25 minutes. WINNER best documentary Chicago Int'l Film Festival 2005 WINNER best documentary Newport Int'l film festival 2005.
Bra Boys
Macario De Souza, Sunny Abberton Bra Boys is a documentary film about the cultural evolution of the Sydney beach side suburb of Maroubra and the social
struggle faced by its youth, the notorious surf gang known as the Bra Boys.
Featuring Koby, Sunny and Jai Abberton and narrated by Russell Crowe, the film follows their success in professional big
wave surfing and explores their reputation for hard partying and rough justice. The film touches on the Bra Boys running
battle with authorities and shows their reliance on one another to survive in a society in which they are displaced.
The Brady Bunch - The Complete First Season
David Alexander, George Cahan, Herb Wallerstein, John Rich, Norman Abbott THE BRADY BUNCH – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON tells the story of Carol, a single mother of three girls – Marcia, Jan and Cindy and architect Mike Brady, a single father of three boys – Greg, Peter and Bobby who get married and blend the two families into one. Added to the mix are housekeeper Alice and dog Tiger. The Bradys’ experience the same obstacles as any family, from adjusting to their new extended family, to sibling rivalry. The comedy series famous for its catchy theme song truly has become a pop culture icon and is still enjoyed by viewers of all ages.
The Brady Bunch - The Complete Second Season
Robert Reed, Hal Cooper, Irving J. Moore, Jack Arnold, Leslie H. Martinson THE BRADY BUNCH – THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON tells the story of Carol, a single mother of three girls and architect Mike Brady, a single father of three boys, who get married and blend the two families into one. Added to the mix are housekeeper Alice and dog Tiger. The Bradys’ experience the same obstacles as any family, from adjusting to their new extended family, to sibling rivalry. The comedy series famous for its catchy theme song truly has become a pop culture icon and is still enjoyed by viewers of all ages.
Mel Gibson Mel Gibson directs and stars in this Academy Award-winning epic based on the life of legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero William Wallace. Returning to his homeland following the death of an heirless king, Wallace (Mel Gibson) finds the political landscape precarious. Edward the Longshanks, King of England (Patrick McGoohan), has captured Scotland's throne and threatens the freedom of all Scottish people, as tyrannical policies instituted by the English plague the Scots. Initially, Wallace is content to stand by the wayside, yearning for the simple life of building a home and raising a family. However, when the woman he loves (Catherine McCormack) suffers a cruel fate at the hands of English soldiers, Wallace takes a stand against the new rule. With his fierce patriotism and determination, he gathers an amateur but passionately rebellious army. Although this makeshift force may be outnumbered by the English troops, their desperation and love for their land surpass any military maneuvers, as evidenced in the film's breathtaking battle sequences.
If Franz Kafka had been an animator and film director—oh, and a member of Monty Python's Flying Circus—this is the sort of outrageously dystopian satire one could easily imagine him making. However, Brazil was made by Terry Gilliam, who is all of the above except, of course, Franz Kafka. Be that as it may, Gilliam sure captures the paranoid-subversive spirit of Kafka's The Trial (along with his own Python animation) in this bureaucratic nightmare-comedy about a meek governmental clerk named Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) whose life is destroyed by a simple bug. Not a software bug, a real bug (no doubt related to Kafka's famous Metamorphosis insect) that gets smooshed in a printer and causes a typographical error unjustly identifying an innocent citizen, one Mr. Buttle, as suspected terrorist Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro). When Sam becomes enmeshed in unraveling this bureaucratic glitch, he himself winds up labeled as a miscreant.

The movie presents such an unrelentingly imaginative and savage vision of 20th-century bureaucracy that it almost became a victim of small-minded studio management itself—until Gilliam surreptitiously screened his cut for the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, who named it the best movie of 1985 and virtually embarrassed Universal into releasing it. This DVD version of Brazil is the special director's cut that first appeared in Criterion's comprehensive (and expensive) six-disc laser package in 1996. —Jim Emerson
Bread and Tulips
Carlotta Cristiani, Silvio Soldini
Breaker Morant
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Blake Edwards Winner of two Oscars®, here's the romantic comedy that sparkles like diamonds! From the opening strains of Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer's haunting, Oscar®-winning song "Moon River," you'll once again be under the alluring spell of that madcap, carefree New York playgirl known as Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) in this 24-carat romantic comedy based on Truman Capote's best-selling novella. George Peppard is the struggling and "sponsored" young writer who finds himself swept into Holly's dizzying, delightfully unstructured lifestyle as she determinedly scours Manhattan for a suitable millionaire to marry. The sparkling special features on this Anniversary Edition DVD only add to the luster of director Blake Edwards' timeless film classic. Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam and Mickey Rooney co-star; Mancini won an additional Academy Award® for his enthralling musical score.
Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season
Popular water-cooler drama about an unremarkable and uncharismatic chemistry teacher, Walter, who discovers new passion in his life after he learns he has terminal cancer. Once a successful chemist, Walter now teaches apathetic high school students and works part-time at a car wash to help support his family - wife Skyler, who earns a modest income buying and selling items on eBay, and son Walter, Jr., a strong-willed 17-year-old suffering from cerebral palsy. Realizing he has nothing but his family left to live for, Walter's new sense of purpose reinvigorates him into a man of action as he turns to an exciting life of crime to provide for the ones he loves.
Breaking Glass
Brian Gibson 1980s London punk scene is captured in the gritty new wave musical with poignant rags to riches story of a talented and rebellious young singer-songwriter. Hazel O'Connor gives a tour-de-force performance as Kate, the lead singer of the rock group Breaking Glass. Kate's socialist ideals are juxtaposed to her pragmatic rock manager, Danny (Phil Daniels), a streetwise hustler who discovers her and develops her into a star. The film pivots around the struggles for artistic recognition and energetic singer whose talent and sanity are jeopardized by the music business' power structure. O'Connor wrote and performs 13 captivating and provocative songs for the film. The cast also includes Jon Finch and future star Jonathan Pryce as the band's junkie saxophone player.
Brendan Frye is a loner, someone who knows all the angles but has chosen to stay on the outside. When the girl he loves turns up dead, he is determined to find the "who" and "why" and plunges into the dark and dangerous social strata of rich girl Laura, intimidating Tug, drug-addled Dode, seductive Kara, and the ominous Pin. But who can he really trust? These are the ingredients of Brick, a gritty and provocative thriller that critics describe as "a clever, twist-filled whodunit!" (Claudia Puig, USA Today)
Brick Lane
A young Bangladeshi woman, Nazneem, arrives in 1980s London, leaving behind her beloved sister and home, for an arranged marriage and a new life. Trapped within the four walls of her flat, and in a loveless marriage with the middle aged Chanu, she fears her soul is quietly dying. Her sister Hasina, meanwhile, continues to live a carefree life back in Bangladesh, stumbling from one adventure to the next. Nazneen struggles to accept her lifestyle, and keeps her head down in spite of life's blows, but she soon discovers that life cannot be avoided - and is forced to confront it the day that the hotheaded young Karim comes knocking at her door.
Bride and Prejudice
Gurinder Chadha A clash of cultures in the spirit of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this modern musical retelling of Jane Austen's classic Pride And Prejuice is a hilariously entertaining tale of one girl's unlikely search for love! Sparks immediately fly as a love/hate relationship ignites between a small-town beauty (International star Aishwarya Rai) and a wealthy American (Martin Henderson- The Ring, Torque) who's visiting her modest Indian village! In a swirl of music, dance and comic misunderstandings, these opposites continue to attract and repel one another in a riotous romance, that spans three continents! Featuring Naveen Adrews (TV's Lost, The English Patient) and a memorable performance from top recording artist Ashanti- love will eventually conquer all in this acclaimed treat from the director of Bend It Like Beckham!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.
Bridget Jones's Diary
Sharon Maguire A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.
Bright Star
Jane Campion From Jane Campion, Academy Award winner of The Piano, comes a sweeping love story that will carry you back through time to experience the passion and romance between acclaimed poet, John Keats and his beloved muse. London 1818: a secret love affair begins between 23 year old English poet, John Keats, and the girl next door Fanny Brawne, an outspoken student of high fashion. This unlikely pair began at odds, he thinking her a stylish minx, while she was unimpressed not only by his poetry but also by literature in general.
Bringing Up Baby
Howard Hawks Our Seller's Notes and Fine Print Department :....From Warner Brothers Classics, the original release,This is for the authentic release.
Broadcast News
James L. Brooks In James L. Brooks' quirky, romantic comedy, three ambitious workaholics are set loose in a network TV newsroom where their professional and personal lives become hopelessly cross-wired. Tom (William Hurt) is the modern anchorman, smooth, handsome and a bit dumb. Jane (Holly Hunter) is his driven, brilliant producer, determined to turn Tom into a real newsman. And Aaron (Albert Brooks) is a seasoned, totally uncharismatic reporter who can't stand Tom's instant success on-camera or with Jane. It all adds up to one explosively funny romantic triangle.
Broken English
Zoe R. Cassavetes Nora Wilder, a thirty-something Manhattanite plugging away at her job in a posh downtown hotel, can't help but wonder what it is she has to do to find a relationship. After a series of disastrous first dates, she meets Julien, a quirky Frenchman with a passion for living. Inevitably, Nora has to look inward before she can find a new outlook on life and most importantly, love.
Broken Flowers
Jim Jarmusch Bill Murray, Sharon Stone. A comical depiction of the life of a wealthy, emotionless Don Juan character who must face his sordid past loaded with bad judgments when he gets a letter informing him that he may have an illegitimate 19-year-old son. Murray is at his best! 2005/color/106 min/R/widescreen.
Brotherhood of the Wolf
David Wu, Christophe Gans Canadian only limited edition 3 DVD set. Region 1/NTSC. A dangerous mystery & thriller of chilling proportions. Brotherhood of the Wolf leaps from the screen with breathtaking action & incredible suspense blended with high-flying martial arts excitement. Features, Widescreen Anamorphic Format (2.35-1 Aspect Ratio), English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1, French DTS 5.1, Subtitles, English, French. Disc 1, Feature Film, Director & Actors Commentaries (French), Optional English or French Menus. Disc 2, The Making of (Original French with English Subtitles), Deleted Scenes (Original French with English Subtitles), The Legend (Original French with English Subtitles), Filmographies (English/French), Bonus DVD-ROM. Disc 3, Documentary (Original French with English Subtitles), Storyboard (English/French), Photo Gallery, Bonus DVD-ROM.
The Brown Bunny
Vincent Gallo The Brown Bunny is both a love story and a haunting portrait of a lost soul unable to forget his past. After finishing a motorcycle race in New Hampshire, Bud Clay (Vincent Gallo) loads his racing bike into the back of his van and begins a cross-country odyssey to Los Angeles, where he is to compete in another race. During his trip, he meets three very different women: Violet, a wholesome all-American gas station attendant; Lilly (Cheryl Tiegs), a fellow lost soul he connects with at a highway rest stop; and Rose, a Las Vegas prostitute. Throughout his journey, Bud can never escape his intense feelings for the love of his life, Daisy (Chloë Sevigny), so he plans to reconcile with her when he reaches Los Angeles. Arriving in Los Angeles, Bud checks into a motel before visiting the abandoned home he once shared with Daisy. He leaves a note, hoping she will turn up at his motel room . . .Building to a notorious climax, the film presents one of the frankest portrayals of male sexuality ever seen in American cinema.
Bruce Almighty
Tom Shadyac Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman. A disgruntled news reporter vents his frustration at the man upstairs, who then invites the bewildered everyman to try on his powers for awhile and see how he does while God takes a little vacation. 2003/color/101 min/PG-13.
Bruce Campbell vs. Army Of Darkness - The Director's Cut
Bob Murawski, Sam Raimi DVD with director's cut, 15 minutes of additional footage including the original ending. 96 min.
Bubba Ho-Tep
Donald Milne, Don Coscarelli Mud Creek, Texas, is about to get all shook up. When mysterious deaths plague the Shady Rest retirement home, it's up to an aging, cantankerous "Elvis" (Bruce Campbell) and a decrepitand black"JFK" (Ossie Davis) to defeat a 3,000-year-old-Egyptian mummy with a penchant for sucking human souls! Can the King show the world that he can still take care of business?
The Bucket List : Widescreen Edition
Jack Nicholson
The Buddy Holly Story
Steve Rash Gary Busey, Don Stroud, Charles Martin Smith. The electrifying story of the rock 'n' roll star who, by the age of 22, had it all-chart-topping hits, a beautiful wife and international acclaim-only to have it all end tragically. 1978/color/113 min/PG/fullscreen.
Building Bombs
Mark Mori and Susan J. Robinson Offering rare archival footage and a deceptively upbeat atmosphere, this Oscar-nominated film delves into the lives of a community gripped by the ultimate weapon of mass destruction—the hydrogen bomb. Pastoral Aiken, South Carolina is home to the Savannah River Plant, the epicenter of America s top secret atomic bomb-making apparatus. Within this nuclear company town, directors Mark Mori and Susan J. Robinson unlock a treasure trove of feelings for the bomb—ambivalence, resignation, anger, fear, and celebration—while blowing open a cover-up of massive radioactive waste dumping carried out under the shroud of national security.

Profiling a diverse cast of outspoken community members, from a physicist-turned-peace-activist, a politician who speechifies on the good jobs created by the plant, and a worker whose body courses with radioactive particles, BUILDING BOMBS artfully grapples with the profound realities of a world filled with nukes by listening closely to those who must live day-to-day in the shadow of the H-bomb.

DVD Features: Filmmaker Interviews; PBS Censorship Controversy; Michael Stipe Speaks Out; Rare DOE/Atomic Energy Commission Films; Photo Gallery; Theatrical Trailer; Filmmaker Biographies
Bull Durham
Adam Weiss, Ron Shelton Two of America's favorite pastimes—baseball and sex—team up in this winning comedy. Set in the bedrooms and ballparks of the minor leagues, this major league love story follows a seasoned catcher whose best years on the field are behind him, but whose finest moments in the bedroom still lie ahead.
Bullied - A Student, a School and a Case That Made History
Jamie Nabozny "This is the story of Jamie Nabozny. His inspiring story offers hope for millions of gay and lesbian students who still don't feel safe at school."
Burn After Reading
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen When a disc filled with some of the CIA's most irrelevant secrets gets in the hands of two determined, but dim-witted, gym exployees, the two are intent on exploiting their find. But since blackmail is a trade better left to the experts, events soon spiral out of everyone's and anyone's control, resulting in a nonstop series of hilarious encounters.
Busking The System
Buster Keaton Collection
Buster Keaton, Edward Sedgwick A two-disc DVD collection that spotlights the actor's MGM period. "TCM Archives: The Buster Keaton Collection" features two of Keaton's funniest silents, "The Cameraman," re-mastered with a new score by former Frank Zappa band member Arthur Barrow, and "Spite Marriage" (featuring its original 1929 Vitaphone musical score) along with "Free and Easy," Keaton's first talkie. The DVD set also features film historian Kevin Brownlow's poignant new documentary "So Funny It Hurt: Buster Keaton and MGM."

Considered by many cinema's greatest silent clown, Buster Keaton was a consummate practitioner of physical comedy whose career began in vaudeville at the age of three. Wearing trademark slapshoes and big baggy pants identical to his father's, most gags involved pratfalls with his father kicking him across the stage or tossing him into the air. Within a few years of his debut, Keaton was scoring rave reviews which applauded the physical comedy that would come to be so much a part of his film fame. "The dexterity or expertness with which Joe Keaton handles 'Buster' is almost beyond belief of studied 'business.' The boy accomplishes everything attempted naturally, taking a dive into the backdrop that almost any comedy acrobat of more mature years could watch with profit" (Variety, March 12, 1910).

Details of The Buster Keaton Collection Films

The Cameraman - After becoming infatuated with a pretty office worker, Keaton sets out to become a newsreel cameraman in order to be closer to his dream girl. Keaton's first film for MGM, made in 1928, is considered one of his funniest masterworks and offers up a feast of visual gags. The newly remastered DVD includes a new score by Arthur Barrow. Spite Marriage - In this 1929 silent laugh-filled classic, Keaton stars as Elmer, a man madly in love with stage star Trilbey Drew. When Trilbey's boyfriend gets engaged to another woman, she marries Elmer in a desperate attempt to get even. This was Keaton's final silent comedy, and is presented here with its original Vitaphone music score. Free and Easy - In Keaton's first talkie, he stars as an agent to beauty contest winner Elvira Plunkett. When Elvira decides to try her luck in Hollywood, Elmer goes along to help and the two soon find themselves falling in love. Chaos ensues when the couple must contend with Elvira's disapproving mother and a handsome movie star, who also has his sights set on the lovely Elvira. This 1930 classic is highlighted by guest appearances from a host of other MGM stars of the era including Robert Montgomery and Lionel Barrymore.
Bustin' Down the Door
Danny Bresnik, Jeremy Gosch This ground breaking action-packed documentary takes you back to the winter of 1975 in Hawaii -a dramatic moment in history when a group of young South African and Australian surfers sacrificed everything. They put it all on the line to create a sport, a culture, and an industry that is today worth billions of dollars and has captured the imagination of the world. A powerhouse film, the spell-binding action footage and fascinating subjects make Bustin' Down the Door a surfing classic.
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride
Celebrating the "gonzo" life of author/reporter Hunter S. Thompson, this engaging documentary includes reflections on both Thompson's writings and his hedonistic appetites. Thompson acolytes including Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, John Cusack, Gary Busey, Tom Wolfe, Ed Bradley, and many others appear with their insightful recollections of the American legend; Nick Nolte narrates. 77 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
The greenskeeper is about to start World War III - against a gopher. The judge plays to win but his nubile niece has her mind set on scoring her own way. The playboy shoots perfect golf by pretending he is the ball. And the country club loudmouth just doubled a $20,000 bet on a 10-foot putt. Insanity? No. Caddyshack. Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight and Bill Murray tee off for a side-splitting round of fairway foolishness that does for golf what Animal House did for college fraternities and Police Academy did for law enforcement.
The Call of Cthulhu: The Celebrated Story by H.P. Lovecraft
Andrew H. Leman Written in 1926, just before the advent of "talking" pictures, The Call of Cthulhu is one of the most famous and influential tales of H.P. Lovecraft, the father of gothic horror. Now the story is brought richly to life in the style of a classic 1920s silent movie, with a haunting original symphonic score. Using the "Mythoscope" process - a mix of modern and vintage techniques, the HPLHS has worked to create the most authentic and faithful screen adaptation of a Lovecraft story yet attempted. From the cultists of the Louisana bayous to the man-eating non-euclidean geometry of R'lyeh, the HPLHS brings Cthulhu to the screen as it was meant to be seen. Eighteen months of production and a cast of more than 50 actors went into making this film a period spectacle that must seen to be believed. The DVD includes The Call of Cthulhu (47 minutes, black and white), the high-fidelity and "Mythophonic" soundtracks, a 25 minute "making-of" documentary featurette, two slide shows, deleted footage, a prop PDF of the Sydney Bulletin and more. To appeal to Lovecraft fans throughout across the globe, this DVD provides intertitles in 24 languages including: Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Euskera, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Luxmbourgish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh. These aren't just subtitles either - they are the real title cards rendered tastefully in each language. If you thought the story was scary before, wait until you see it in Welsh!
An extremely talented young cast shines in this "energetic musical romp" (Los Angeles Times)about a drama camp where the outcasts of today hone their skills to become the stars of tomorrow. Packed with romance, laughs and "genuine showstopping musical numbers" (The Washington Post), Camp is a "Blast of exuberant fun" (Rolling Stone)! Every summer, talented kids with big voices and even bigger dreams flock to Camp Ovation. But this year, a sexy new guy, Vlad (DanielLetterle), is not only stealing the show he's stealing the heart of every girl he encounters. And as the biggest day of camp approaches, the young performers must overcome backstabbing, unrequited love and Vlad's unpredictable libido to pull off the greatest show of their careers!
Canvasman The Robbie Ellis Story
Most people know Rob Elowitch as a lifelong resident of Portland, Maine who runs one of the most respected art auction houses on the East Coast. Through his Barridoff Galleries, he sells great works by artists such as Winslow Homer and Thomas Eakins, to art collectors and museums all over the world. He's been married for fifty years to his high school sweetheart and has devoted much of his time to developing artistic and cultural programs throughout Maine. He comes from one of Maine's most accomplished and respected families and is very involved in the Maine Jewish community. He and his wife live in a large brownstone in that is beautifully decorated with priceless works of art.
Elowitch is a family man and recently became a grandfather. But Rob Elowitch has a secret life: He's a professional wrestler. Even his wife has never seen him wrestle. Although he's now 66 years old, Elowitch travels all over North America and Europe to wrestle under the "mat name" of Robbie Ellis. He takes on men in their twenties in dingy wrestling clubs in primarily working class neighborhoods and defies anyone who thinks age might make him a sucker. Age is incidental to Ellis, not a handicap. And it is in this second career that he finds his greatest lust for life and passion for the world.

"Canvasman" is a portrait of a man who is less concerned with doing what is expected
of him than he is with living a life that is fueled by passion and the excitement of the
wrestling ring. His journey is one that teaches us that if we follow our hearts, even if
they take us in unlikely directions, we can live our lives uninhibited by age and
stereotypes and find out who we really are.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Capturing the Friedmans
Andrew Jarecki Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, and with over $3 million at the box office to date, Capturing The Friedmans is nothing short of the most riveting, provocative, and hotly debated films of the year. Despite their predilection for hamming it up in front of home-movie cameras, the Friedmans were a normal middle-class family living in the affluent New York suburb of Great Neck. One Thanksgiving, as the family gathers at home for a quiet holiday dinner, their front door explodes, splintered by a police battering ram. Officers rush into the house, accusing Arnold Friedman and his youngest son Jesse of hundreds of shocking crimes. The film follows their story from the public?s perspective and through unique real footage of the family in crisis, shot inside the Friedman house. As the police investigate, and the community reacts, the fabric of the family begins to disintegrate, revealing provocative questions about truth, justice, family, and -ultimately-truth. With an abundance of exclusive DVD bonus features supplied on a second disc, Capturing the Friedmans is sure to capture you and pin you to your seat.
Hector Babenco Acclaimed international filmmaker Hector Babenco dramatically captures the powerful intensity of this true story of hope and survival inside Brazil’s most notorious prison. Based on a true story of the day of the Carandiru massacre.
The Caretaker
This classic teen scream hosts an ensemble cast of ridiculously good looking kids and is spiced with an outlandish teacher (Jennifer Tilly) obsessed with getting famous by sleeping with a student and an over-protective father (Judd Nelson). Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers) gives a delightfully creepy performance as the crazy Limo Driver and Jim Lang (John Carpenter's Mouth of Madness, Body Bags) delivers an original score sure to make you jump out of your seat.
Carlos Saura Dance Trilogy Part 2 - Blood Wedding [VHS]
Carlos Saura
The Cartel DVD: Home Edition
"The Cartel" is a documentary film about corruption in American public education. This DVD edition offers special bonus segments not available elsewhere.


Only 35 percent of American high school seniors are proficient readers. Only 23 percent are proficient in math. Nationwide, only 74 percent of ninth graders graduate within four years-and that number drops to about 50 percent for black and Hispanic students. Twelve percent of American high schools are "dropout factories"-schools where less than 60 percent of freshmen even make it to their senior year. It comes as no surprise, then, that America lags far behind other developed countries when it comes to schooling: Among large industrialized countries, America ranks last in educational effectiveness-despite spending the most.

The conventional wisdom says that our schools could be dramatically improved with better funding. If we would only "invest in education," the argument goes, our children would have a better future-particularly in urban areas, where leaky roofs, under-qualified teachers, and outdated textbooks are all too common

And so the last few decades have brought an explosion of education spending, enthusiastically approved by local school boards and state legislatures and generally supported by taxpayers. That's the moral cover under which our public school system wastes and steals billions of dollars every year.

This costly, unconscionable failure forms the subject of "The Cartel."


This DVD disc is licensed only for home viewing. Use of this product for public screenings of any kind is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws.
CATCH-22 /
Celebrate Gloucester 2010
Celtic Roots Festival 1
Various Artists The town of Goderich, on the shores of Lake Huron in Canada is the site of the Celtic Roots Festival which was founded in 1993. The festival features international musicians from England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada whose love of and dedication to Celtic Music is profound. With Sean Keane, Mahers Bahers, Simon Mayor & Hilary James and Bobby Watt.
Challenge of the Champions - DVD
The story of Lane Frost and Red Rock
Clint Eastwood When single mother Christine Collins (Jolie) leaves for work, her son vanishes without a trace. Five months later, the police reunite mother and son; but he isn't her boy. Driven by one woman's relentless quest for the truth, the case exposes a world of corruption, captivates the public and changes LA forever.
Jun'ichi Kikuchi, Hideo Nakata From director Hideo Nakata (Ring, Ring 2), Japan's modern sensei of suspense, comes an ingenious and hypnotic thriller of unrelenting intensity. After a successful Japanese businessman's ravishing trophy wife (Ring's Miki Nakatani) vanishes, sadistic and taunting ransom demands arrive and the police are summoned. As the true nature of the stakes for the captor (Masato Hagiwara) and his captive unfold, Chaos fluidly transforms from a precision neo-noir into a macabre and shocking thriller and ultimately into a lurid, intoxicating sexual gothic. Neither pleading eyes nor bound wrists, a bandaged hand nor a shallow grave are what they seem as each step Chaos takes leads to a suspenseful threshold more perilous and unpredictable than the last. In Chaos, Nakata effortlessly and legitimately invokes genre classics like Les Diaboliques and Vertigo while crafting a sleekly diabolical puzzle as audaciously constructed and narratively extravagant as Memento or Run Lola Run. Unsettling, riveting, hallucinatory, suspenseful and erotic, Chaos is masterful contemporary entertainment that breaks new ground with every twist.
Chaplins Under Fire
Lee Lawrence and Terry Nickelson
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tim Burton Long isolated from his own family, Willy Wonka launches a worldwide contest to select an heir to his candy empire. Five lucky children from around the world, including Charlie Bucket, draw Golden Tickets from Wonka chocolate bars and win a guided tour of the legendary candy making facility that no outsider has seen in 15 years.

DVD Features:
Biographies:The Fantastic Mr. Dahl: Learn about Dahl's life story and extraordinary body of work.
Challenges:4 SCRUMPTIOUS Challenges for kids to play! 1) Oompa-Loompa Dance Machine 2) The Inventing Machine 3) The Bad Nut 4) Search For the Golden Ticket
DVD ROM Features
Documentaries:Attack of the Squirrels: See how they trained live squirrels to perform in the film.
Featurette:5 Making-Of Featurettes!
Other:Becoming Oomp-Loompa: See how one actor, Deep Roy, was turned into a multi-talented army of Oompa's.
Charlie Bartlett
Jon Poll The kids at Western Summit High have "issues," and newcomer Charlie Bartlett is coming to their rescue. With a briefcase full of prescription pills and a head full of pop psychology, this rebel with a cause brings hilarious help to the student body and unending grief to their neurotic principal, Mr. Gardner (Robert Downey, Jr.). Suddenly, Charlie is the hottest man on campus and he's even caught the eye of Gardner's sultry daughter. An outrageous send-up of today's Prozac generation, Charlie Bartlett has your prescription for laugh-out-loud insanity!
Charlotte Gray
A Scottish woman joins the French Resistance during World War II to help rescue her missing RAF boyfriend.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 3-FEB-2004
Media Type: DVD
Charlotte's Web
Pat Foley, Charles A. Nichols, Iwao Takamoto Barnyard spider Charlotte saves little pig Wilbur's life in E.B. White's tale. Animated. Voices: Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde.
Chasing October A Fan's Crusade
Matt Liston Chasing October: A fan's crusade is a docu-comedy that chronicles one fan's crusade to take the Chicago Cubs to the World Series "by any means necessary". Director Matt Liston quits his job, gets all access to his favorite team, and rallies a city. Perhaps no other fan in the history of sports has gone to such an extreme. See Liston as he helps facilitate a trade, attempts to get a $20 million dollar loan to help team payroll, and takes being a fan to a whole new level. This film is a hilarious must-see for all sports fans and for anyone who has ever chased a dream.
Chasing Papi
Linda Mendoza Handsome advertising executive Tomas "Papi" Fuentes (Eduardo Verastegui) is truly, deeply in love?with three gorgeous women in three different cities. There's prim-and-proper Patricia (Jaci Velasquez) in New York, lovely Lorena (Roselyn Sanchez) in Chicage, and spicy Cici (Sofia Vergara) in Miami. But when all three arrive in L.A. to surprise Papi at home, the situation doesn't just heat up, it explodes! Filled with beautiful bodies, hip Latin rhythms and plenty of passion, Chasing Papi will leave you cheering!
Cheaper By the Dozen
J. Watson Webb Jr., Walter Lang This colorful depiction of life in a family of 12 children stars Clifton Webb as Frank Bunker Gilbreth, an eccentric father who prides himself on some truly unorthodox child-rearing methods. Based on the bestseller by two children of the real Mr. Gilbreth, this charming film co-starring Myrna Loy is "alive with big laughs" (Los Angeles Times).

Narrated by the oldest daughter (Jeanne Crain), the story follows a series of family crises over the years: from how the children over-whelmed their new school's administration office, to the time they threw a hospital into chaos when they arrived for a mass tonsillectomy. There's even a memorable encounter with a birth control advocate. Simultaneously hilarious and sentimental, "Cheaper by the Dozen is a family comedy in the truest sense.
Cheech and Chong's Still Smokin'
Tommy Chong Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong. Will marijuana finally save the day for Cheech and Chong? To help raise funds for an Amsterdam film festival, the boys sponsor a pot-smoking competition and perform stand-up comedy. 1983/color/91 min/R/widescreen.
Rob Marshall This Razzle-Dazzle Edition is the ultimate CHICAGO DVD Collection and features the award-winning motion picture and brand-new bonus material! Winner of six Academy Awards(R) (2002) including Best Picture, and starring Academy Award(R) nominee Renée Zellweger (Best Actress, CHICAGO), Academy Award(R) winner Catherine Zeta-Jones (Best Supporting Actress, CHICAGO), Academy Award(R) nominee Queen Latifah (Best Supporting Actress, CHICAGO), Golden Globe winner Richard Gere (Best Actor, CHICAGO), and Academy Award(R) nominee John C. Reilly (Best Supporting Actor, CHICAGO) — CHICAGO is a dazzling spectacle of unparalleled entertainment!
Chicken Run
Nick Park, Peter Lord Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr. and Ms. Tweedy, the farm's owners. Rocky and Ginger lead their fellow chickens in a great escape from the murderous farmers and their farm of doom. —Written by Cory Booth
Children Of Heaven
Hassan Hassandoost, Majid Majidi Triumph prize winner at many prestigious film festivals, this uplifting, crowd-pleasing story of family and love was also moniated for an Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film! When Ali loses his sister Zahra's school shoes, this young pair dream up a plan to stay out of trouble: they'll share his shoes and keep it a secret from their parents! But if they're going to successfuly cover their tracks, Ali and Zahra must carefully watch their step on what rapidly turns into a funny and heartwarming adventure! A magical motion picture acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, Children Of Heaven is a charming treat you'll love, too!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.
The Children of Huang Shi
Roger Spottiswoode Set in war-ravaged China during the late 1930s, Huang Shi is based on true events. It's the story of a young Englishman, George Hogg (Rhys Meyers), who led sixty orphaned boys on a journey across the Liu Pan Shan mountains to safety on the edge of the Mongolian desert.
Children of Men
Alfonso Cuarón No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born, disillusioned Theo (Clive Owen) becomes an unlikely champion of the human race when he is asked by his former lover (Julianne Moore) to escort a young pregnant woman out of the country as quickly as possible. In a thrilling race against time, Theo will risk everything to deliver the miracle the whole world has been waiting for. Co-starring Michael Caine, filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men is the powerful film Pete Hammond of Maxim calls "magnificent...a unique and totally original vision."
Children of Paradise
Henri Rust, Madeleine Bonin, Marcel Carné Poetic realism reaches sublime heights with Children of Paradise (Les enfants du paradis), the ineffably witty tale of a woman loved by four different men. Deftly entwining theater, literature, music, and design, director Marcel Carné and screenwriter Jacques Prévert resurrect the tumultuous world of 19th-century Paris, teeming with hucksters and aristocrats, thieves and courtesans, pimps and seers. The Criterion Collection is proud to present this milestone of cinema in a new high-definition film transfer made from the restored negative.
Sam O'Steen, Roman Polanski Roman Polanski's brooding film noir exposes the darkest side of the land of sunshine, the Los Angeles of the 1930s, where power is the only currency—and the only real thing worth buying. Jack Nicholson is J J Gittes, a private eye in the Chandler
Lasse Hallström Nominated for 5 Academy Awards(R) including Best Picture, Best Actress (Juliette Binoche — THE ENGLISH PATIENT), and Best Supporting Actress (Judi Dench — SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE), CHOCOLAT is the beautiful and captivating comedy from the acclaimed director of THE CIDER HOUSE RULES! Nobody could have imagined the impact that the striking Vianne (Binoche) would make when she arrived in a tranquil, old-fashioned French town. In her very unusual chocolate shop, Vianne begins to create mouth-watering confections that almost magically inspire the straitlaced villagers to abandon themselves to temptation and happiness! But it is not until another stranger, the handsome Roux (Johnny Depp — SLEEPY HOLLOW), arrives in town that Vianne is finally able to recognize her own desires!
Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars
Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars,
Teacher, Adventurer, American Hero

Narrated by Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon with original songs by Carly Simon

January 28, 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, traumatizing the nation and taking the lives of the seven-member NASA crew. Among them was Christa McAuliffe, the first Teacher in Space. Reach for the Stars is her story.

In this film, for the first time McAuliffe's family speaks out about the impact of her death, revealing the deep private loss behind the public tragedy and how it drastically altered their lives. Previously unseen NASA footage and candid interviews with NASA colleagues reveal McAuliffe's unique spirit and personality. Most remember the event as a great loss, but in fact McAuliffe's life and death have inspired millions around the world. Despite her death, she remains one of America's most vivid and remembered astronauts

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A Christmas Carol
Clive Donner, Brian Desmond Hurst This is the desert-island choice of the many versions of A Christmas Carol, with a magnificent, full-bodied portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge by Alastair Sim that leaves everyone else in the dust. Lean and direct, this film's version of the story wastes no time trying to impress viewers with the magical nature of the spirits' visitations. Director Brian Desmond Hurst keeps the focus on Scrooge's life story, beautifully simplifying and underscoring the theme of lost women with a haunting musical refrain from the folk song "Barbara Allen." Sim's commitment to the role is at times astonishing; his Scrooge's Christmas-morning ecstasy is a marvel of giddy technique. Watch for Patrick Macnee (Steed in The Avengers) as the young Jacob Marley—the actor made his screen debut in this 1951 production. —Tom Keogh

On the DVD
This ultimate collectors' edition is crammed with special features, on both discs. Film (and Charles Dickens) fans won't want to miss a single screen. The audio commentary by Marcus Hearn and George Cole adds depth and perspective to Alastair Sim's amazing performance, and the groundbreaking special effects for the time. Cole also gives a homey remembrance of working with Sim during World War II and living in the English countryside to avoid the Blitz.

One of the most compelling extras is a short bio of George Mintner, the film's executive producer who would go on to found his own successful distribution company, Renown Pictures. An unlikely film mogul, the British Mintner was shy and bookish, but managed to build a reputable mini-studio in the '50s, out of the Hollywood limelight. He produced mostly B-movies, though after A Christmas Carol (originally titled Scrooge), he produced another Dickens adaptation, The Pickwick Papers. There's a great mini-bio of Dickens, who grew up in the poverty that later fascinated him in his writings. Other extras include the colorized version (what were people thinking back in the '80s?), cast bios, original trailers, and a feature that more film companies might want to consider, an optional narration for the blind. Nothing is left out for film fans—God bless us, every one. —A.T. Hurley
A Christmas Story
Bob Clark This delightfully funny holiday gem tells the story of Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsly) a 1940's nine-year-old who pulls out all the stops to obtain the ultimate Christmas present.
The Chronicles of Narnia -
Fire breathing dragons, sprightly nymphs, talking animals, evil witches, deadly sea monsters, gruesome giants, kings and queens, a group of brave children and a very special wardrobe collide in an epic battle of good versus evil. Welcome to the enchanted world of Narnia, a mystical land sprung from the mind of legendary author C.S. Lewis. Danger and adventure are always close at hand in Narnia, for the future is under constant threat by dark forces. But not for long. Whispers that sail across the land say only one thing — Aslan, the great lion, is on the move. The BBC and Home Vision Entertainment proudly present all nine hours of this grand series on DVD for the first time.
Set in back woods and gritty bar rooms, CHRYSTAL not only transports you into the deep South, but also plugs you into its pulse.Sixteen years after Joe ( Academy Award Winner, Billy Bob Thornton) plunged the family car off the road with his wife Chrystal
Chuck & Mud: 25th Anniversary Concert
Chuck & Mud
Cinema Paradiso
Giuseppe Tornatore A famous Italian filmmaker, haunted by the memories of his first love, returns to his hometown after an absence of 30 years. Upon his return, he reconnects with the community and remembers the highlights and tragedies that shaped his life and inspired him to follow his dream of becoming a filmmaker. For those who have never seen it — and those who have never forgotten it — director Giuseppe Tornatore's (BAARIA, THE STAR MAKER) cherished Academy Award®-winning motion picture (1990, Best Foreign Language Film) is now in high definition, fully restored and digitally remastered.
The Circle
Jafar Panahi A woman gives birth to a baby girl. Little does she know but she and her daughter are already unwanted.Three women are released from prison and their need for money leads them to take desperate measures.An unmarried woman seeking an abortion is rejected from her father's house by the violent threats of her brothers.Their crimes are vague their guilt or innocence unimportant.Their paths cross the suspense of their intrigues heightens. Their plights are often too tragically similar. Their world is one of constant surveillance bureaucracy and age-old inequalities. But this stifling world cannot extinguish the spirit strength and courage of the circle of women.System Requirements: Running Time 91 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: FOREIGN/LATIN Rating: NR UPC: 720917530727 Manufacturer No: FLV5307
Citizen Kane
Orson Welles The story of an immensely wealthy newspaper publisher, as he is remembered by his friends and former wife after his death. Loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. Frequently called the greatest film of all time.
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Media Type: DVD
Street Release Date: 09/24/2002
Genre: DRAMA
Citizen Tanouye
Craig Yahata, Robert Horsting Eight ethnically diverse high school students from Torrance, California bring history to life as they research Technical Sergeant Ted Tanouye, a graduate of their high school who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his service in WWII. Through their research of Citizen Tanouye, the students not only discover the impact the war had on their city, but also draw attention to the civil rights abuses of WWII-era America.

A popular, well-rounded student, Tanouye graduated from Torrance High School in 1938, and made a name for himself in the local community. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, he went to serve his country as a member of the renowned 442nd Regimental Combat Team; while his family had to pack up their lives to be moved to a relocation camp-the internment camps for the Japanese Americans.

During their investigation of school yearbooks, newspapers, museums, internet sites and insightful conversations with WWII veterans, the relevance of history is brought into focus as the students express their personal observations, draw parallels to their own lives and realize the effect that this experience will have on their future.

Winner, the Chris Award, 2005 Columbus International Film and Video Festival. Citizen Tanouye was an official selection of the 2005 International Family Film Festival, 2006 Newport Beach Film Festival and the 2007 Sprockets - Toronto International Film Festival.

Special DVD features include: bonus and deleted scenes, including the Medal of Honor Ceremony and the dedication of the Ted Tanouye Memorial; movie trailer; hidden feature; scene selection; closed captions and English subtitles.
City Island
Raymond De Felitta Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is a lifelong resident of the tiny, tradition-steeped Bronx enclave of City Island. A family man who makes his living as a corrections officer, Vince longs to become an actor. Ashamed to admit his aspirations to his family, Vince would rather let his fiery wife Joyce (Julianna Margulies) believe his weekly poker games are a cover for an extramarital affair than admit he’s secretly taking acting classes in Manhattan. When Vince is asked to reveal his biggest secret in class, he inadvertently sets off a chaotic chain of events that turns his mundane suburban life upside down. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, City Island spins a web of misrepresentations, misinterpretations and misunderstandings into a smart and charming comedy about a family that stops at nothing to avoid the truth.
The City of Lost Children
Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet One of the most unique and visually stunning films in years, The City of Lost Children concerns a malevolent scientist who attempts to unlock the mystery of dreaming. To this end, he kidnaps young children and studies them as they sleep. From Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of Amelie and Alien: Resurrection.
City of Men
Paulo Morelli's film is a pacy, bloody thriller that pays warm tribute to a diverse cross-section of American directors including Quentin Tarantino and Michael Bay. Bullets zing across the screen, heavy artillery is deployed at all times, and Morelli makes great use of the twisty favela streets during some frantic chase sequence. Silva and Cunha, who both had roles in CITY OF GOD, carry the picture with impressive ease, and while CITY OF MEN isn't an official sequel to Meirelles's lauded picture, it does serve as a neat continuation of that film's unshakable portrayal of the violence that has beset so many young lives in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.
The City of Your Final Destination
James Ivory 28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi has won a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund - his brother, widow, and younger mistress - so he can get authorization to write the biography.
The Clamdigger's Daughter
Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier Miramax Home Entertainment is proud to present this amazing, three-disc collector's set that includes two versions of the original indie classic, a killer, brand-new, 90-minute documentary — "Snowball Effect: The Story Of CLERKS," and more never-before-seen bonus material than you can shake a salsa shark at!
Clerks II
Kevin Smith Sequel to the cult comedy classic takes place 10 years later, finding Dante and Randall in their 30's, flipping burgers for a living at Mooby's, a fictional McDonald's-style fast-food chain. Many of the characters return, including Jay and Silent Bob. This could've been a train-wreck, but Smith pulls it off with solid writing and harsher humor than the original. DVD contains over 6 hours of bonus materials.This should be a solid seller throughout the rest of the year and beyond. See the ad on the inside back cover of this issue for additional information.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Steven Spielberg In the night skies near his Muncie Indiana home power repairman Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) experiences something out of this world. His close encounter sets into action an amazing chain of events that leads to contact with benevolent aliens and their Mothership. Spectacular special effects John Williams' outstanding score and winning performances from Dreyfuss Teri Garr Melinda Dillon and legendary director Francois Truffaut in the role of Lacombe make CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND movie magic of the best kind.Bonus Features: Animated Menus Production Notes Making-Of Documentary 1977 Featurette "Watching The Skies" 11 Deleted Scenes Filmographies Theatrical TrailersSystem Requirements:Starring: Richard Dreyfuss Cary Guffey Shawn Bishop Adrienne Campbell Justin Dreyfuss Lance Henriksen Merrill Connally Francois Truffaut Teri Garr Melinda Dillon Bob Balaban J. Patrick McNamara Warren J. Kemmerling Roberts Blossom and Philip Dodds. Directed By: Steven Spielberg. Running Time: 137 Min. Color. This film is presented in "Widescreen" format. Copyright 2000 Columbia TriStar Home Video.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY Rating: PG UPC: 043396126497 Manufacturer No: 12649
Cocaine Cowboys
Billy Corben, David Cypkin In the 1980s, ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami with a brand of violence unseen in this country since Prohibition-era Chicago - and it put the city on the map. "Cocaine Cowboys" is the true story of how Miami became the drug, murder and cash capital of the United States, told by the people who made it all happen.
Code 46
Michael Winterbottom What if the person you desired most was the one person you were forbidden to love? OscarÂ(r) winner* Tim Robbins and OscarÂ(r) nominee** Samantha Morton "make a sexy and moving pair of desperadoes" (Entertainment Weekly) in this "provocative, quietly erotic" (Premiere)sci-fi thriller from the director of 24 Hour Party People. In the near future, privileged classes live and work "inside" cities, while non-citizens scratch out a miserable existence "outside" in a vast desert. People cannot leave their designated zones without special visas known as"papeles." When fraudulent papeles surface, Seattle investigator William Geld (Robbins) travels to Shanghai to ferret out the culprit and meets Maria Gonzalez (Morton) a woman with whom he has a passionate affair but breaks one of society's harshest laws: Code 46. *2003: Supporting Actor, Mystic River **2003: Actress, In America; 1999: Supporting Actress, Sweet and Lowdown
Marc Price Already a worldwide phenomenon with huge media coverage, COLIN is the first zombie movie told from the zombie s perspective, it is a film truly like no other. Our hero Colin is bitten by a zombie; he dies and returns as one of the undead. We follow him as he wanders through suburbia during the throes of a cadaverous apocalypse. Through his encounters, we learn who Colin was and more pertinently, what he has now become. Including a broad daylight zombie versus human street battle, an epic housebound siege and bags of gore. Made for only $75, this is a zombie phenomenon that must not be missed! Filmmaker Marc Price made headlines around the world when his DIY movie gained critical acclaim for being a fresh voice in a well-worn genre and was hailed as redefining no-budget film-making Price taught himself many of the roles needed to make the film as he couldn t afford to pay a crew, and got his friends to help out. Made for around $75 in cash spent mostly on tea and cookies for the zombies - Price relied on friends and Facebook to cast his legion of undead extras. It took over 18 months and buckets of determination for Price to make the movie on a 10-year-old camcorder that broke during the shoot. Props were mainly household items and locations around his rented London home. Price borrowed what he needed from friends and carried out most of the crew roles himself, while he held down a nightshift job as a taxi booker. The movie follows Colin, played by Alastair Kirton - a new zombie, who s finding his way in an apocalyptic London suburbia. Approaching the genre from a zombie s perspective gave the story an interesting way to explore themes of humanity in a changing world. Colin has won several festival awards, and has launched Marc Price s film-maker career. He s already preparing for his next movie Thunderchild , which although to be made on a slightly bigger budget will still embrace his DIY ethos. Price hopes Colin will encourage others to pick up a camera and make a movie and not be put off by not having a budget, as Price says: If our film does anything, hopefully it will make some 14-yearold who wishes to make a movie, say Oh, it s entirely possible, because my mobile phone has a better resolution than this guy s camcorder. I am really excited by the idea of people watching my cheap little film and thinking If this guy can do it, then so can I
Marc Evans At 5:57 on a Friday afternoon, a major incident took place on the A12: six cars were involved in a tragic collision that left two dead at the scene, two other critically wounded, and the surviving victims forever changed their lives forever entwined. When the father of one of the victims files a suit against the police department for alleged complicity in the accident, Detective Inspector John Tolin (Douglas Henshall), just back from an extended leave, must come to terms with his own past and with his partner in the investigation, Senior Investigating Officer Ann Stallwood (Kate Ashfield) if he has any hope of untangling the carnage and understanding what caused the accident that threw so many lives together, for better or for worse. By focusing on the how the individuals involved in the crash spent their days leading up to the crash, Tolin and Stallwood uncover much more than just the cause of the accident. Together, they must somehow find a way to continue their investigation once the suit against the Met is dropped if they are to have any hope of solving crimes from smuggling to murder even genocide.
Color Me Kubrick
Brian W. Cook John Malkovich gives a hilarious tour-de-force as Alan Conway, a conman who successfully passed himself off as the famed and notoriously reclusive director, Stanley Kubrick, for the last decade of the filmmaker's life, despite knowing very little about Kubrick. It'd be a farce of the highest order if it weren't based on a true story.
The Colossus of New York
Eugene Lourie After the accidental death of a brilliant scientist. his lunatic father and brother transplant the dead man's brain into the body of a giant robot. The operation is successful, but the Colossus Robot mourns for his wife and child and doesn't want to be the guinea pig in his father's psychotic project and starts displaying homicidal behaviors. Sci-Fi specialist EugŠne Louri‚ (Gorgo) directs this Frankenstein-flavored feature.
The Commitments
Alan Parker Acclaimed director Alan Parker's landmark musical comedy is back for a spectacular encore in this all new widescreen collector's edition release of The Commitments. Fueled by raw talent and driven by dreams of glory, a dozen dead-enders from Dublin's gritty North side share a passion for soul music that takes their band on a wild roller-coaster ride from the streets to the superstardom! Packed with over 4 hours of extras, including audio commentary, brand new songs, and a never-before-seen retrospective documentary, this exhilarating 2-disc DVD is your backstage pass to experience the "world's hardest working band" as never before. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome once again - The Commitments!
Committing Poetry in Times of War
stavros Committing Poetry in Times of War, winner of 2007 Poetry Film of the Year, is a poetic glance at one week in March 2003 which rocked New Mexico, USA and defined the struggle of a nation at war abroad and with its people. When the Iraq war began, Youth Poetry Slam Team Coach, Bill Nevins, was fired from his teaching job, and his outspoken Rio Rancho High School Poetry Team was disbanded and silenced. Days after Nevins removal, hundreds of peaceful protestors demonstrating nearby were brutally assaulted by police. Free Speech Zones were enforced at gunpoint. The fabric of the Constitution appeared to be crumbling. Yet out of this fire arose a diverse community of artisans, poets, and musicians. They came together in a series of unifying events, which began in Albuquerque, but spread across the country. Dubbed Poetic Justice , it defied the fear-tactics of the day by modeling free speech and supporting Nevins' quest for justice. The Poetic Justice voices are a testament to the power of the creative spirit within us all and leads to transformation and hope in these troubling times. Experience what one newspaper recently described as a visceral poem. The film, with its blood pounding slam poetry, is being shown at Festivals world wide, was nominated for Best Documentary in South Africa s Everglades International Film Festival and won Best Human Rights Film Award at the Taos Mountain Festival.
The Company
Robert Altman Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco. Inside the complex world of dance, director Robert Altman delves deep into the private lives of the dancers as they struggle to cope with the endless demands of the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. 2003/color/112 min/PG-13/widescreen.
The Complete Uncensored Private Snafu
Treg Brown, Chuck Jones, Frank Tashlin, Friz Freleng, Robert Clampett Commissioned by the military during World War II, this collection of propaganda cartoons has not been seen in over fifty years. Created by the famed animators at Warner Bros. from 1943-1946 and voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc, this DVD presents all twenty-eight Private Snafu cartoons ever released.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
George Clooney George Clooney (OCEAN'S ELEVEN), Drew Barrymore (CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE), and Sam Rockwell (THE GREEN MILE), star in the comedy thriller that poses an irresistible question: What would happen if a wildly successful TV producer was also a top-secret CIA assassin? While a maverick creator of America's favorite game shows gains notoriety for his smash television hits, he is also drawn into a shadowy world of danger as a covert government operative! But soon his life begins to spiral out of control — both of them! Directed by George Clooney and based on Chuck Barris' cult-classic autobiography, with a script by Charlie Kaufman (ADAPTATION), this entertaining hit delivers comedy to keep you laughing . . . and intrigue to keep you guessing!
A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour
Mark Kotlinski A delicious film that celebrates some of Connecticut's unique hot dog stands.

Whether you like your hot dog steamed, grilled, or even deep-fried, Connecticut is a hot dog paradise that's sure to please.

A mouth-watering road trip that highlights some of the states distinctive hot dog stands, their house specialties, history, and local hot dog culture.
Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8
Jeremy Kagan
The Constant Gardener
Claire Simpson, Fernando Meirelles Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz. A suspense thriller adapted from the John Le Carr+ª novel in which a quiet British diplomat ends up in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy while searching for those responsible for his radical wife's untimely death. 2005/color/129 min/R.
After an astronomer discovers communication emanating from the star Vega, she leads an international team in deciphering it, and travels through space to contact the senders of the message.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: PG
Release Date: 3-FEB-2004
Media Type: DVD
Agnès Guillemot, Lila Lakshmanan, Jean-Luc Godard Jean-Luc Godard's subversive foray into commercial filmmaking is a star-studded Cinemascope epic. Contempt (Le M pris) stars Michel Piccoli as a screenwriter torn between the demands of a proud European director (played by legendary director Fritz Lang), a crude and arrogant American producer (Jack Palance), and his disillusioned wife, Camille (Brigitte Bardot) as he attempts to doctor the script for a new film version of The Odyssey.
Control Room
Jehane Noujaim Control room is a rate film that is both timely and timeless: timeless because it ecplores the ancient and complex relationship between the western and Arab worlds timely because it reveals how satellite television has changed the way wars are reported- from news providers driven by the patriotism of their audiences to army information officers driven by military objectives. Control room is a seminal documentary that explores how truth is gathered presented and ultimately created by those who deliver it.System Requirements: Running Time 86 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/MISC. Rating: NR UPC: 031398169321 Manufacturer No: 16932
Conversation(s) With Other Women
Hans Canosa At a New York City wedding reception, two guests, seemingly strangers, become entangled in a sexually-charged battle of wits. But as the night carries on in a cigarette smoke haze, the nameless couple's repartee deepens to reveal the passion of their two decades past love affair. Unfolding entirely in split-screen, director Hans Canosa's feature debut is an unconventional and poignant love story.
The Conversation
Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola's intense study of Harry Caul (Gene Hackman), a surveillance expert who tapes a conversation shared by a young couple in San Francisco's Union Square. As Caul comes to believe the recording may lead to their deaths, he begins to question his profession and his own sense of privacy. John Cazale, Allen Garfield, Frederic Forrest, Cindy Williams, Teri Garr, Harrison Ford, and Robert Duvall also star in this stunning Watergate Era effort. 113 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.
The Cooler
Wayne Kramer Gripping, funny, and erotic Las Vegas tale finds chronically unlucky schmo William H. Macy employed by treacherous casino head Alec Baldwin as a "cooler," spreading his bad luck to gamblers on winning streaks. Macy's bad fortunes change when he becomes involved with cocktail waitress Maria Bello, but his new winning ways put him at odds with the volatile Baldwin. With Shawn Hatosy, Paul Sorvino. 102 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, Spanish; audio commentary; documentary; storyboard comparison.
Cop Land
James Mangold After making a critically acclaimed debut with the low-budget independent drama Heavy, writer-director James Mangold took on this gritty crime drama, which was highly touted as Sylvester Stallone's long-awaited return to a serious dramatic role. With an illustrious cast of costars, including GoodFellas alumni Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, and Ray Liotta, Stallone plays Freddy Heflin, the ineffectual sheriff of a New Jersey suburb that a group of corrupt New York cops have turned into their own off-duty criminal empire. Deaf in one ear and desperate to prove his worth, the sheriff takes on the cops with standoffish assistance from an Internal Affairs cop (De Niro), resulting in an explosive climactic showdown. The stellar cast can't be beat, and Stallone is quite good as the overweight cop whose pride is on the line. Mangold's script is wildly uneven, but the film still packs a white-knuckled punch. —Jeff Shannon
Copying Beethoven
Agnieszka Holland When young Anna Holz (Diane Kruger), a Viennese music student is asked to transcribe scoring notes for the great Ludwig van Beethoven (Harris), she eagerly accepts, despite warnings about his volatile behavior. Part maestro, part mentor and part madman, Beethoven reluctantly relies on Anna to help him realize the culmination of his art.
Coraline (Single-Disc Edition)[Anaglyph 3D]
Henry Selick From KIDS FIRST!: Ever sometimes wish you had an “other-mother?” Well in the case of Coraline, she needs to be careful what she wishes for. This film feels like it is straight from Tim Burton’s reel, for it conveys the same kind of dark but whimsical world as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands; however this time it is Henry Selick to be credited. Coraline is a strong and confident girl who is well versed in magical tactics even before she moves to a very old house with her work-driven parents. In Coraline’s boredom, she finds a small door behind the wallpaper which leads to a charmingly dark parallel universe. Here she finds her “other-mother” and “other-father” who give Coraline everything she longs for in her own home. However, this other- world quickly loses its charm and becomes simply dark. Coraline must defeat her deceptive “other-mother” using her clever intellect and her newfound eclectic community. A particularly effective color score helps differentiate between Coraline’s real and parallel worlds as well as to subtly guide the viewer’s emotions. This film achieves effective subtleties in its animation, making the “real life” animation feel more life-like and the parallel universe animation feel more surreal. Though this film exhibits beautiful animation, it is consistently dark with quite a few scary sections. This film shows a dark world that a courageous little girl is able to navigate, a journey through which she realizes that her dull-colored world really wasn’t so bad. 100 min.; Ages 8-12.
The Corporation
Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott This DVD charts the specatcular rise of the corporation as a dramatic, pervasive presence in our everyday live. With a deft mix of humor, visual panache, and forthright seriousness, filmmakers Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan have fa
The Cotton Club
Francis Ford Coppola Where crime lords rub elbows with the rich and famous! Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 06/23/2009 Starring: Diane Lane Nicholas Cage Run time: 129 minutes Rating: R Director: Francis Ford Coppola
The Count of Monte Cristo
Kevin Reynolds Jim Caviezel (HIGH CRIMES) and Guy Pearce (THE TIME MACHINE) give sizzling performances in THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO — the greatest tale of betrayal, adventure, and revenge the world has ever known. When the dashing and guileless Edmond Dantes (Caviezel) is betrayed by his best friend (Pearce) and wrongly imprisoned, he becomes consumed by thoughts of vengeance. After a miraculous escape, he transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo, insinuates himself into the French nobility, and puts his cunning plan of revenge in action. This swashbuckling thriller will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last ounce of revenge is exacted.
The Cove
Louie Psihoyos In a sleepy lagoon off the coast of Japan, behind a wall of barbed wire and "Keep Out” signs, lies a shocking secret. It is here, under cover of night, that the fishermen of Taiji engage in an unseen hunt for thousands of dolphins. The nature of the work is so horrifying, a few desperate men will stop at nothing to keep it hidden from the world. But when an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers embark on a covert mission to penetrate the cove, they discover that the shocking atrocities they find there are just the tip of the iceberg.
Creature Comforts
Nick Park From the creators of the box office smash "Chicken Run" and "Wallace and Gromit" comes "Creature Comforts," an amazing collection of clay-animation shorts from world-famous Aardman Animations. It's a Zoo's-Who of fun! Clay animation animals comment on life at the zoological gardens in "Creature Comforts," winner of the 1990 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Then meet "Wat's Pig," the 1996 Oscar-nominated tale of knights and daze involving two brothers one raised in royal splendor, the other by a kindly pig. In the darkly hilarious "Not Without My Handbag," a dear, deceased Auntie makes the ultimate fashion statement she won't stay in Hell without a proper handbag. And lastly there's the story of "Adam" (1992 Oscar-nominee for Best Animated Short Film), a whimsical in-the-beginning tale about a little clay and a lot of imagination.
The Crime of Padre Amaro
A recently ordained priest is caught between the heavenly and the carnal, when he finds himself in an affair with a beautiful young woman. DVD special features inlcude a photo gallery, theatrical trailers, 5.1 Dolby Digital.
John C. Reilly, Diego Luna and Maggie Gyllenhaal navigate the con-or-be-conned world of the L.A. grift in a clever caper directed by Gregory Jacobs and produced by Jacobs, George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh. A $750,000 one-night score awaits Richard and Rodrigo if they can flimflam an antique-currency collector (Peter Mullan) - a ruse soon packed with more twists than a box of pretzels. For suspense, surprise and a wow ending, catch this Criminal!
Sebastián Cordero John Leguizamo stars as Manolo Bonilla, a tabloid TV reporter who traveled from Miami with his news crew on the trail of a story about a serial killer striking a small town in Ecuador. Convinced this story could be the ‘big one’ that makes him a network star, he is willing to bend the rules to get the facts. But the closer he gets to uncovering the truth, the more he finds his carefully planned story spinning dangerously out of control. Soon, Bonilla and his crew find themselves at the center of a frightening situation where even the best intentions can backfire.
Joe Berlinger Three years in the making, this cinéma-vérité feature from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Brother's Keeper, Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster) is the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet. An inside look at the infamous $27 billion "Amazon Chernobyl" case, Crude is a real-life high stakes legal drama set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures. Presenting a complex situation from multiple viewpoints, the film subverts the conventions of advocacy filmmaking as it examines a complicated situation from all angles while bringing an important story of environmental peril and human suffering into focus.
A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash
Ray McCormack, Basil Gelpke, Reto Caduff An unforgettable and shocking wake-up call, A CRUDE AWAKENING offers the rock-solid argument that the era of cheap oil is in the past. Relentless and clear-eyed, this intensively-researched film drills deep into the uncomfortable realities of a world that is both addicted to fossil fuels and blissfully unaware of the looming "peak oil" crisis. Drawing on an international cast of maverick energy experts and thinkers, directors Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack debunk the conventional wisdom that oil production will continue to climb, and instead stare bleakly at a planet facing economic meltdown and conflict over its most valuable resource. Featuring a haunting score by Phillip Glass and a fascinating array of rare archival footage, the film explores oil's rocky relationship with human progress in locales ranging from ancient Baku, Azerbaijan to dusty oilpatch town McCamey, Texas.

Amidst a dark and disturbing vision of our future, A CRUDE AWAKENING hints at a humbler way of life built around sustainability and alternative energy, providing a visually stunning, boldly prophetic testament which provokes not just thought but action.
Cry Freedom
Richard Attenborough Denzel Washington, Kevin Kline. Richard Attenborough directed this true story focusing on the relationship between South African activist Steve Biko and journalist Donald Woods. 1987/color/157 min/PG/widescreen.
Cry, The Beloved Country
Powerful and uplifting, CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY was widely hailed as one of the best films of the year! In a land torn by hatred and injustice, James Earl Jones (CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER) and Richard Harris (GLADIATOR, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO) are two fathers — one a man of peace, the other a man of power and privelege — whose lives seem destined for a violent collision. But instead, in the wake of a tragic killing, these extraordinary men form an unlikely union ... and together find the kind of understanding that could heal a nation! Based on the acclaimed novel, this electrifying motion picture will both entertain and inspire you!
CSA: The Confederate States of America
Kevin Willmott Find out what America would be like if the South won the Civil War. Presented as a mock documentary, through the use of fabricated movie segments and actual stock footage from our own history, comes a humorous and provocative story of a country, which, in
Curse of the Golden Flower
Long Cheng, Yimou Zhang "From the director of Hero and House of Flying Daggers comes the martial arts epic masterpiece whose savage beauty and exquisite elegance has mesmerized and captivated audiences around the world. Set in the lavish and breathtakingly colorful world hidden from the eyes of mere mortals behind the walls of the Forbidden City, a tale of a royal family divided against itself builds to a mythic climax as lines are crossed, trust is betrayed, and family blood is spilled in the quest for redemption and revenge. Starring Chow Yun Fat of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as the embattled Emperor and Gong Li of Memoirs of a Geisha as his poisoned Empress, Curse of the Golden Flower grants you entry into a dazzling and spectacular world of betrayal, vengeance and passion that will change the way you think of martial arts forever. "
Dali Dimension: Decoding the Mind of a Genius
Susi Marquès, Joan Ubeda, Eli Pons Multiple Award winning film delves into the psyche of the most important Surrealist artist who ever lived, Salvador Dali. Through a series of rare film clips and interviews with the artist, scientists (Einstein, Watson, Crick, Schrodinger)and Nobel Prize winners, The Dali Dimension explores the many inspirations, focusing on his vast knowledge of science of psychoanalysis, that resulted in Dali's unforgettable masterpieces. Narrated by Joe Nuzzolo.
Dancer in the Dark
Molly Stensgaard, Lars Von Trier Recording star bjork is miraculous as selma a factory worker in ruarl america and single mother who is losing her eyesight from a hereditary disease. Determined to protect her 10-year-old son from the same fate selma is saving her money to get him an operation. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 02/08/2005 Starring: Catherine Deneuve David Morse Run time: 141 minutes Rating: R Director: Lars Von Trier
The Dancer Upstairs
John Malkovich This taut political thriller set in Latin America marks John Malkovich's explosive directorial debut. Academy Award nominee Javier Bardem (Best Actor, 2000 - Before Night Falls) stars as legit policeman Agustin Rejas, who faces the greatest challenge of his career - to catch the leader of a terrorist movement threatening to collapse his government, while being stopped at every turn by his own corrupt superiors. As the fight becomes more ferocious, Rejas' search brings him ever closer to the guerrilla leader. But when, amidst the chaos, he falls in love with his daughter's ballet teacher (Laura Morante), Rejas must choose between his heart, his country, and his own well-being.
Mark Milgard This achingly beautiful story is about sudden catastrophe, hard-won redemption, and life-changing love. Arlis Howard and Mare Winningham star in this film with soundtrack by Doves, Cat Power, Sparklehorse, and Creeper Lagoon. Also included is the origin
Dangerous Liaisons
Mick Audsley, Stephen Frears Our Notes...comes in both widescrean and standard....very good shape, in the snap case....
Danny Deckchair
Jeff Balsmeyer An average guy uses gags and pranks to liven up his blue-collar life and accidentally ends up taking off in a deck chair strapped to giant helium-filled balloons while his friends watch helplessly from below. He starts a new life in the far-off town wher
The Dark Backward
Adam Rifkin Garbage man Marty tries his hand at standup comedy, failing miserably until a third arm mysteriously grows from his back. Gus, his accordion player friend, figures out a way to use the new arm and gets them signed with a sleazy talent agent. Just when success seems near, Marty's girlfriend leaves him - can the arm be far behind?
The Dark Crystal
Jim Henson, Frank Oz Enjoy incredible footage from the Henson archives in The Dark Crystal. Travel back in time to the faraway planet of Thra. Cheer on the Mystics as they fight to overthrow the evil Skeksis and take back control of their planet! When Jen, a member of the Gelfling tribe, sets out to find the crystal's missing shard, his dangerous journey brings him face to face with monsters at every turn. Determined to restore peace to their planet, Jen will not back down! From the brilliant imagination of Jim Henson, this masterpiece of animation recounts the timeless tale of good vs. evil and has become a cult favorite of children and grown-ups alike!
Dark Passage
Delmer Daves Bogey's on the lam and Bacall's at his side in Dark Passage, Delmer Daves' stylish film-noir thriller that's the third of four films Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made together. Bogart is Vincent Parry, a prison escapee framed for murder who emerges from plastic surgery with a new face. Bacall is Irene Jansen, Vincent's lone ally. In a supporting role, Agnes Moorehead portrays Madge, a venomous harpy who finds pleasure in the unhappiness of others. The chemistry of the leads is undeniable, and they augment it here with exceptional tenderness. Exceptional, too, are the atmospheric San Francisco locations and the imaginative camera work that shows Vincent's point of view - but not his face - until the bandages are removed. Lest Irene get ideas, the post-surgery Vincent tells her: "Don't change yours. I like it just as it is." So do we. - 1947
Dark Star
Dan O'Bannon, John Carpenter DARK STAR was originally intended to be a 68 minute film. Jack Harris, the Hollywood producer, convinced the filmmakers to shoot 15 minutes of extra footage and he released the expanded version theatrically in 1975 through Bryanston Pictures. In 1983, DARK STAR was re- issued to home video as a "Special Edition," created under the supervision and authorization of the filmmakers. This special version, featuring a new technically superior video transfer, had been edited by the filmmakers though, virtually removing all the extra footage. Now, once again for all DARK STAR purest, here is the full length theatrical release version, painstakingly restored, and sporting a new Dolby Digital Hi-Fi stereo sound track. Enjoy! In the mid twenty-first century, mankind has reached a point in its technological advances to enable colonization of the far reaches of the universe. DARK STAR is a futuristic scout ship traveling far in advance of colony ships. Armed with Exponential Thermosteller Bombs, it prowls the unstable planets. But there is one obstacle that its crew members did not count on — one of the ship's thinking and talking bombs is lodged in the bay, threatening to destroy the entire ship and crew! Bonus Features: Contains 2 Versions: Longer Theatrical & Original Shorter Version| Trailer| Scene Selection| Actor Bios| Remixed 5.1 Track. Specs: DVD5; Dolby Digital 5.1; 83 minutes; Color; 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; MPAA - G; Year - 1974; SRP - $9.99.
Dark Water
Hideo Nakata No one loses their mind instantly – Sanity seeps away one drop at a time. Yoshimi simply wanted a better life – for both herself and her daughter Ikuko. Unfortunately, such wishes may sometimes be hard to come by. The custody battle has grown embittered and hurtful, her new job is less than desirable, and Ikuko’s schoolwork has taken a turn for the worse. But, Yoshimi has something bigger to worry about. Something upstairs. Something cold and dank. Something that should have never been.
Dark Water Rising: Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues
Mike Shiley Over 50,000 dogs and cats were left behind in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as FEMA required that all animals be left behind in the mandatory evacuation. This forced separation created America's first-ever major animal rescue. A dedicated and compassionate group of volunteer rescuers and animal welfare groups from around the world risked their lives to sledgehammer down doors and brave toxic floodwaters in a truly heroic effort to save nearly 10,000 animals. This film tells many uplifting stories of hope and survival as animal companions (pets) are reunited with their owners while other lucky animals find loving new homes. Dark Water Rising is a film about hope and survival in the face of the one of the worst natural disasters in American history. A powerful film of bravery and compassion that will touch your heart. Elliot M. Katz, DVM, Founder and President, In Defense of Animals
Darwin's Nightmare
Hubert Sauper Forty years ago, a voracious predator was introduced into the waters of Tanzania's Lake Victoria where it quickly extinguished the entire stock of native fish. Its ecological impact aside, the Nile Perch became highly prized for its tender, plump fillets, hardly meeting the demand at elegant 4-star European restaurants. Huge, empty foreign cargo planes land to export the lake's gourmet bounty, taking out 55 tons of processed fish daily. In their wake, they leave starving villagers to scrounge a meal out of the discarded fish heads and rotting carcasses. With massive epidemics, raging civil wars, crime, homelessness, and drug-addicted children, the question becomes: what do the reportedly "empty" planes deliver to this destitute community? The answer is as shocking as it is devastating, and Darwin's Nightmare becomes a nightmare for all mankind.
Ivan Reitman Just who runs this country anyway? For comedy fans, the answer is - Dave. Kevin Kline (A Fish Called Wanda, In & Out) and Sigourney Weaver (Working Girl, Ghostbusters) star in this box-office winner about an uncanny Presidential lookalike named Dave, who's recruited by the Secret Service to become a momentary stand-in for the President of the United States. However, things don't turn out exactly as planned and Dave finds himself continuing his masquerade as Chief Executive indefinitely. Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters and 6 Days, 7 Nights) directs and supporting players Frank Langella, Ving Rhames, Ben Kingsley and Charles Grodin supply more reasons to stand up and cheer. Many real-life Washington politicos and pundits join the fun as Dave uses ordinary-guy savvy to deal with the extraordinary responsibilities of the Oval Office.
David Broza: Massada Live
At the landmark historic site of Massada, David Broza, Israeli and international musical star, held a historic one-time live performance. Fourteen songs that sparkled that night are joined by a bonus clip of a 2005 interview with Broza.
David Lynch's Inland Empire
David Lynch A magikael, fairy dusted ride through the darkest realms of our collective imaginations. Terrifying!
The Day After
Robert Florio, William Paul Dornisch, Nicholas Meyer The countdown has begun! Against the real-life backdrop of the U.S. deployment of WMDs in Europe during the escalating Cold War, this "dramatically involving [and] agonizingly graphic film" (The Hollywood Reporter) about nuclear holocaust detonated a direct hit into the heartland of America.Starring Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams, Steven Guttenberg, John Cullum and John Lithgow, this "controversial, potent drama" (Leonard Maltin) remains "one of the most talked-about programs in history"(Newsweek)! When Cold War tensions reach the ultimate boiling point, the inhabitants of a small town in Kansas learn along with the rest of America that they have fewer than 30 minutes before 300 Soviet warheads begin to appear overhead! Can anyone survive this ultimate nightmare...or the nuclear winter that is sure to follow?
The Day of the Jackal
Based on Frederick Forsyth's best-selling novel of political intrigue, The Day of the Jackal, tells of a cold, suave British assassin hired by the French OAS to kill General Charles de Gaulle. Nameless and faceless, the killer, known by the code name of Jackal (Edward Fox), relentlessly moves toward the date with death that would rock the world. The tension mounts as the methodical preparations of the Jackal are paralleled with the efforts of the police to uncover the plot, which gives the story non-stop, edge-of-your-seat suspense.
Days and Clouds
Silvio Soldini Well-to-do, sophisticated couple, Elsa and Michele, have a 20 year-old daughter, Alice, and enough money for Elsa to leave her job and fulfill an old dream of studying art history. After she graduates, however, their lives change. Michele confesses he hasn't worked in two months and was fired by the company he founded years ago. Elsa overcomes her initial shock by pouring extra energy into facing the crisis, while Michele, exhausted by an unsuccessful job hunt, lets himself go, alternating between vivacity and apathy. The growing distance between them eventually leads to a break-up. Only when they part will they realize that they risk losing their most precious possession: the love that binds them.

WINNER Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, 2008 David di Donatello Awards (Italian Academy Awards) - 15 Nominations total
WINNER Best Actress, Moscow Intl Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION Toronto Intl Film Festival, Seattle Intl Film Festival, London Film Festival, Rome Film Festival, Newport Intl Film Festival, Munich Film Festival, Open Roads: New Italian Cinema (Film Society of Lincoln Center, NY)
Days Of Glory
Dead and Breakfast
Matthew Leutwyler Six friends on their way to a wedding in Galveston, TX stop for the night at a quaint bed and breakfast in the sleepy town of Lovelock. But after a night that ends with both the inn’s owner and his chef dead, the gang finds themselves under suspicion by the local sheriff. The mystery quickly unravels when the already bizarre residents of the town become possessed by an evil spirit and pin the friends down at the b&b. Armed with a rusty chainsaw, a can of gasoline and a half box of shotgun shells, they must barricade the house and fight for their lives.
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Carl Reiner Steve Martin, Rachel Ward. This satire of 1940s film noir uses clips from classic films to tell the story of an inept private eye coming to the aid of a beautiful heiress. Directed by Carl Reiner. 1982/b&w/91 min/PG/widescreen.
Deadly Friend
Michael Eliot, Wes Craven A terrifying tale about a lonely teenage genius whose overwhelming love for a young girl compels him to use all of his scientific knowledge to keep her with him.
Deadwood: The Complete First Season
(HBO Dramatic Series) 1876. In the Black Hills of South Dakota lies Deadwood, a lawless town inhabited by a mob of restless misfits ranging from an ex-lawman to a scheming saloon owner to the legendary Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. The richest gold strike in American history provides the backdrop for HBO's next great drama.
Dear Frankie
Shona Auerbach This touching and humorous movie has earned the raves of critics and won the hearts of audiences everywhere! To spare the feelings of her fatherless boy, Lizzie (Emily Mortimer -Disney's The Kid ) secretly authors letters from his "father" that detail seafaring adventures from around the world. But she cannot maintain this illusion forever. Torn between exposing the truth and protecting her son, Lizzie gets more than anyone bargained for when she hires a handsome stranger (Gerard Butler -The Phantom Of The Opera, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life ) to play the role of a lifetime! Winner at both the Heartland Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival, this entertaining motion picture is sure to touch your heart!

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

This product is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.
Death of a Cyclist
Juan Antonio Bardem Upper-class geometry professor Juan and his wealthy married mistress Maria José, driving back from a late-night rendezvous, accidentally hit a cyclist, and run. The resulting, exquisitely shot tale of guilt, infidelity, and blackmail reveals the wide gap between the rich and the poor in Spain, and surveys the corrupt ethics of a society seduced by decadence. Juan Antonio Bardem s charged melodrama Death of a Cyclist (Muerte de un ciclista) was a direct attack on 1950s Spanish society under Franco s rule. Though it was ultimately affected by the dictates of censorship, the film s sting could never be dulled.


New, restored high-definition digital transfer

Calle Bardem (2005), a documentary on the revolutionary life and career of director Juan Antonio Bardem

Theatrical trailer

New and improved English subtitle translation

PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by scholar Marsha Kinder and a 1955 essay by Bardem on Spanish cinema
Death of a President
Gabriel Range Winner of the International Critics' Award at the Toronto Film Festival, DEATH OF A PRESIDENT is conceived as a fictional TV documentary broadcast in 2008, reflecting on a monstrous and cataclysmic event: the assassination of President George W. Bush on October 19th, 2007. The "documentary" artfully combines archival footage and carefully composed interviews presented in a respectful and dignified manner. The film doesn't advocate violence; rather, it shows its pernicious effects. It is exciting and questioning, and it offers viewers a riveting story — creating a provocative political thriller that reveals larger truths.
Death on the Nile
John Guillermin Peter Ustinov makes his debut as Agatha Christie's brilliant Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, in this lavish and star-studded follow-up to MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

As Poirot enjoys a luxurious cruise down the Nile, a newlywed heiress is found murdered on board and every elegant passenger becomes a prime suspect. Can Poirot identify the killer and motive before the ship of clues reaches the end of its murderous journey?

Bette Davis, David Niven, Angela Lansbury, Maggie Smith, Mia Farrow, George Kennedy, Olivia Hussey, Simon MacCorkindale, Jane Birkin, Jack Warden, and Lois Chiles co-star in this sumptuous Oscar-winning classic, adapted by Anthony Shaffer (SLEUTH) and filmed on location throughout exotic Egypt.
Death Wish
In this explosive story of revenge and urban violence, Charles Bronson plays Paul Kersey, a bleeding-heart liberal who has a change of opinion after his wide and daughter are violently attacked by a gang of thugs in their apartment. His daughter is raped, and his wife is raped and murdered. Bronson then turns vigilante as he stalks the mean streets of New York on the prowl for muggers, hoodlums and the like. Death Wish is a violent, controversial film that is frank and original in its treatment of urban crime and the average citizen's helplessness in dealing with it. Herbie Hancock wrote the musical score. And watch for a young Jeff Goldblum in his film debut as one of the thugs.
DEBS movie DVD
The Deep End
Still waters run deadly in this gripping suspense thriller starring the "magnificent" (The New York Times) Tilda Swinton and E.R.'s Goran Visnjic. Immersed in the tradition of Hitchcock's best twists and turns, The Deep End "holds its suspense to the very last drop" (The Toronto Star) as it plumbs the depths to which even the most outwardly decent people will sink in the name of love.
Deep Water
Jerry Rothwell, Louise Osmond DEEP WATER is the stunning true story of the fateful voyage of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur yachtsman who enters the most daring nautical challenge ever – the very first solo, non-stop, round-the-world boat race.
The Deer Hunter
Peter Zinner, Michael Cimino Cimino's epic film about friendship chronicles the lives of three steelworkers and their friends who lives are irrevocably changed by a tour of duty in Vietnam. The film is renowned for the Russian roulette scenes.
Deliver Us from Evil
Amy Berg The true story of the most notorious pedophile priest in the modern history of the Catholic church.
Demon Warriors
Thanakorn Pongsuwan A detective commits suicide in order to enter the spiritual realm between life and death. His purpose to gain supernatural powers to combat and defeat a gang of demons controlled by an overlord named Sadok. However, with each battle, he must sacrifice one of his five mortal senses. Immortality requires payment of the utmost cost.
Deranged / Motel Hell
Alan Ormsby, Jeff Gillen, Kevin Connor Deranged: Ezra's good at making friends... into home furnishings! Based on the same terrifying story that inspired Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of the Lambs, this hauntingly scary film chronicles the grisly exploits of a rural necrophiliac and murderer! Brace yourself for a "solid horror story" (Variety) that's guaranteed to make you bite your nails... because if you don't, Ezra will!

Motel Hell: You really are what you eat with Farmer Vincent's smoked meat in this creepy horror yarn that "packs a punch and goes way beyond mere terror" (Box Office)! Vincent's popular products contain a special ingredient that the psychotic farmer and his sister would literally kill to keep secret in this darkly funny flick that "just might be your cup of meat" (L.A. Herald Examiner).
The Desert of Forbidden Art
Tchavdar Georgiev, Amanda Pope The Desert of Forbidden Art tells the incredible story of how a treasure trove of banned Soviet art worth millions of dollars was found in the desert of Uzbekistan.

During the reign of the Soviet Union, a small group of artists remain true to their vision despite threats of torture, imprisonment and death. Their plight inspires a young archeologist (and frustrated painter) Igor Savitsky. Pretending to buy State-approved art, Stavisky instead daringly rescues 40,000 forbidden fellow artist's works and creates a museum in the desert of Uzbekistan, far from the watchful eyes of the KGB. Though a penniless artist himself, he cajoles the cash to pay for the art from the same authorities who are banning it. He amasses an eclectic mix of Russian Avant-Garde art. But his greatest discovery is an unknown school of artists who settle in Uzbekistan after the Russian revolution of 1917, encountering a unique Islamic culture, as exotic to them as Tahiti was for Gauguin. They develop a startlingly original style, fusing European modernism with centuries-old Eastern traditions.

Ben Kingsley, Sally Field and Ed Asner voice the diaries and letters of Savitsky and the artists. Intercut with recollections of the artists' children and rare archival footage, the film takes us on a dramatic journey of sacrifice for the sake of creative freedom. Described as one of the most remarkable collections of 20th century Russian art and located in one of the world's poorest regions, today these priceless paintings are a lucrative target for Islamic fundamentalists, corrupt bureaucrats and art profiteers. The collection is as endangered as when Savitsky first created it, posing the question whose responsibility is it to preserve this cultural treasure.

Winner of many film festival awards. Official Selection PBS Independent Lens. Critic's Pick New York Magazine. Rave reviews in New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and NPR.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Based on the classic novel by Vladimir Nabokov with screenplay adaptation by Tom Stoppard. In early 1930s Germany, against the backdrop of the Nazis' rise to power, Hermann Hermann (Dirk Bogard), a Russian emigrant and successful chocolate magnate, starts experiencing mental breakdowns. He soon meets Felix, an unemployed laborer, who Hermann believes to be his doppelganger. He hatches up an elaborate plot, which he believes will free him of all his worries and nightmares. Cinematography by legendary DP, Michael Ballhaus (Goodfellas). Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Berlin Alexanderplatz).
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Tyler Hubby, Jeff Feuerzeig Documentary about indie musician Daniel Johnston. Johnston, who has had to struggle for most of his adult life with severe mental illness, began recording his life on tape and video as a young teen, creating a personal archive of his own thoughts, as well as his conversations with others. Given complete access to these tapes, director Jeff Feuerzeig has assembled a comprehensive, compassionate, yet disturbing portrait of a fascinating individual. The opening credits display these disturbing words by Johnston: "There is a devil, and he knows my name."
The Devil's Backbone
Guillermo del Toro From "Chronos" director Guillermo del Toro comes a haunting ghost story set in a Spanish orphanage that houses children of left-wing families during the final days of the Civil War. As a huge, unexploded bomb rests in the school's courtyard, Carlos, the young son of a dead war hero, is visited by the spectre of one of the orphanage's late residents, who tries to warn him of impending doom. Federico Luppi, Eduardo Noriega and Marisa Paredes star; co-produced by Pedro Almodovar. 108 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English; audio commentary by Del Toro; deleted scenes; "making of" documentary; storyboards; theatrical trailers. In Spanish with English subtitles.
John Cregan A racy, brand-new teen comedy that mixes equal parts American Pie with Lord of the Flies. An escalating battle of wits between jocks and geeks threatens to keep a group of high school students stranded indefinitely after a class whale watching trip leaves them shipwrecked off the Mexican Coast.
Die Hard
John McTiernan Die Hard is the movie franchise that made a movie star out of TV star Bruce Willis, and created an entire action-movie genre of its own. In the original 1988 film, Willis plays wisecracking New York cop John McClane, who arrives at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles to meet up with his estranged wife, Holly (Bonny Bedelia), at her office Christmas party. As luck would have it, the company ends up in the middle of a terrorist plot led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and his gang of expert killers, and with little help coming from outside, McClane has to pick off his enemies one by one. Thus was born the "Die Hard genre", epitomized by such films as Under Siege (" Die Hard on a ship"), Passenger 57 ("Die Hard on a plane" ), Speed ("Die Hard on a bus"), and Cliffhanger ("Die Hard on a mountain"). But few measure up to the explosive brilliance of Die Hard. Director John McTiernan develops the action at a fast and furious pace, culminating in some fantastic set-pieces on the top of the building, in the elevator shaft, and in the building's outer plaza. Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza's script, based on Roderick Thorp's novel Nothing Lasts Forever, is smart, funny, and full of memorable lines (among them "Welcome to the party, pal!" and of course "Yippee ki-ay, motherf*****"), and the cast is perfection, especially Rickman as the cunningly evil villain, and Willis, whose McClane character—bloodied, beaten, bruised, and barely breathing, as he battles both bad guys and bureaucrats—is someone audiences could genuinely cheer for. —David Horiuchi
Barry Levinson The film that launched successful careers for Kevin Bacon, Ellen Barkin, Paul Reiser, Mickey Rourke and more! It's a lively, poignant tale of friends trying to recapture their lost innocence in 1959 Baltimore.
Dinner For Five - Season 1
Chris Donovan "...not just informative and entertaining, but also pleasantly authentic and intimate in the current publicist-controlled era." -Elle Magazine

"It's free-flowing and uncensored, sometimes vulgar, sometimes deep, sometimes just plain silly - like a real dinner party, because it is a real dinner party." -The Philadelphia Inquirer

"It's funny, original and refreshing, this series with candid roundtable discussions and good grub. Between bites, Jon Favreau's dinner guests tell what goes on behind the scenes in filmmaking and television production . . . It's as uncanny as it is unscripted . . . Even if you can't dine and converse with them - the camera direction makes you feel you re part of the conversation. The dinner talk often involves meaty issues concerning the entertainment industry and offers a look at life beyond the red carpet." -Hollywood Reporter

Jon Favreau sits down with a variety of personalities from film, television, music and comedy, for a frank discussion of the acting industry, the movie business in general, and of celebrity, in particular. DVD extras include: Option to view enhanced commentary, Never before seen segments, Outtakes, Guest biographies

WITH APPEARANCES BY: Joey Lauren Adams, Sean Astin, Jennifer Beals, Peter Berg, Saffron Burrows, Sean Combs, David Cross, Andy Dick, Illeana Douglas, Peter Falk, Adam Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Seth Green, Daryl Hannah, Bonnie Hunt, Kevin James, Famke Janssen, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Juliette Lewis, Ron Livingston, Faizon Love, Marilyn Manson, Cheri Oteri, Vincent Pastore, Martha Plimpton, Kevin Pollak, Michael Rapaport, Ray Romano, Garry Shandling, Sarah Silverman, Christian Slater, Rod Steiger, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Vince Vaughn, Fred Willard and Dwight Yoakam.
Dinosaurs Alive!
Stephen L. Johnson, Bayley Silleck, David Clark Uncover the mysteries buried beneath our feet!

Join the world's preeminent paleontologists in this eye-popping IMAX adventure as they uncover some of history's most astonishing dinosaur finds. Travel across the exotic dunes of the Gobi Desert and along the sandstone buttes of New Mexico as scientists make brand-new discoveries about dinosaur behavior, their environments and find what could be the oldest dinosaur ever unearthed in North America. With stunningly realistic and scientifically accurate CGI, you'll see these amazing creatures come alive... in a big way! Narrated by Michael Douglas
Dirty Harry
Set in San Francisco in 1971, Dirty Harry is the gritty and suspenseful film that follows the story of Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood), who earns the moniker ‘Dirty Harry’ for his reputation of handling the dirtiest homicidal cases. The City by the Bay faces the terror of a serial killer known as Scorpio (Andrew Robinson), who viciously snipes at innocent victims and demands ransom through notes left at the scene of the crime. Callahan is assigned to the case along with his newest partner, Inspector Chico Gonzalez (Reni Santoni) to track down Scorpio and stop him. Using humiliation along with cat and mouse type games against Callahan, Scorpio is put to the test by the cop with the very dirty attitude. Special Features • New Commentary by Richard Schickel — Filmmaker and Eastwood biographer Schickel examines the landmark film that revolutionized cinematic crime drama for all time. • New Featurette The Long Shadow of Dirty Harry — An examination of the influence and legacy of Dirty Harry. • Featurette Dirty Harry: The Original — Clint Eastwood and the film’s creators look back at the birth of the modern action hero: Dirty Harry. • Featurette Dirty Harry’s Way — A promotional short on the movie Dirty Harry focusing on the toughness of the movies’ main characters. • Interview Gallery — Includes interviews with Patricia Clarkson, Joel Cox, Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, Evan Kim, John Milius, Ted Post, Andy Robinson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Urich. • 1993 TV Special Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso — A look at the life and career of actor/director Clint Eastwood, including scenes from his past film and television work and interviews with friends, fellow actors and crew members who have worked with him over the years. • Trailer Gallery
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Frank Oz A connoisseur of conning, Lawrence Jamison is running the ultimate royal scam on the Riviera—he's posing as a deposed prince raising funds for the freedom fighters of his stricken homeland. But his "hustling highness" gets royally flushed when a pretender to his throne turns up. He's Freddy Benson, a small-time scam artist who has enough on Jamison to make a mess of the monarchy. So the rivals make a wager—the first to extract $50,000 from the next woman they see, wins. And the loser goes into exile.
Brian Liu, Mary Wareham Evocative, visually stunning, and utterly unforgettable, DISARM spans a dozen countries to look at how, despite a global ban, millions of antipersonnel mines continue to claim victims daily in countries around the world. Co-directed by Mary Wareham, a leader of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), and photojournalist Brian Liu, DISARM features striking footage smuggled out of the isolated nation of Burma, scenes from a war-ravaged community in Colombia, footage from minefields in Iraq, and exclusive scenes shot by Afghan and Bosnian deminers. Defined as a conventional weapon, antipersonnel mines inflict destruction upon civilian populations for decades after the initial conflict has ended. Despite thousands of casualties a year, mines continue to be used and stockpiled by governments and rebel groups. DISARM juxtaposes government and public opinion, that of outspoken Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, diplomats, mine victims, deminers, soldiers, and aid workers, to explore the issues that both hinder and further the case against antipersonnel mines.
The Dish
Rob Sitch The Dish, a good-natured and effortlessly funny Australian drama-comedy directed by Rob Sitch (The Castle), is filled with warm-hearted characters and has a factual hook that's irresistibly inspiring. This cumulative goodwill springs forth from the rural town of Parkes in New South Wales, where a 1,000-ton radio observatory dish is recruited to relay telemetry, voice, and television signals from the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. To make sure the dish delivers Neil Armstrong's "giant leap for mankind" to 600 million eager viewers, site director Cliff Buxton (Sam Neill, at his gentle best) relies on a three-man crew consisting of an American NASA watchdog (Patrick Warburton, resembling a bearish Clark Kent), a sarcastic engineer (Kevin Harrington), and a lovestruck math whiz (Tom Long) who's pining for the sister of the dish's rather dimly overzealous security guard (Taylor Kane). Numerous other supporting characters add color to the proceedings, and crises arise (albeit briefly) when power outage, signal loss, and windstorms threaten to spoil Parkes's proudest hour. It all rates a bit high on the cuteness meter, but The Dish is so smoothly amusing that you won't object to its eagerness to please. By focusing on the Aussie locals, the film reminds us that the moon landing was an occasion of global unity, and pride in all humanity is reflected in the wondrous smiles of Cliff, his crew, and the citizens of Parkes. That they played such a small but pivotal role in this historical milestone is just one of many joys to be discovered in this delightful little movie. —Jeff Shannon
Disneyland Dream
Robbins Barstow The true-life story of a 1956 trip to Disneyland, California, by the Barstow family from Wethersfield, Connecticut, as winners in a nationwide contest by "Scotch" Brand Cellophane Tape. Filmed, edited, and narrated by Robbins Barstow, with his wife Margaret and their three children Mary, David, and Daniel. In December 2008 the 30-minute "Disneyland Dream" was named to the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. This DVD includes an added, 20-minute Special Feature on "The Making of Disneyland Dream," with family recollections 53 years later.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
District B13
Pierre Morel In this action-packed film set in the ghettos of Paris in 2010, an undercover cop and ex-thug try to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a neutron bomb.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Julian Schnabel From Miramax Films and the writer of The Pianist comes one of the most honored and acclaimed motion pictures of 2007. Nominated for 4 Academy Awardsr, this remarkable true story about the power of imagination is a stirring testament to the irrepressible human spirit. Starring an internationally acclaimed cast led by screen legend Max von Sydow, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a must own for any film enthusiast.
Do It Again
Dog Day Afternoon
Sidney Lumet Al Pacino turns in a tour-de-force performance as a family man who plans a Brooklyn bank robbery to pay for his gay lover's sex-change operation. The heist goes horribly awry, landing Pacino at the head of a highly publicized hostage situation that makes him an unlikely media hero. Sidney Lumet's riveting drama, based on actual events, also stars Charles Durning, John Cazale, Chris Sarandon. 124 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital mono, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish.
Dog Soldiers
Neil Marshall This lean, efficient horror flick stands well above most bloated blockbusters. Dog Soldiers follows a military squad on a training mission in the Scottish wilds, where they run into a pack of werewolves. There's nothing fancy about the plot—the soldiers hole up in a farmhouse and desperately try to fend off the werewolves until dawn—but the script is full of smart dialogue and clever ideas, the direction is dynamic, and the performances (from Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee, Emma Cleasby, and Liam Cunningham, among a solid cast of relative unknowns) are strong and committed throughout. Dog Soldiers pays homage to Night of the Living Dead, Aliens, and The Evil Dead, among other films, but the references are woven into the fabric of the movie. An unpretentious, tension-inducing flick like this is a pleasant reminder that even crude special effects can be more evocative than expensive computer flashiness. —Bret Fetzer
A Dog Year
George LaVoo Based on the 2003 memoir by best-selling author Jon Katz, A Dog Year tells the story of a 50-something writer (Oscar® winner Jeff Bridges) in mid-existential crisis, who impulsively agrees to adopt a high-strung border collie named Devon. At first, the dog wreaks chaos on a suburban household Jon shares with two older, mellower Labs. But as Jon learns to let go of the hostility in his own personality, he finds his ability to train and communicate with Devon much easier. Ultimately, the experience transforms both man and dog in meaningful, unexpected ways.
A Dog's Breakfast
David Hewlett Interview with the director of A Dog's Breakfast, David Hewlett

Tell us about your background and how it prepared you for the making of this film.

I have been making films from the other side of the camera (as an actor) since I was 14. My friends and I used to spend our entire summer vacations causing chaos running around Toronto, Canada armed with an 8mm Cine film camera making short films. They were entirely self-funded and we would beg, borrow or steal equipment, locations and post-production time to get them finished. They were the best "vacations" I ever had. Those experiences were the reason I became a professional actor. Being on Stargate Atlantis has afforded me the time and the money to try to relive those fantastic experiences. This time with me at the helm!

What or who was your inspiration for writing and directing "A Dog's Breakfast"?

My biggest influences for the script were "A Fish Called Wanda", "Fawlty Towers" and the original "Pink Panther". In order to stand out and get noticed, many first time filmmakers go to extreme lengths to be dark, twisted and edgy. Rather than trying to shock people into taking notice of my work, I just wanted to make people laugh. I wanted it to be enjoyably silly. I really liked the idea of all the different aged members of a family being able to sit together and share a giggle. Making those early short films with my friends was the biggest inspiration. But, I also read a lot of books and watched a lot of DVDs in preparation for "A Dog's Breakfast". "Garden State" was a fantastic first film by another actor-turned-director (Zach Braff) that really inspired us to get on with making our own movie. Robert Rodriguez was another huge inspiration. Here is someone who just went out there and made a movie, all on his own. His book "Rebel Without A Crew" is like a road-map to your first film and made it sound so do-able. He had to sell himself for medical research to get the money to fund his work. I just have to save the universe, on Stargate Atlantis. I didn't think we had any excuse not to spend our hiatus making "A Dog's Breakfast".

Is this the first project in which you've starred and directed? How was that experience?

This was the first time I'd ever done two of the three jobs I ended up with on "A Dog's Breakfast"! Directing was completely new to me and it was the skill-set I was most worried about. I have done a fair amount of writing over the years, but this was the first complete script to make it to camera. And then on top of that the fact that I'm actually acting in just about every scene as well — I don't know what I was thinking! Well, actually I do. It was two less people to feed and schedule around! I would definitely re-think trying to do them all simultaneously again. I kept forgetting to call 'action' or remembered and then forgot my lines, I was a mess! That said, once I got into the swing of it, writing and directing was a dream come true! I was finally able to take part in every aspect of filmmaking. I'd been privy to aspects of it over the years, but seeing a film through from conception to release and even dabbling in the marketing side of things was incredible. I can't wait to do it again! I'm half way through the script for the next project which I'm hoping to have someone else pay for this time! Over 20 years later and I'm still making films during my holidays, and they're still the best "vacations" I could wish for!

You chose to cast several cast mates from Stargate:Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 in your film (your sister Kate, Paul McGillion, Christopher Judge, Rachel Luttrell). What prompted the decision and were you worried it may mislead people about the content of the film (thinking it was sci-fi or associated with Stargate)?

I just worked with my friends and family, it's always worked for me in the past. I know how tough it can be for first time directors and I wanted to surround myself with top-notch and supportive talent. I'd be crazy not to take advantage of those connections! One of the reasons we chose to make Ryan a "sci-fi" actor was to be able to give a little nod to the Stargate fans with his "Starcrossed" clips. So far "A Dog's Breakfast" hasn't been mistaken for a sci-fi movie, so I think we're good, there. The reality is that I knew Stargate audiences were going to be interested in the project so I tried to make a humorous film that would appeal to them. But people outside of the sci-fi world are also enjoying this movie, and it's certainly not exclusively for Stargate fans. If you own a dog you're going to like this as you're in what I call our "Pet-Nerd" audience. That said, the film (and even more so the DVD) certainly has a few giggles that will appeal to those "in the know".

What about the DVD: will there be any extras that you can tell us about?

I can't wait to see the response to the DVD! We've complied a ton of extras that adds a whole new level to the film. We've got a number of "deleted scenes" that are really funny, but just had to go in order keep the running time down. I really miss them, and I'm so glad that now they'll see the light of day. The big seller to me is what Jane has done with the Behind-the-Scenes. Jane Loughman is "A Dog's Breakfast" producer and her background was producing at E! and for Entertaiment Tonight. She's used all those skills to put together a series of mini-documentaries that are so much fun! One of the things that I hate on many DVD's are these repurposed marketing pieces that are dumped on the DVD. You end up having to watch half the film again! We set out from the beginning to have these designed specifically for the DVD and it really shows. This is the kind of DVD that I would buy for the extras!

What do you want your audience to get out of this movie?

I love to make people laugh. I suppose it's the product of being the eldest and only boy in a family of 5 sisters, I'm just desperate for that kind of attention! I made this movie as pure silly entertainment. I wanted to make a new, old-fashioned comedy and I really hope that's how people see it. One of the most rewarding things that happens with "A Dog's Breakfast" is people like it enough to want to quote my own film back to me! That's the kind of response I like to see, because that's how I am about the movies I love.

The big climax, how did you film that?

Very carefully! Jane is such a stickler for detail and she made me re-write that ending section a number of times. She was adamant that there be no "cheats" — no holes where people could question the timeline and people's motives. When it came to actually shooting it, I was so strapped for time. As it turned out the necessity to jump around with the shots in order to preserve make-up and costumes etc. made it a lot more dynamic than it would have been had I been given all the time I needed. I just wanted a nice spooky reveal that was "tainted" by Patrick's confused and paranoid state-of-mind. I like to think of it as my David Lynch "Murder She Wrote" episode.

What are your favorite movies? What DVDs do you have on your shelf at home?

Wow! There are loads, but here are a few faves, off the top of my head... "A Fish Called Wanda" "Withnail and I" Blake Edward's "The Pink Panther", "A Shot in the Dark" Robert Rodriguez's "El Mariachi", "Desperado", "Sin City" The "Evil Dead" trilogy "Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior" "Garden State" Anything with Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd or Charlie Chaplin in it! "Arsenic and Old Lace" "Sid and Nancy" "Fitzcarraldo" "Blade Runner" Danny Boyle's "Shallow Grave", "28 days later", "Trainspotting", "Millions" "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Steven Soderbergh's "Out of Sight", "Solaris"... and just about anything he gets up to!
Dogtown and Z-Boys
In the early 1970s, a group of young surfers from a tough neighborhood south of Santa Monica took up skateboards and offhandedly changed the world. At least it appears so after watching Dogtown and Z-Boys, a documentary about how twelve "Z-Boys" (including one girl) resuscitated a dead sport and created a lifestyle that spread infectiously to become a worldwide counterculture phenomenon, namely high-flying "vert" (i.e. vertical) skateboarding and punk rock abandon. Director Stacy Peralta, one of the original Z-Boys, and Craig Steyck, the photographer whose publicity first made them famous, would have you believe that with empty pools as their springboard, the clan single-handedly carved a niche that grew into what is now referred to as "extreme sports" (snowboarding seems particularly implicated). Degrees of accuracy aside, the hoard of original footage Peralta and Steyck have access to makes for an engaging portrait of "accidental revolutionaries" whose mythology as expressed by themselves (all but one of the original crew give extensive interviews) and those they influenced (including Henry Rollins, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, and Sean Penn, who narrates) is far more entertaining than any evenhanded version could ever hope to be. —Fionn Meade
Lars von Trier Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, James Caan. A woman on the run from gangsters hides out in the small village of Dogville, but the welcoming townspeople soon discover her dangerous secret that threatens to unravel their idyllic landscape. 2003/color/177 min/NR/widescreen.
Don't Come Knocking
gently used, original case,
Don't Tell
Cristina Comencini When Sabina’s father dies, she is left haunted by a terrible dream that becomes a living nightmare. She seeks out her only sibling hoping to find an answer… while keeping her daunting journey a secret to those she loves most.
Done The Impossible: The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity
Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Christina Hendricks, Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion, Rafael Feldman, Ron Glass, Yan Feldman, Joss Whedon Firefly and Serenity have grown beyond the genius of Joss Whedon. The words Firefly and Browncoat have come to symbolize a sense of community, family, and believing that the impossible can be accomplished. These concepts are at the very heart of Firefly and of its fans. Adam Baldwin hosts the telling of this vivid Browncoat story that features interviews with Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and Serenity, the cast, crew, and most important, the fans themselves. —-> The story chronicles the rise, fall, and rebirth of the cult TV show "Firefly" as told from the perspective of the fans who helped save it. Fans of the TV show and movie share what inspired them to become passionate about Firefly, to help save Firefly, attend shindigs, participate in message boards, donate to charities, and become Serenity extras. They talk about the many ways that Firefly has affected their lives. The cast and crew also share humorous and insightful experiences. —-> Hosted by Adam Baldwin, Voice-Over by Jewel Staite and featuring interviews with cast, crew and dozens of fans like you, including: Alan Tudyk, Christina Hendricks, Christopher Buchanan, Geoffrey Mandel, Greg Edmonson, Jewel Staite, Joss Whedon, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Loni Peristere, Margaret Weis, Mary Parent, Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion, Orson Scott Card, Rafael Feldman, Ron Glass, Tim Minear, Tracy Hickman, and Yan Feldman. —-> Interactive Timeline, Trivia Game, 'Verse Dictionary, What is Firefly? essay, Music Videos, Tribute to Lux, Charities Featurette, Commentary, and five shiny Easter Eggs. —-> The DVD-ROM features a highly innovative, media-rich experience, and includes: the Interactive Viewing Experience and 6+ hours of Extended Interviews. —-> Features unique music from the CD Soundtrack by these Celtic and filk artists: The Bedlam Bards, Brobdingnagian Bards, Dan Sehane, Emerald Rose, Michelle Dockrey, Rob Kuhlman, and Tony Fabris.
Donkey Punch [Unrated]
Oliver Blackburn After meeting at a nightclub in a Mediterranean resort, seven young adults overindulge in champagne and ecstasy. Completely letting go of their inhibitions, they capture their wild partying aboard a luxury yacht on video camera. But when their reckless sexual endeavors are taken too far, one of them dies in a freak accident. The remaining members of the group argue about what to do, which leads to a ruthless fight for survival.
Double Suicide
Masahiro Shinoda Many films have drawn from classic Japanese theatrical forms, but none with such shocking cinematic effect as director Masahiro Shinoda's Double Suicide. In this striking adaptation of a bunraku puppet play (featuring the music of famed composer Toru Takemitsu), a paper merchant sacrifices family, fortune, and ultimately life for his erotic obsession with a prostitute. Criterion is proud to present Double Suicide in a stunning digital transfer, with a new and improved English subtitle translation.
From Miramax Films comes one of the most honored and acclaimed motion pictures of the year, Doubt. Based on the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play, Doubt is a mesmerizing, suspense-filled drama with four riveting performances from Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis that will have you pinned to the edge of your seat. Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Streep), the rigid and fear-inspiring principal of the Saint Nicholas Church School, suffers an extreme dislike for the progressive and popular parish priest Father Flynn (Hoffman). Looking for wrongdoing in every corner, Sister Aloysius believes she's uncovered the ultimate sin when she hears Father Flynn has taken a special interest in a troubled boy. But without proof, the only thing certain is doubt.

"One of the best pictures of the year," (USA Today, Rolling Stone, New York Post, San Francisco Examiner, Roger Ebert).

Bonus Features include From Stage To Screen, Scoring Doubt, The Sisters Of Charity
Down from the Mountain
Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker, Nick Doob On May 24, 2000, the historic Ryman Auditorium was booked to offer Nashvillians an evening of sublime beauty. Label executives and soundtrack producers so loved the music of O Brother, Where Art Thou? that they brought it to life as a benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen loved it so much that they hired famed documentary filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker to record the show for posterity. The concert that unfolded that night was one of the greatest musical moments in the annals of Music City. Performers: John Hartford, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Chris Thomas King, The Cox Family, Fairfield Four, Union Station, Colin Linden, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, The Peasall Sisters, Ralph Stanley, David Rawlings, The Whites. 98 minutes.
Down in the Valley
David Jacobson Set in the present-day San Fernando Valley, the project revolves around a delusional man who believes he's a cowboy and the relationship that he starts with a rebellious young woman. Well received indie feature stars Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, David Morse, Bruce Dern, and Rory Culkin.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Joss Whedon Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) stars as Billy, A.K.A. Dr. Horrible, a budding super-villain whose plans for world domination continually go awry.  His two goals: getting accepted into the Evil League of Evil, and working up the guts to speak to his laundromat crush Penny, played by Felicia Day (The Guild).   The only thing standing in his way is Captain Hammer, Billy's superhero arch-nemesis played by Nathan Fillion (Firefly).  With one big score, Billy could get into the E.L.E. and earn the respect of Penny, but only if he can keep her away from the dashing Captain Hammer...
This product may be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Jim Faris, John O. Young, Lovell Norman, Chuck Jones, Ben Washam Every who down in Who-ville likes Christmas a lot, but the Grinch who lived just north of Who-ville did NOT! So the cuddly as a cactus Grinch (with termites in his smile and garlic in his soul) tries to wipe out Christmas for the cheerful Who-villains, only to discover: maybe Christmas, he thought doesn't come from as store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more! Magnificently narrated by Boris Karloff and animated by cartoon legend Chuck Jones, it's an award-winning Who-roast-beast-feast of a holiday classic!
Dracula: The Vampire and the Voivode
Michael Bayley Hughes Shot in Transylvania, Whitby, London and Dublin, this documentary tells the true story of Bram Stoker and his gothic novel Dracula. The film is produced in association with the Transylvanian Society of Dracula and features interviews with leading international Dracula experts. Over the years there has been much confusion between Vlad Tepes (The Voivode) and Count Dracula (The Vampire). This film separates fact from fiction and looks at both characters in depth.

Script consultant Elizabeth Miller describes Vlad's reign of terror and debunks the association between any Dracula and the iconic Castle Bran. Dennis McIntyre (The Bram Stoker Society) takes us to key locations in the author's home town of Dublin and Tina Rath (The Dracula Society, London) visits Stoker's (and Dracula's) haunts in the capital city. In Whitby, Harry Collett gives a vivid account of Dracula's association with the Yorkshire seaside town where the Count arrived in England on a stormy night aboard the Demeter.

Romania takes center stage in the film and through the expertise of pioneer Dracula expert Nicolae Paduraru, we follow in both Vlad Tepes and Count Dracula's footsteps and explain why Stoker never left any of his own footprints in Transylvania but instead left an indelible impression of the Romanian region on the Western mind.
Joseph Ruben The President of the United States is about to be assassinated in a dream where there is no morning after. Only one man can save him—a man who must plunge himself into the President's horrendous nightmare. Dennis Quaid stars as Alex Gardner, a psychically gifted young man recruited to help Dr. Paul Novotny (Max Von Sydow) and the beautiful Dr. Jane DeVries (Kate Capshaw) in an experiment to help patients disturbed by menacing nocturnal illusions. But corrupt high-ranking government official Bob Blair (Christopher Plummer) has darker plans for Alex's unusual powers. Soon Alex is propelled inside the President's nightmare, a frightening wasteland of nuclear holocaust, and locked in a fantastic battle that could only happen in a dream. This action-packed science fiction adventure will excite and thrill you with its unusual journey through the mind's most terrifying recesses.

Audio Commentary by the Producer, Writer and Special Effects Artist - Special Effects Make-Up Making Of - Production Stills 16X9 - 1.85:1 - Color - English - 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS
Roland Suso Richter January, 1945. In the uncertain days leading up to the Allied bombings of Dresden, Anna (Felicitas Woll) discovers Robert Newman (John Light), an injured British pilot, hiding in a hospital cellar. Torn between loyalty and desire, the young nurse risks everything to help him recover. As Anna struggles to keep his true identity a secret and Robert battles to survive behind enemy lines, a catastrophic fate descends upon the city.

DVD Extras:
Making-of Featurette, Archival Military Footage of the Dresden bombings
Carroll Ballard Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion, Fly Away Home) directs the exciting story of 12-year-old Xan (Alexander Michaletos), who decides to return the cheetah he raised from a cub to the wild instead of allowing pursuers to place it in captivity. Harsh South African landscapes, stalking lions, crocodiles, river rapids and a mysterious drifter (Eamonn Walker) who may intend to turn the big cat in for cash - all will test Xan's courage and resolve. Join him in this tale of growing up and letting go. It's a journey you won't want to miss.
Ben Sharpsteen, Bill Roberts, Clare Baren, Jack Kinney, John Elliotte The Dumbo 60th Anniversary Edition was the beneficiary of an electronic film restoration process where every frame of film was scanned into a high resolution computer system, then painstakingly examined and repaired frame by frame to eliminate negative and positive dirt, film scratches and the like. A high definition transfer was done and color correction was supervised by Disney Feature Animation to ensure faithful reproduction of the colors as they were originally intended.
Duran Duran - Live From London
Lawrence Jordan First live concert DVD to be released with the five original re-united band members: Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon. This DVD captures the last two shows from the band's record-breaking 2004 run of sold-out concerts at London's Wembley Arena. It features all of the hits from their 25 year catalog, together with live versions of some of the chart-topping singles from their most recent (2004) Epic Records' studio album, Astronaut.
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition
Steven Spielberg Relive the adventure and magic in one of the most beloved motion pictures of all-time, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, from Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg. Captivating audiences of all ages, this timeless story follows the unforgettable journey of a lost alien and the 10-year-old boy he befriends. Join Elliot (Henry Thomas), Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) as they come together to help E.T. find his way back home. Now digitally remastered with enhanced picture and sound for its 30th Anniversary, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is one of the great American films (Leonard Maltin) that forever belongs in the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.
Early Edition - The First Season
This is an hour-long drama about Chicago native Gary Hobson who becomes a reluctant hero when his morning newspaper reports tomorrow’s headlines. Commodities trader Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler) is losing it: his job, his home and his brilliant attorney wife. He thinks he may even be losing his mind when tomorrow’s newspaper mysteriously arrives today – giving him a disconcerting look into the future. What will he do with tomorrow’s news? While his best friend Chuck (Fisher Stevens) sees the newspaper as a ticket to personal gain, co-worker Marissa (Shanesia Davis) convinces Gary that the "early edition" should be used to better peoples’ lives. So each day Gary begins anew the struggle to make sense of a world turned upside-down by the changing course of events that come from reading the "early edition."
Eastern Promises
Viggo Mortensen and Academy Award® nominee Naomi Watts star in this electrifying thriller from critically acclaimed director David Cronenberg (A History of Violence). Criminal mastermind Nikolai (Mortensen) finds his ties to a notorious crime family shaken when he crosses paths with Anna (Watts), a midwife who has accidentally uncovered evidence against them. Their unusual relationship sets off an unstoppable chain of murder, mystery and deception in the explosive film critics are calling "provocative and engrossing" (Claudia Puig, USA Today). Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Sinead Cusack, Jerzy Skolimowski Directed by: David Cronenberg
Easy Virtue
Stephan Elliott Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes bring Noël Coward's witty comedy of manners magnificently to life in this "deliciously cheeky" (Ella Taylor, The Village Voice) adaptation from director Stephan Elliott (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). When British playboy John brings his new wife Larita - a race car-driving feminist from Detroit - home to meet the family at their country estate, pretty much everyone's expectations are disappointed. His snooty mother is offended by Larita's carefree American ways, while Larita does everything she can to get her mother-in-law to loosen up, which only annoys her even more. John's sisters have diametrically opposed feelings about their new sister-in-law, but his father is intrigued to have finally found another who sees through the family's façade - and takes great perverse pleasure in watching his wife meet her match.
Eclipse Series 2: The Documentaries of Louis Malle
Louis Malle Over the course of a nearly forty-year career, Louis Malle forged a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile cinematic storytellers, with such widely acclaimed, and wide-ranging, masterpieces as Elevator to the Gallows, My Dinner with Andre, and Au revoir les enfants. At the same time, however, with less fanfare, Malle was creating a parallel, even more personal body of work as a documentary filmmaker. With the discerning eye of a true artist and the investigatory skills of a great journalist, Malle takes us from his French homeland to India to the United States, in some of the most engaging and fascinating nonfiction films ever made. Six Disc Set Includes:

Vive Le Tour Humain, Trop Humain Place de la Republique

An energetic evocation of the Tour de France, a meditative investigation of the inner workings of a French automotive plant, and an entertaining snapshot of the comings and goings on one street corner in Paris - Louis Malle's three French-set documentaries reveal, in an eclectic array of ways, the director's eternal facination with and respect for, the everyday lives of everyday people.

Phantom India Malle called his gorgeous and groundbreaking Phantom India the most personal film of his career. And this extraordinary journey to India, originally shown as a miniseries on European television, is infused with his sense of discovery, as well as occasional outrage, intrigue, and joy.

Calcutta When he was cutting Phantom India, Malle found that the footage shot in Calcutta was so diverse, intense, and unforgettable that it deserved its own film. The result, released theatrically, is at times shocking - a chaotic portrait of a city engulfed in social and political turmoil, edging ever closer to oblivion.

God's Country In 1979, Louis Malle traveled into the heart of Minnesota to capture the everyday lives of the men and women in a prosperous farming community. Six years later, during Ronald Reagan's second term, he returned to find drastic economic decline. Free of stereotypes about America's "heartland," God's Country, commissioned for American public television, is a stunning work of emotional and political clarity.

...And the Pursuit of Happiness In 1986, Malle, himself a transplant in the United States, set out to investigate the ever widening range of immigrant experience in America. Interviewing a variety of newcomers (from teachers to astronauts to doctors) in middle-and working-class communities from coast to coast, Malle paints a generous, humane portrait of their individual struggles in an increasingly polyglot nation.
Eclipse Series 2: The Documentaries of Louis Malle
Louis Malle Over the course of a nearly forty-year career, Louis Malle forged a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile cinematic storytellers, with such widely acclaimed, and wide-ranging, masterpieces as Elevator to the Gallows, My Dinner with Andre, and Au revoir les enfants. At the same time, however, with less fanfare, Malle was creating a parallel, even more personal body of work as a documentary filmmaker. With the discerning eye of a true artist and the investigatory skills of a great journalist, Malle takes us from his French homeland to India to the United States, in some of the most engaging and fascinating nonfiction films ever made. Six Disc Set Includes:

Vive Le Tour Humain, Trop Humain Place de la Republique

An energetic evocation of the Tour de France, a meditative investigation of the inner workings of a French automotive plant, and an entertaining snapshot of the comings and goings on one street corner in Paris - Louis Malle's three French-set documentaries reveal, in an eclectic array of ways, the director's eternal facination with and respect for, the everyday lives of everyday people.

Phantom India Malle called his gorgeous and groundbreaking Phantom India the most personal film of his career. And this extraordinary journey to India, originally shown as a miniseries on European television, is infused with his sense of discovery, as well as occasional outrage, intrigue, and joy.

Calcutta When he was cutting Phantom India, Malle found that the footage shot in Calcutta was so diverse, intense, and unforgettable that it deserved its own film. The result, released theatrically, is at times shocking - a chaotic portrait of a city engulfed in social and political turmoil, edging ever closer to oblivion.

God's Country In 1979, Louis Malle traveled into the heart of Minnesota to capture the everyday lives of the men and women in a prosperous farming community. Six years later, during Ronald Reagan's second term, he returned to find drastic economic decline. Free of stereotypes about America's "heartland," God's Country, commissioned for American public television, is a stunning work of emotional and political clarity.

...And the Pursuit of Happiness In 1986, Malle, himself a transplant in the United States, set out to investigate the ever widening range of immigrant experience in America. Interviewing a variety of newcomers (from teachers to astronauts to doctors) in middle-and working-class communities from coast to coast, Malle paints a generous, humane portrait of their individual struggles in an increasingly polyglot nation.
Eclipse Series 6: Carlos Saura's Flamenco Trilogy
Carlos Saura One of Spanish cinema’s great auteurs, Carlos Saura brought international audiences closer to the art of his country’s dance than any other filmmaker, before or since. In his Flamenco Trilogy—Blood Wedding, Carmen, and El amor brujo—Saura merged his passion for music with his ongoing exploration of Spanish national identity. All starring and choreographed by legendary dancer Antonio Gades, the films feature thrilling physicality and electrifying cinematography and editing—colorful paeans to bodies in motion as well as to the cinema that so eloquently, and artfully, captured them.
Eco School House
Ken Leija, Avery Danziger Eco School House is a documentary film about a community working together to build a sustainable future for its children. In the early morning hours of a cold Midwest winter, someone set fire to a classroom on the grounds of a 100-year-old elementary school. Guided by a visionary architect with help from a committed builder and a determined principal, they battle extreme weather, financial challenges, and time constraints to complete the first community-built, sustainable schoolhouse in the nation. This inspirational story will challenge your views about architecture, environmentalism and education. Built with renewable materials and volunteer labor, the schoolhouse has inspired a progressive new curriculum for the students and provides an enduring education for us all.
Eddie Izzard - Circle
Anastasia Pappas Live comedy with the master of sublime weirdness, Eddie Izzard, recorded in New York, 26 June 2000. Also includes a 30 minute behind the scenes documentary about Eddie's US tour. PROGRAM FEATURES * Circle feature commentary by Eddie Izzard. * Circle trivia track on feature. * Dress To Circle one-hour rough-cut of Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill show in Paris (spoken in French). Previously released on the Dress To Kill DVD. * Dress To Circle commentary by Eddie Izzard. * 30 minute behind the scenes documentary about Eddie's US tour. * Subtitled in nine languages.

Eddie Murphy: Delirious - 25th Anniversary
Bruce Gowers Taped live and in concert at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. in August, 1983, Eddie Murphy "Delirious" captures Eddie Murphy's wild and outrageous stand-up comedy act. Reminiscences of hot childhood days and the ice cream man are intermixed with classic vocal parodies of top American entertainers. Here then, is 22-year old Eddie Murphy, live and red hot! Uncensored and Uncut!

Special features of 25th Anniversary Edition include never before seen footage plus:
• Exclusive unedited interview with Eddie Murphy
• Making of the Delirious special featuring 15 of today's hottest comics  including Chris rock, Katt Williams, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence and more.
Eden Log
Franck Vestiel A man regains consciousness at the bottom of a cave, with no concept of how he arrived there, nor any idea who the dead man is at his side. Only one thing is certain - he has to escape the menacing creature that s pursuing him. His journey back to the surface takes him through a cemetery - like world that's been abandoned by a mysterious organization called Eden Log.
Edge of Heaven
Fatih Akin Fatih Akin, the critically-acclaimed director of HEAD-ON, weaves overlapping tales of friendship and sexuality into a powerful narrative of universal love. Six characters are drawn together by circumstances-an old man and a prostitute forging a partnership, a young scholar reconciling his past, two young women falling in love, and a mother putting the shattered pieces of her life back together. Akin's piercing sense of the human condition and contemporary world events charge these hyperlinked stories into a multi-cultural powder keg.
Stuart Gordon A man (William H. Macy) becomes involved in a twisted game of sex, lies and murder with 3 young women (Denise Richards, Mena Suvari, Julia Stiles). It's a first rate thriller from the legendary David Mamet.
The Educational Archives: Sex & Drugs
Artist Not Provided Generations of American children sat in dark classrooms and absorbed wisdom in the form of 16mm educational and social guidance films. Through the flicker of dim projector bulbs and the warble of optical soundtracks a blueprint for better living in the Atomic Age was spelled out in no uncertain terms. Now just as you remember them, Fantoma presents these collections of sex education & drug prevention films. Learn all about the dangers of marijuana, the perils of heavy petting, the difference between boys and girls and the joys of menstruation. Films include: LSD: Insight or Insanity, It's Wonderful Being a Girl, Narcotics: Pit of Despair, The ABC's of Sex Ed. for Trainables, & Marijuana (with Sonny Bono).
Edvard Grieg: What Price Immortality?
Thomas Olofsson Renowned Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg was a restless, complex character forever on the move, constantly searching for peace, happiness and, above all, perfection. In a series of flashbacks, Grieg as an older man returns home and summons up the essential stuff of his life—relationships, school, loneliness, death and the achievement of fame. Pianist Staffan Scheja takes the role of Grieg in this fully dramatized film about his life. The only narrative is voice-over monologues by Grieg, spoken in the English version by the acclaimed classical actor Derek Jacobi. 71 minutes.
Eight Men Out
John Sayles John Cusack (Con Air) and Charlie Sheen (Major League) lead a "superb ensemble of actors" (Newsweek) delivering "striking performances" (The New York Times) in this "mesmerizing story" (Los Angeles Times) about the infamous 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal, certainly one of the saddest chapters in the annals of professional sports. Buck Weaver (Cusack) and Hap Felsch (Sheen) are young idealistic players with the Chicago White Sox, a pennant-winning team owned by Charles Comiskey – a penny-pinching, hands-on manager who underpays his players and treats them with disdain. And when gamblers and hustlers discover that Comiskey's demoralized players are ripe for a money-making scheme, one by one the team members agree to throw the World Series. But when the White Sox are defeated, a couple of sports writers smell a fix and a national scandal explodes, ripping the cover off America's favorite pastime.
Elephant Parts the Movie
He will be forever remembered as a former Monkee (and son of the inventor of Liquid Paper), but Elephant Parts is a reminder that Michael Nesmith was also a pioneer in music and long-form videos. Produced in 1981, the same year MTV made its debut, the hourlong program consists of 41 comedy bits and videos for Nesmith tunes. Of the former, most star Nesmith himself and are short and silly in an inoffensive, slapstick kind of way, poking fun at TV commercials, rock stars, drug use, and more in a style reminiscent of Saturday Night Live or the now-defunct SCTV. The music videos, which include "Rio" (one of Nesmith's best songs) and four others, are clever and visually rich, making skillful use of the medium well before the advent of computers and other modern techniques. Monkee business? Sure, but darned amusing, and the first video Grammy winner to boot. —Sam Graham
Shekhar Kapur The 45-year reign of Britain's first Queen Elizabeth remains, centuries later, one of the most dramatic in the country's long and turbulent history. Called the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth ascended the throne when her country was near collapse, but her ultimate legacy was distinguished by military might and cultural brilliance. Noted historian David Starkey narrates this riveting examination of a stalwart woman, her struggles, and her triumphs. Lavish reenactments enhance the incisive commentary, and the result is erudite entertainment. 3 hours 20 min. on 4 cassettes or 2 DVDs.
Elizabeth - The Golden Age
Academy Award® winners Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush join Academy Award® nominee Clive Owen in a gripping historical thriller full of suspense, intrigue and adventure!

When Queen Elizabeth's reign is threatened by ruthless familial betrayal and Spain's invading army, she and her shrewd advisor must act to safeguard to the lives of her people. But when a dashing seafarer, Walter Raleigh, captures her heart, she is forced to make her most tragic sacrifice for the good of her country.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age tells the thrilling tale of one woman's crusade to control her love, destroy her enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world.
Elizabeth I
Tom Hooper Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons. HBO presents an epic look at the later years of the famed Elizabeth I. From her scandalous relationships to her political battles, this 2-part miniseries is highlighted by its historical accuracy as well as by its incredible performances from the two leads. 2005/color/3 hrs., 31 min/NR/widescreen.
Ellie Parker
Scott Coffey Fans of Naomi Watts will love this low-budget indie film that mirrors the life of an up and coming Hollywood starlet struggling to get work, bouncing from audition to audition. Favorably screened at Sundance.
Inge-Lise Langfeldt, Petter Næss Elling is a slyly funny odd couple comedy about two misfits trying to find their place in the world. After a two-year stint in a state home in which the shy, neurotic Elling and the loud, sex-obsessed Kjell Bjarne became close friends, the pair are relea
Embedded Live
John Custodio, Lisa Zeno Churgin, Tim Robbins Embedded is a ripped-from-the-headlines satire about the madness surrounding brave men and women on the front lines of a Middle East conflict. It skewers lapdog embedded journalists, scheming government officials and the media's insatiable desire for heroes. Beautifully captured (by 9 cameras) directly from the controversial Tim Robbins' play in New York City, Embedded Live puts the audience in the front-row to this thought-provoking and timely production.
Emmanuel's Gift
April Wilson, Meredith Paige, Lisa Lax, Nancy Stern Narrated by Oprah Winfrey, Emmanuel's Gift tells the story of a disabled orphan in Ghana, West Africa, whose father abandoned him, village dismissed him, and country thought him better off dead. This is the story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, who had nothing, but gave everything—and changed a nation forever.
The Emperor's New Clothes
Alan Taylor Alternative history and whimsical imagination make comfortable bedfellows in The Emperor's New Clothes. As happens in Simon Leys's novel The Death of Napoleon, the French emperor's demise is faked as part of a political comeback scheme, a
Empire Falls (Every Small Town Has a Big Story) Vol. 1
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Helen Hunt, Paul Newman, Robin Wright Penn,.. Ed Harris, Fred Schepisi
Empire of the Sun
Steven Spielberg Epic "coming of age" war drama from director Steven Spielberg follows a young British boy's harrowing experiences in 1940s Shanghai. Separated from his family during the Japanese invasion and thrown into a prison camp, the boy develops a friendship with a captured American. Christian Bale, John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson star. 152 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; "making of" documentary; theatrical trailer; scene access; interactive menus.
End of Suburbia - Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
Gregory Greene Since World War II North Americans have invested much of their newfound wealth in suburbia. It has promised a sense of space, affordability, family life and upward mobility. As the population of suburban sprawl has exploded in the past 50 years, so too has the suburban way of life become embedded in the American consciousness. Suburbia, and all it promises, has become the American Dream. But as we enter the 21st century, serious questions are beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way of life. With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia explores the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet approaches a critical era, as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. World Oil Peak and the inevitable decline of fossil fuels are upon us now, some scientists and policy makers argue in this documentary. The consequences of inaction in the face of this global crisis are enormous. What does Oil Peak mean for North America? As energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the populations of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream? Are today's suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow? And what can be done NOW, individually and collectively, to avoid The End of Suburbia?
End of the Century - The Story of the Ramones
Jim Fields, Michael Gramaglia In 1974 the New York City music scene was shocked into consiousness by a band of misfits from Queens called the Ramones. Playing in seedy Bowery bar to a small group of fellow struggling musicians, the band struck a chord of disharmony that rocked the foundation of the '70s music scene. Tracing the history of the band, from its unlikely origins through its star-crossed career, bitter demise and the sad fates of Joey and Dee Dee, End of the Century is a vibrant, candid document of one of the most influential groups in the history of rock.
End of the Spear
"End of the Spear" is the remarkable journey of a savage Amazon tribesman who becomes family to the son of a North American man he kills. Mincayani (Louie Leonardo) is a Waodani warrior who leads the raid that kills Steve Saint's father and four other missionaries. Through a suspenseful series of events Steve Saint (Chase Ellison) is able to visit Mincayani's tribe. Steve tries to learn which warriors killed his father, but has to leave with his question unanswered. Steve returns to the Waodani as an adult (Chad Allen). Together Mincayani and Steve confront the true meaning of the life and death of Steve's father, and the other men who were killed.
The English Surgeon
Geoffrey Smith, Producer What is it like to have God like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail? Shot in a Ukrainian hospital full of desperate patients and makeshift equipment, The English Surgeon is an intimate portrait of brain surgeon Henry Marsh as he wrestles with the dilemmas of the doctor patient relationship. It s like selling your soul to the devil, but what can you do? My son had a brain tumour as a baby and I was desperate for someone to help me. I simply can t walk away from that need in others With an original soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, The English Surgeon openly confronts moral and ethical issues which touch every one of us.
David Lynch Is it a nightmare or an actual view of a post-apocalyptic world? Set in an industrial town in which giant machines are constantly working, spewing smoke, and making noise that is inescapable, Henry Spencer lives in a building that, like all the others, appears to be abandoned. The lights flicker on and off, he has bowls of water in his dresser drawers, and for his only diversion he watches and listens to the Lady in the Radiator sing about finding happiness in heaven. Henry has a girlfriend, Mary X, who has frequent spastic fits. Mary gives birth to Henry's child, a frightening looking mutant, which leads to the injection of all sorts of sexual imagery into the depressive and chaotic mix.
Erik the Viking
Terry Jones Tim Robbins, Mickey Rooney, John Cleese, Eartha Kitt. Terry Jones of Monty Python fame directs this killer comedy-satire about a Viking that begins to question the ethics of his pillaging ways, setting out on a dangerous journey of enlightenment. Can he persuade the gods of Valhalla to end the Age of Ragnor+Ýk and allow his people to see sunlight again? 1989/color/104 min/NR.
Roberto Missiroli, Michelangelo Antonioni A three-part anthology film about love and sexuality by three directors from three distinct cultures. From a relationship unrequited for many years between a high end call girl and her tailor to a menage-a-trois between a husband and wife on the Tuscan seaside, to an exploration of an erotic dream by a psychiatrist and his patient. Prepare to explore the deepest realms of human desire.

DVD Features:
Other:Bonus short film "Eye to Eye" by Michelangelo Antonioni
Theatrical Trailer
Escape from New York
John Carpenter A thrilling landmark film that jolts along at a breakneck pace, Escape From New York leapt to cult status with high-octane action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a mind-blowing vision of a lone warrior (Kurt Russell) battling his way out of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan! Hailed as "stylish and scary" (Los Angeles Times), "dark and dangerous" (Newsweek) and "" (Tyler Morning Telegraph), this fast-paced and furiously entertaining thriller grabs you by the throat and won't let go! In a world ravaged by crime, the entire island of Manhattan has been converted to a walled prison where brutal prisoners roam. But when the U.S. President (Donald Pleasence) crash-lands inside, only one man can bring him back: notorious outlaw and former Special Forces war hero Snake Plissken (Russell). But time is short: in 24 hours, an explosive device implanted in his neck will end Snake's missionand his lifeunless he succeeds!
Escape From Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream
Gregory Greene Suburbia, and all it promises, has become the American Dream. With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia explored the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet enters the age of Peak Oil. An indie success story winning festival awards and attracting major media attention (The Colbert Report, New York Times), the film brought awareness of Peak Oil to a mainstream audience.

In Escape From Suburbia director Gregory Greene moves us from the realm of theory and despair to the real world, where practical solutions are experienced. We follow the stories of three unique characters struggling to reinvent the American Dream in their own lives. Expert opinion from government and industry is balanced by on-the-street skepticism from an emerging movement of citizen's groups confronting our addiction to oil in extraordinary ways.

The clock is ticking, the time to prepare for the most dramatic shift in modern history is upon us.

Escape From Suburbia is a wake-up call that challenges the illusion of never-ending growth and provides viable alternatives for citizens and communities working at the local level to ensure the survival of a sustainable civilization in the 21st Century, and beyond.
Bruce Beresford, Jerry Hogrewe From the director of Driving Miss Daisy comes this compelling, heartwarming and inspiring true story of a father (Pierce Brosnan) who faces impossible odds to keep his family together. Times are tough in Dublin, Ireland. But no one has it tougher than Desmond Doyle when his wife runs off and his beloved daughter Evelyn and two young sons are sent to an orphanage by the government.Enlisting the help of loyal friends (Julianna Margulies, Stephen Rea) and a feisty American lawyer (Aidan Quinn), he takes his case to Ireland's Supreme Court in a history-making quest to topple an ironclad law and win back the custody of his children!
Lajos Koltai An all-star cast of the greatest actresses of our time - including Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave, Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, Natasha Richardson and Glenn Close - come together in this passionate and heartwarming story. As Ann (Redgrave) reflects on one beautiful and life-changing weekend with the one true love of her life, her daughters (Collette and Richardson) come to their own understanding about the power of the past and the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters, family, and the loves of their lives.
Ever After - A Cinderella Story
Andy Tennant A "modern" young woman of the 16th century, Danielle (Barrymore) is as independent and wise as she is beautiful and kind. Against remarkable odds, she stands up to her scheming stepmother (Huston) and works miracles on the lives of everyone around her, including the crown prince of France (Dougray Scott)!Now you can relive this captivating, contemporary retelling of the classic fairytale.
Every Which Way but Loose
Ferris Webster, Joel Cox, James Fargo Eastwood plays a hard-drinking trucker with a pet orangutan chasing the love of his life to Colorado.

DVD Features:
Production Notes
Theatrical Trailer
Everything's Cool
Judith Helfand, Daniel B Gold EVERYTHING'S COOL is a toxic comedy about the most dangerous chasm ever to emerge between scientific understanding and political action - Global Warming. While industry-funded naysayers sing their swan song of scientific doubt and deception, a group of self-appointed global warming messengers are on a life-or-death quest to help the public go from understanding the urgency of the problem to creating the political will necessary to push for a new energy economy. DVD Extras include Directors Commentary, 50 minutes of Activist Extras and an Exclusive DVD-rom link to an Actual "Doctored" Congressional Summary.
Mikael Håfström Swedish film, directed by Mikael Hafstrom. A young boy is expelled from school for fighting. He is sent away to a boarding school where the seniors rule the day. When the young boy refuses to submit to their authority, the seniors plot to do him in. Academy Award nominee.
John Boorman Liam Neeson, Nicol Williamson. The romantic legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is brought to life in this spectacular, sensual film from director John Boorman. 1981/color/141 min/R/widescreen.
The Exorcist
Evan A. Lottman, Norman Gay, William Friedkin An innocent girl is evilly possessed — and a doubting priest becomes her last hope. Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn in the two-time Academy Award(R) winner that shocked the world.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Separate Commentaries by Friedkin & Blatty
Other:"Fear of God" 3 trailers Nwe Interviews
TV Spot:6 TV Spots: "Beyond Comprehension", "You Too Can See The Exorcist", "Between Science and Superstition", "The Movie You've Been Waiting For", "Nobody Expected It", "Life Had Been Good"
Experiments in Terror, Vol. 3
Marie Losier, Guy Maddin, J.X. WIlliams, Mike Kuchar, Casey Burtt Striking for the third time, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 3 unleashes another hallucinogenic orgy of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre. Employing a mesmerizing montage of terrifying tropes and fiendish footage, our kino-coven conjures more than a bewitching hour of visionary cinema. Pounding a stake through the heart of genre convention, this shocking program expands the cinematic language of fear, breaking the chains of narrative logic and leaving only the black void of the infinite unconscious. Featuring: - Marie Losier & Guy Maddin - Manuelle Labor - Mike Kuchar - Born of The Wind - J.X. Williams - Satan Claus - Carey Burtt - The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase - Ben Rivers - Terror! - Jason Bognacki - The Red Door (excerpt) Extras Include: - Clifton Childree's chilling one-reeler It Gets Worse - Upcoming releases from Provocateur
The Eye
Danny Pang, Oxide Pang Chun From the Hong Kong writer-director brother team of Oxide and Danny Pang, The Eye is a supernatural thriller exploring themes of vision and identity by charting the mysterious consequences of a highly experimental corneal transplant surgery.
In this riveting, high-energy suspense thriller, special effects wizard Rollie Tyler (Brian Brown) is enlisted by the Justice Department to stage what will be the most elaborate assignment of his lifetime—if it doesn't kill him first!
Face to Face
Ingmar Bergman Ingmar Bergman's gut-wrenching drama stars Liv Ullmann (Cries and Whispers) as a successful psychiatrist who, despite her professional prowess, suffers from profound depression and mental illness. She finds herself teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, haunted by disturbing images and emotions from her past. Desperately in search of a escape from her doldrums, she has an affair with fellow doctor Tomas Jacobi (Erland Josephson, The Sacrifice). This only worsens her hysteria as she struggles to maintain her grasp on sanity and reality. Ullmann's devastating performance earned her multiple awards including a Golden Glober nomination and an Oscarr nomination*. Writer, Producer and Director Ingmar Bergman (The Seventh Seal) was also nominated* for a Best Director Academy Awardr.
Bent Hamer (Drama) Henry Chinaski (Dillon) considers himself a writer, and on occasion writes. Mostly he quests for the booze and women that sidetrack and seduce, rather than inspire greatness. When he falls for Jan (Lili Taylor), the soulful connection fails to
Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury's best-selling science fiction masterpiece about a future without books takes on a chillingly realistic dimension in this film classic directed by one of the most important screen innovators of all time, the late Francois Truffaut.
Fail Safe
Eugene Burdick, Stephen Frears Oscar® winner George Clooney (Syriana, Ocean's Thirteen) and Emmy nominated Noah Wyle ("ER," "Librarian: Quest for the Spear") head an all-star cast in this tense and powerful Cold War thriller performed live on network TV (CBS). An electrical malfunction prevents the Pentagon from stopping a pilot (Clooney) whose jet has been mistakenly ordered to drop nuclear bombs on Russia. Facing world nuclear annihilation the American President (Richard Dreyfus) must choose between an all-out war or the planned nuclear bombing of New York City as compensation. Based on Sydney Lumet's classic 1964 "Playhouse 90" presentation from the novel by Harvey Wheeler and Eugene Burdick. Directed by Oscar-nominee Stephen Frears (The Queen, The Grifters, Dangerous Liaisons). All-star cast includes Richard Dreyfus, Noah Wyle, George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Harvey Keitel, James Cromwell, Hank Azaria, Sam Elliott.
Faith Like Potatoes
Reghardt van den Bergh A farmer moves his family to South Africa and suffers a series of seemingly insurmountable losses. Through unlikely friendships and much needed divine intervention, he discovers his life's true purpose and it sustains his unwavering belief in the power of faith. A moving life journey of a man who, like his potatoes, grows his faith, unseen until the harvest.
Sylvia Ingemarsson, Liv Ullmann Lyrical passionate and enigmatic faithless begins with a writer named bergman who summons his muse marianne to recall a love affair of long ago. As she discusses ideas for the story she is transformed into the main character of this passionate and reckless love story. Studio: First Look Home Entertain Release Date: 07/22/2003 Run time: 142 minutes Rating: R Director: Liv Ullmann
Falco: Everything
Rudi Dolezal, Hannes Rossacher PAL/Region 2. Special DVD collection from the late Austrian New Wave star, released to coincide with the Falco Ultimate Collection CD. This compilation of his videos features 18 music vids including 'Rock Me Amadeus', 'Der Kommissar', 'Jeanny' and 'Vienna Calling', . Extra features include six previously unreleased bonus videos, rare interviews and a 'Making Of' featurette. BMG. 2008.
The Fall of the House of Usher / The Pit and the Pendulum
Anthony Carras, Roger Corman THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER: Audio Commentary by Director Roger Corman Original Theatrical Trailer THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM: Rare Prologue
Fallen Idol: The Yuri Gagarin Conspiracy
Sam Oldham, Denny Hooten What if every history book was wrong? In 1961 during the height of the cold war between the United States and Russia something extraordinary happened…On April 12th, 1961, the Soviet Union reports the successful launch, orbit and reentry of the first man in space, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin pushing the cold war into a space duel. With the collapse of communism and the rise of freedom in the Russian Federation, recent access to documents in the Kremlin archives reveal a story intended to remain buried forever. Yuri Gagarin, the icon of triumphant communism known world over, was not the first man in space. He was preceded by Vladimir Ilyushin, an unsung hero and the man at the center of this decades old conspiracy….
Families of Afghanistan
Eleanor Marquisee In Families of Afghanistan, meet Zamora, 13, who lives in the country with her parents, three sisters, two brothers and two uncles. An early riser, Zamora has chores to complete before breakfast, including tending to the cows and chickens. She shows us how the homes in her village are built around a common courtyard to help protect them and their vegetable gardens from the elements. At meals, she often helps feed her uncle, who lost his arms and eyesight to a land mine. She attends religion class, where she studies the Koran, and performs her daily prayers (five times a day).
Twelve-year-old Madina lives in Kabul with her parents, two sisters, uncle and cousin. Unlike Zamora, who attends school in the afternoon, Madina s classes are in the morning and include studies in math, science, language, history and sports. She also tutors another student twice a week in computers. After school and the midday meal she shares with her family, Madina helps with household chores like vacuuming and ironing, then enjoys an afternoon snowball fight before doing her homework, eating supper and playing games.
Highly acclaimed the Families of the World Series enables future travelers to reach across the globe and visit other people and cultures, all from a child s point of view. Always focusing on two children from differing households, one urban, one rural, and narrated by children, Families of the World DVDs invite viewers to follow two families daily routines, introducing both the similarities and differences that exist between them, as well as us. The DVD includes a free PDF Teacher's Guide, which features the script, copy-ready maps, discussion and activity guides, recipes, glossaries and more. ISBN: 9781604801118
Families Of Kenya
Artist Not Provided
Family Guy: Blue Harvest
Dominic Polcino, Peter Shin A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...those good ol'-fashioned "Star Wars" movies on which we used to rely are spoofed by the "Family Guy" gang in the sixth season's premiere episode. After the Griffins lose power to their television, Peter spins an interstellar yarn that hews closely to the Lucas space opera's "Episode IV" storyline. 48 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary; featurettes; TV spots; bonus digital copy for PC.
Family Man Don White Live
Kyle Newman Get ready for the comedy adventure that’s “smart, funny, and tailor-made for the inner-Jedi in all of us” (Pete Hammond, In 1998, four childhood buddies with a shared love of all things Star Wars reunite for one final, hilarious odyssey. Their insane plan: a cross-country road trip to storm George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and steal a copy of Episode I before it’s released. With the police, a crew of angry Trekkies, and a crazy pimp hot on their trail, what could possibly go wrong? Featuring Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury), Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder), and Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), plus a slew of hysterical surprise cameos, “the Force IS strong with this one!” (Brian Gallagher, MovieWeb)

Stills from Fanboys (Click for larger image)
Far from Heaven
Todd Haynes Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert. Upon learning that her husband is secretly having a homosexual affair, a 1957 Connecticut housewife finds herself attracted to her African-American gardener in this reinterpretation of the classic All that Heaven Allows . 2002/color/108 min/PG-13/widescreen.
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Winner of 2 Academy Awards!
Fast Food Nation
Inspired by the incendiary New York Times bestseller that exposed the hidden facts behind America's fast food industry, Fast Food Nation combines an all-star ensemble cast lead by Greg Kinnear, Wilmer Valderrama and Avril Lavigne with riveting, interlocked human stories to serve up "a firecracker of a movie that jumps off the screen" (Rolling Stone). When a marketing executive (Kinnear) for the Mickey's burger chain is told there's a nasty secret ingredient in his latest culinary creation?"The Big One"? he heads for the ranches and slaughterhouses of Colorado to investigate...but discovers the truth a bit difficult to swallow.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Amy Heckerling USA Release Of 1932 Original Scarface
Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
Karen Schmeer, Shondra Burke, Errol Morris Acclaimed filmmaker Errol Morris paints a fascinating portrait of four obsessed eccentrics in "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control." Morris weaves interviews with a wild animal trainer, a topiary gardener, a robot designer and an expert on the naked mole rat t
Fat Albert's Halloween Special
Rudy and his new friend Devery plan to spend Halloween playing practical jokes on the elderly. They both take aim on Mrs. Bakewell, an old widow living in a spooky house by the graveyard. But the kids get the ultimate scare when two of them don't return from "trick or treating!" Did Mrs. Bakewell have something to do with their mysterious disappearance?
Fatal Attraction
Michael Kahn, Peter E. Berger, Adrian Lyne Stylish and sexy, Fatal Attraction took audiences to terrifying new heights with its thrilling story of a casual encounter gone terribly awry. This box-office smash was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director (Adrian Lyne - Indecent Proposal, Flashdance). Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallagher, a New York attorney who has a tryst with seductive Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) while his wife (Anne Archer) is away. Dan later shrugs off the affair as a mistake and considers it over. But Alex won't be ignored. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever... even if it means destroying Dan's family to keep him.
Don’t miss this unforgettable story of a child who had the courage to come home.

Set in 1944, as Hitler’s Final Solution becomes policy throughout Europe, Fateless is the semi-autobiographical tale of a 14 year-old Jewish boy from Budapest, who finds himself swept up by cataclysmic events beyond his comprehension. A perfectly normal metropolitan teen who has never felt particularly connected to his religion, he is suddenly separated from his family as part of the rushed and random deportation of his city’s large Jewish population. Brought to a concentration camp, his existence becomes a surreal adventure in adversity and adaptation, and he is never quite sure if he is the victim of his captors, or of an absurd destiny that metes out salvation and suffering arbitrarily. When he returns home after the liberation, he missed the sense of community he experienced in the camps, feeling alienated from both his Christian neighbors who turned a blind eye to his fate, and the Jewish family friends who avoided deportation and who now want to put the war behind them.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Terry Gilliam Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro, Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci. Directed by Terry Gilliam. The screen melts and morphs into one psychedelic image after another as a journalist and his lawyer embark on a drug-addled trip to Vegas. Based on the book by the original gonzo journalist," Hunter S. Thompson. 1998/color/118 min/R.
A man who survived a plane crash with only a scratch begins to take risks with his life, while a young mother whose baby died in the crash cannot get past her grief.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: R
Release Date: 1-JUN-2004
Media Type: DVD
Federal Men 3-Disc Set
Leigh Jason Based on real-life U.S. Treasury criminal cases, the Chief (Walter Greaza) and his agents pursue counterfeiters, loan sharks, gamblers, bootleggers, swindlers, smugglers and confidence men. Featuring a who s-who of Hollywood, series guest stars included James Dean, Claude Atkins, Carolyn Jones, Ben Gazzara and Nancy Evans and more. This 3-Disc Collector's Set includes the following 16 Episodes: 1. The Case of the Man Outside 2. The Case of the Bad Bargain 3. The Case of the Black Sheep 4. The Case of the Little Tin Box 5. The Case of the Man Trap 6. The Case of the Gentlemen Cheat 7. The Case of the Green Feathers 8. The Case of the Buried Treasure 9. The Case of the Princely Pauper 10.The Case of the Iron Curtain 11. The Case of the Man Next Door 12. The Case of the Tight Squeeze 13. The Case of the Leather Bags 14. The Case of the Chartered Chiseler 15. The Case of the Slippery Eel 16. The Case of the Steady Hand
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Paul Hirsch, John Hughes "Bueller…Bueller…?" Sorry, not here! Instead, high-schooler Ferris Bueller (Mathew Broderick), his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara), and his best bud Cameron (Alan Ruck) are off on the spontaneous romp through Chicago known as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You’ll also enjoy righteous bonus materials that give you an insider’s peek at this hilarious comedy hit from John Hughes (Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Sixteen Candles). So, barf up a lung, forge a "sick note" from the parents, and tag along on the funniest adventure to ever sweep through the Windy City. What are you still doing here? Save Ferris!
Festival In Cannes
Henry Jaglom Rated PG-13. Widescreen DVD.
Festival Of Fright 2
various The Monster Club.Com Presents: Festival of Fright 2 A Treasury Of Classic Horror Movie Trailers Trailers Include: Anatomy of a Psycho, Atom Aged Vampire, Blood Creature, Blood of Dracula, Bloodlust Brides of Dracula, Castle of Blood, The Creature From the Haunted Sea, Curse of Frankenstein, The Devil's Hand, The Five Bloody Graves, Hatchet for a Honeymoon, I Bury the Living, Killer Shrews, Lady Frankenstein, Monstroid, Nightmare Castle, Phantom From Space, Screaming Skull, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Tormented, The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman, What's the Matter with Helen, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo, Kiss of the Vampire, I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, Jesse James Meets Frankensteins Daughter, The Hypnotic Eye, The Curse of the Werewolf, Horror of Dracula, The Premature Burial, The Giant Gilla Monster, The Giant Claw, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, The Devils Partner, The Beast From Haunted Cave, She, Konga and Circus of Horrors. Extra Features! Old Time Radio shows, The Creaking Door (Cats Whiskers) and The Strange Dr. Weird (Journey Into The Unknown). Art by Kerry Gammill. Distributed by Synergy Entertainment / SEI Distribution.
Fever Pitch
Scott Thomas, David Evans Rumpled, amiable Colin Firth plays a rumpled, amiable English teacher named Paul. He's also an obsessive football (soccer to us Americans) fan who's been avidly following the Arsenal team for 18 years. When he falls into a relationship with a new teacher named Sarah (played by Ruth Gemmel), his deep attachment to Arsenal proves an obstacle. This sounds like some cheap men-and-women-don't-understand-each-other setup, but instead Fever Pitch not only explores the origins of Paul's football fandom, it actually communicates an infectious sense of what that kind of sports enthusiasm can mean, how it can provide an almost tribal identity. Even better, the movie takes this devotion seriously without ever losing sight of how it can be completely ridiculous at the same time, resulting in some amazing, funny scenes. Gemmel is charming, and Firth is simply superb. He's a great actor who's never quite fit into conventional leading man roles and so tends to play oddballs and redeemable villains, as in Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, and Apartment Zero. He's a perfect fit for this script, written by Nick Hornby (author of High Fidelity and About a Boy) from his novel of the same name. The humor of this movie is all the more engaging because it's grounded in richly developed characters and emotions. Fever Pitch is excellent. Also featuring a hilarious cameo by Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, Guinevere). —Bret Fetzer
A Few Good Men
Rob Reiner Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore star in Rob Reiner's unanimously acclaimed drama about the dangerous difference between following orders and following one's conscience. Cruise stars as a brash Navy lawyer who's teamed with a gung-ho litigator (Moore) in a politically explosive murder case. Charged with defending two Marines accused of killing a fellow soldier, they are confronted with complex issues of loyalty and honor, including its most sacred code and its most formidable warrior (Nicholson). Superbly directed with a trio of powerhouse performances and an outstanding supporting cast including Kevin Pollak, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon.
Andrew Currie Welcome to Willard, a small town lost in the idyllic world of the 50s, where the sun shines every day, everybody knows their neighbors, and rotting zombies deliver the mail. Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connoly, Dylan Baker, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson, and K-Sun Ray star.
Field of Dreams
Phil Alden Robinson An inspired Iowa farmer builds a baseball field and sees Shoeless Joe Jackson's ghost, and more. Directed by Phil Alden Robinson.
The Fifth Element
Sylvie Landra, Luc Besson New York cab driver Korben Dallas didn't mean to be hero. But he just picked up the kind of fare that only comes along every five thousand years.
Final Countdown, The
The Final Cut
Omar Naim Omar Naim's The Final Cut is startlingly different than a conventional science fiction film. It's a compelling fable that offers a vision of a world where memory implants record all moments of a person's life. Post mortem, these memories are removed and edited by a "Cutter" into a reel depicting the life of the departed for a commemorative ceremony, called a Rememory. Robin Williams' powerful portrayal of Alan Hackman, a troubled "cutter," propels this character driven story that forces us to question the power of our memories and the sanctity of our privacy
Finding Neverland
Marc Forster Award winners Johnny Depp (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL), Kate Winslet (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND), Dustin Hoffman, and Julie Christie (TROY, HAMLET) star in this magical tale about one of the world's greatest storytellers and the people who inspired his masterwork "Peter Pan." Well-known playwright James M. Barrie (Depp) finds his career at a crossroads when his latest play flops and doubters question his future. Then by chance he meets a widow (Winslet) and her four adventurous boys. Together they form a friendship that ignites the imagination needed to produce Barrie's greatest work! An enchanting big-screen treat with an acclaimed cast of stars, FINDING NEVERLAND has been hailed as one of the year's best motion pictures!
The Fish Belong to the People DVD
A Fish Called Wanda
Tour-de-force performances from an unparalleled comic cast highlight this much-loved hit that Roger Ebert calls "the funniest movie I have seen in a long time!" Monty Pythoners John Cleese and Michael Palin (Search For The Holy Grail, The Meaning Of Life) join Oscar(r) winner* Kevin Kline (In & Out) and Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies) in an entertainment so impeccably timed and executed that Time Magazine hailed it as: "Geniu[a film that] Redefines a great comic tradition!" Four conniving jewel thieves...three Yorkshire terriers...two heaving bosoms and one proper British barrister. It all adds up to "a non-stop barrage of...outrageous plot twists and over-the top performances" (L.A. Weekly) when a girl called Wanda (Curtis) tries to deceive her Nietzche-quoting boyfriend (Kline), an animal-loving hitman (Palin) and an embarrassment-prone counselor (Cleese) out of a fortune in jewels in this hilariously funny farce! *1988: Best Supporting Actor, A Fish Called Wanda
Fish Can't Fly
Tom Murray While the whole concept of changing ones' sexual orientation may be viewed with a high level of skepticism, these are the stories of those who tried. Taking a secular point of view FISH CAN'T FLY explores the lives of Gay men and women of faith as they recall their journeys to put their sexuality and spirtuality in harmony.
Five Easy Pieces
Bob Rafelson Jack Nicholson stars as an aspiring young musician who gives up a potentially successful music career for a steady but unsatisfying job. Also starring Karen Black and Sally Struthers. 1970 (1 hour 38 minutes).
The Five Obstructions
Jørgen Leth About a filmmaker not only revisiting but also recreating (not in a conventional sense) one of his first films the perfect human / det perfekte menneske (1967) Studio: E1 Entertainment Release Date: 10/05/2004 Run time: 90 minutes Rating: Nr
Five Short Films By Trey Stokes
Flags of Our Fathers
Clint Eastwood From Academy Award-winning director Clint Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven) comes the World Was II epic Flags of Our Fathers, produced by Eastwood, Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List), and Rob Lorenz (Mystic River), and from a screenplay adapted by William Broyles, Jr. (Cast Away) and Oscar winner Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash).
February 1945. Even as victory in Europe was finally within reach, the war in the Pacific raged on. One of the most crucial and bloodiest battles of the war was the struggle for the island of Iwo Jima, which culminated with what would become one of the most iconic images in history: five Marines and a Navy corpsman raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi. The inspiring photo capturing that moment became a symbol of victory to a nation that had grown weary of war and made instant heroes of the six American soldiers at the base of the flag, some of whom would die soon after, never knowing that they had been immortalized. But the surviving flag raisers had no interest in being held up as symbols and did not consider themselves heroes; they wanted only to stay on the front with their brothers in arms who were fighting and dying without fanfare or glory.
Flags of Our Fathers is based on the bestselling book by James Bradley with Ron Powers, which chronicled the battle of Iwo Jima and the fates of the flag raisers and some of their brothers in Easy Company. Bradley’s father, John "Doc" Bradley, was one of the soldiers pictured raising the flag, although James never knew the full extent of his father’s experiences until after the elder Bradley’s death in 1994.
Michael Ritchie Chevy Chase is at his hilarious best as Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, a newspaper reporter who changes his identity more often than his underwear. While working on a drug expose, he stumbles onto a scam that gets him up to his byline in murder, police corruption and forbidden romance. For this ace newsman, it'll be the story of the year, if he can only stay alive till the deadline. Featuring all-new bonus features, Fletch: The "Jane Doe" Edition is a must-own comedy-thriller classic. Just don't call him "Irwin"!
Flight Of The Conchords One Night Stand
Flirting With Disaster
David O. Russell Sometimes a filmmaker's second movie gets labeled as a sophomore slump. David O. Russell (Spanking the Monkey) shreds that fate with Flirting with Disaster, an outrageous, free-spirited comedy about private people forced into public situations. Mel Coplin (Ben Stiller) finds the opportunity he's been waiting a lifetime for: an adoption agency rep (Téa Leoni) has located his birth parents and the agency will fly him to California if they can record the reunion. With wife Nancy (Patricia Arquette) and new son in tow, the neurotic Mel is compelled to discover his origins, despite the protests of his neurotic adoptive parents (a wonderful Mary Tyler Moore and George Segal). To give away the plot any more would be a crime, but as the title states, Mel is on a collision course of Oedipal proportions. Russell, who made incest an intriguing black-comedy topic in Spanking, is very liberal with sex and permits dangerous situations. His characters mix it up at a moment's notice. The two women along for the ride are not just bit players: Leoni (Deep Impact) keeps her high-energy comic routine flying, while the grounded Arquette keeps the baby in arm, despite the mad wanderings of her husband. Stiller is a perfect comic foil. —Doug Thomas
Niels Mueller, Wai-keung Lau Erroll Babbage (Richard Gere) has spent his career tracking sex offenders and his unorthodox methods are nearly as brutal as the criminals he monitors. When he links one of his deranged parolees to the disappearance of a local girl, he and his new partner (Claire Danes) must scour the S&M underground to find her before it's too late.
Flow How did a handful of corporations steal our water
Irena Salina Irena Salina's award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century - The World Water Crisis. Salina builds a case against the growing privatization of the world's dwindli
The Fly
Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist attempts to woo investigative journalist Veronica Quaife by offering her a scoop on his latest research in the field of matter transportation, which against all the expectations of the scientific establishment have proved successful. Up to a point. Brundle thinks he has ironed out the last problem when he successfully transports a living creature, but when he attempts to teleport himself a fly enters one of the transmission booths, and Brundle finds he is a changed man.
Inspired by the true story of the legendary Lafayette Escadrille, this action-packed epic tells the tale of America's first fighter pilots. These courageous young men distinguish themselves in a manner that none before them had dared, becoming true heroes who experience triumph, tragedy, love, and loss amid the chaos of World War I. Hang on for the ride of your life!
Follow My Voice - With the Music of Hedwig
One record producer, the creators of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and top indie rock artists come together to create a tribute album benefiting the Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School-the first accredited high school in the country for LGBTQ youth.

Follow My Voice: With the Music of Hedwig weaves the compelling, courageous stories of four students at this controversial school with a unique chronicle of the yearlong creation of Wig in a Box, the album whose songs poignantly echo these teens struggles and aspirations. Audiences around the world became instant Hed Heads as Hedwig, like everyone who was ever young, questions TheOrigin of Love, dreams of a Sugar Daddy, feels like a Freak and curses a Wicked Little Town.

Meanwhile, the little known Harvey Milk School for at-risk youth, operating for 20 years in New York City s East Village quickly became the subject of international news when it received accreditation and financial support from NYC. A furious controversy over public funding ignite passionate self-determination from the kids and a deeper commitment from the artists who them-selves know what it s like to be outside the mainstream.

Through a dramatic and vibrant combination of verité documentation, student video diaries, and rare in-studio scenes of artists recording tracks, Follow My Voice offers a powerful look at this unlikely intersection of youth, gender and rock. Includes Yoko Ono, Rufus Wainwright, Cyndi Lauper, Ben Folds, The Breeders, Yo La Tengo, John Cameron Mitchell, They Might Be Giants and more.
Food Fight (2008) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Germany ]
Christopher Taylor Germany released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), German ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), German ( Subtitles ), WIDESCREEN (1.78:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: Interactive Menu, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: When we walk into a supermarket, we assume that we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods. But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food system was co-opted by corporate forces whose interests do not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy, sustainably-produced food. Fortunately for America, an alternative emerged from the counter-culture of California in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where a group of political anti-corporate protesters—led by Alice Waters—voiced their dissent by creating a food chain outside of the conventional system. The unintended result was the birth of a vital local-sustainable-organic food movement which has brought back taste and variety to our tables. FOOD FIGHT is a fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement has created a counter-revolution against big agribusiness. ...Food Fight (2008)
Paul Hirsch, Herbert Ross Footloose jumps with spirit, dazzling dance numbers and an electrifying musical score. It portrays the timeless struggle between innocent pleasure and rigid morality, when city-boy Ren McCormick (Kevin Bacon) finds himself in an uptight Midwestern town where dancing has been banned. Ren revolts with best friend Willard (Chris Penn) and the minister's daughter (Lori Singer).

A treasury of Top 10 songs: Kenny Loggins' "Footloose," Shalamar's "Dancing In The Sheets," Deniece Williams's "Let's Hear It For The Boy," Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for A Hero," and the Footloose love theme, "Almost Paradise."
For Love of the Game
Sam Raimi Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston. While hurling a perfect game, a pitcher agonizes over the fact that he's about to be traded-and dumped by his girlfriend. 1999/color/138 min/PG-13/widescreen.
For The Bible Tells Me So
Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Seattle Interntional Film Festival, Dan Karslake's provocative, entertaining documentary brilliantly reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture, and in the process reveals that Church-sanctioned anti-gay bias is based solely upon a significant (and often malicious) misinterpretation of the Bible. As the film notes, most Christians live their lives today without feeling obliged to kil anyone who works on the Sabbath or eats shrimp.
Through the experience of five very normal, very Christian , very American families - including those of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson - we discover how insightful people of faith handle the realization of having a gay child. With commentary by such respected voices as Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard's Peter Gomes, Orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg and Reverend Jimmy Creech, For The Bible Tells Me So offers healing, clarity and understanding to anyone caught in the crosshairs of scripture and sexual identity.
For the Next 7 Generations
The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Carole Hart, Bruce Hart In 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all four corners of the world, moved by their concern for our planet, came together at a historic gathering where they decided to form an alliance: The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. This is their story. Four years in the making and shot on location in the Amazon rainforest, the mountains of Mexico, North American, and at a private meeting with the Dalai Lama in India, For the Next 7 Generations follows what happens when these wise women unite. Facing a world in crisis, they share with us their visions of healing and a call for change now, before it's too late. This film documents their unparalleled journey and timely perspectives on a timeless wisdom.
For Your Consideration
Debut feature director Jay Berman (Christopher Guest), steers cast and crew through a typically tumultuous independent film Home for Purim, an intimate period drama about a Jewish family's turbulent reunion on the occasion of the dying matriarch's favorite holiday. When Internet-generated rumors begin circulating that three of Purim's stars — faded luminary Marilyn Hack (Catherine O'Hara), journeyman actor and former hot dog pitchman Victor Allan Miller (Harry Shearer), and ingenue Callie Webb (Parker Posey) — may be perpetrating Award-worthy performances, a rumble of excitement rattles the cast. Once "Hollywood Now" anchors Chuck Porter (Fred Willard) and Cindy Martin (Jane Lynch) pick up the buzz, Award fever infects the entire production. Unit publicist Corey Taft (John Michael Higgins), talent agent Morley Orfkin (Eugene Levy), and producer Whitney Taylor Brown (Jennifer Coolidge) all smell the sudden potential for a sleeper hit. As does Sunfish Classics President Martin Gibb (Ricky Gervais), who suggests some last-minute changes to the film that he feels will broaden the film's appeal. Meanwhile, Purim's screenwriters, Lane Iverson (Michael McKean) and Philip Koontz (Bob Balaban) grow steadily more horrified as they watch the first film adaptation of their work diverge from their original story. As the hopeful Purim team careens toward the end of production and the upcoming Award season, tenuous relationships and brittle dreams play out in unexpected ways...
Forbidden Planet
Ferris Webster, Fred M. Wilcox A dutiful robot named Robby speaks 188 languages. An underground lair offers evidence of an advanced civilization. But among Altair-4's many wonders, none is greater or more deadly than the human mind. Forbidden Planet is the granddaddy of tomorrow, a pioneering work whose ideas and style would be reverse-engineered into many cinematic space voyages to come. Leslie Nielsen plays the commander who brings his spacecruiser crew to the green-skied world that's home to Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon), his daughter (Anne Francis)...and to a mysterious terror. Featuring sets of extraordinary scale and the first all-electronic musical soundscape in film history, Forbidden Planet is in a movie orbit all its own.
The Force Among Us
Cristian Macht
Forks Over Knives
What has happened to us? Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, we are sicker than ever by nearly every measure.

Two out of every three of us are overweight. Cases of diabetes are exploding, especially amongst our younger population. About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug. Major medical operations have become routine, helping to drive health care costs to astronomical levels. Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the country's three leading causes of death, even though billions are spent each year to "battle" these very conditions. Millions suffer from a host of other degenerative diseases.

Could it be there's a single solution to all of these problems? A solution so comprehensive but so utterly straightforward, that it's mind-boggling that more of us haven't taken it seriously?

FORKS OVER KNIVES examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the so-called "diseases of affluence" that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Dr. Campbell, a nutritional scientist at Cornell University, was concerned in the late 1960's with producing "high quality" animal protein to bring to the poor and malnourished areas of the third world. While in the Philippines, he made a life-changing discovery: the country's wealthier children, who were consuming relatively high amounts of animal-based foods, were much more likely to get liver cancer. Dr. Esselstyn, a top surgeon and head of the Breast Cancer Task Force at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, found that many of the diseases he routinely treated were virtually unknown in parts of the world where animal-based foods were rarely consumed.

These discoveries inspired Campbell and Esselstyn, who didn't know each other yet, to conduct several groundbreaking studies. One of them took place in China and is still among the most comprehensive health-related investigations ever undertaken. Their research led them to a startling conclusion: degenerative diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even several forms of cancer, could almost always be prevented - and in many cases reversed - by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. Despite the profound implications of their findings, their work has remained relatively unknown to the public. The filmmakers travel with Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn on their separate but similar paths, from their childhood farms where they both produced "nature's perfect food"; to China and Cleveland, where they explored ideas that challenged the established thinking and shook their own core beliefs.

The idea of food as medicine is put to the test. Throughout the film, cameras follow "reality patients" who have chronic conditions from heart disease to diabetes. Doctors teach these patients how to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments - while the challenges and triumphs of their journeys are revealed.

FORKS OVER KNIVES utilizes state of the art 3-D graphics and rare archival footage. The film features leading experts on health, examines the question "why we don't know", and tackles the issue of diet and disease in a way that will have people talking for years.

FORKS OVER KNIVES was filmed all over the United States, and in Canada and China.

Forrest Gump
Hanks is Forrest Gump, who despite being mentally challenged, tried hard, is honest and places his trust in luck. He tells his life story to anyone who sits next to him at a bus stop, and the flashbacks follow Forrest and his good heart through some of the highlights of modern American history.Through the use of digital imagery, Forrest appears to interact in scenes with John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and George Wallace. "Life is like a box of chocolates."
The Forsyte Saga, Series 1
Christopher Menaul, David Moore Soames. Irene. Jolyon. Fleur. A mere mention of the leading characters' names evokes waves of fond nostalgia among the legions of viewers who fell for the Forsytes in the late 1960s. If you're among them or if you're curious to know what captivated countless devotees of this classic, take heart. Here's an all-new adaptation of the three novels by John Galsworthy that constitute the Saga, and like the original, it chronicles the waning social and economic power of a large, well-connected London family from the late 19th into the early 20th century. Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers) and Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower) head a stellar cast. 6-1/4 hours on 3 DVDs.
The Forsyte Saga, Series 2
Andy Wilson 4 episodes on 2 DVDs. 2004/color/4 hrs., 36 min/NR/widescreen.
Forty Shades of Blue
Wealthy music producer Alan James (Rip Torn) lives with his beautiful Russian girlfriend Laura (Dina Korzun), thirty years younger than him, whom he met while he was in Russia on business. They have a three-year-old son. Alan is a music legend, having produced black music during the 60's and 70's, the golden era of Memphis Soul. They live an affluent life in a sprawling mansion on the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis, Tennessee. But, although she is comfortable, Laura feels lonely and isolated. Alan has an estranged adult son from a previous marriage, Michael (Darren E. Burrows), a literature professor, who is married and lives with his wife in Los Angeles. Michael and his father have a complicated relationship that is marred by disappointment, hampered by jealousy, and fueled by anger. When Michael returns home to Memphis for the first time in many years, although he had at first disapproved of his father's young girlfriend, a painful and dangerous love affair develops between him and Laura, his contemporary. As this forbidden and incestuous passion deepens in the bedrooms and bars of modern Memphis, Laura comes to an illuminating self-confrontation that will change her soul and her life forever. ————————————————————————————————————————
Foul Play
Pembroke J. Herring, Colin Higgins A librarian is propelled into a world of chase scenes and bizarre attempts on her life after she hears a secret code.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG
Release Date: 9-AUG-2005
Media Type: DVD
Four Eyed Monsters
Arin Crumley and Susan Buice
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Jon Gregory, Mike Newell A surprise hit and one of the highest grossing films ever to come out of Great Britain, this effortlessly enchanting romantic comedy finds confirmed bachelor Hugh Grant (Nine Months) attending weddings with his single friends as they all lament not being able to commit. Grant keeps running into an attractive American (Andie MacDowell) at these festivities and begins a long-running affair with her, even as he attends her own wedding, the funeral of one of his best friends, and his own pending nuptials. Featuring a spirited supporting cast including Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient) as the acerbic friend quietly in love with Grant, this touching and funny film with a mischievous sense of humor and some truly heartbreaking moments is destined to become one of the classic romantic comedies of all time. —Robert Lane
James Whale Boris Karloff stars as the screen's most memorable monster in what many consider to be the greatest horror film ever made. Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) dares to tamper with life and death by creating a human monster (Karloff) out of lifeless body parts. It's director James Whale's adaptation of the Mary Shelley novel blended with Karloff's compassionate portrayal of a creature groping for identity that makes Frankenstein a masterpiece not only of the genre, but for all time.
Tim Rosenow, David Bourla It's alive! Gasp at nonstop comedy in this outrageous spoof of the horror classic, direct from the mind of Steve Oedekerk (Jimmy Neutron, The Nutty Professor). Incredible stylistic detail brings you into a world of gothic laboratories, hunchbacks, and even a deceased Thumb brought back to life! Hold on to your electrodes!
Andrea Staka Reza left Belgrade more than 25 years ago to seek a new life in Zurich. Now in her fifties, she has completely detached herself from the past. She owns a cafeteria and maintains an orderly, joyless existence. Mila, a waitress there, is a good-humored Croatian woman who also emigrated decades ago, but, unlike Reza, she dreams of returning to a house on the Croatian coast. Both of them receive a jolt when Ana, a young, itinerant woman who has fled Sarajevo, breezes into the cafeteria looking for work. Reza hires her but is annoyed by Ana's impulsive and spirited efforts to inject life into the cafeteria. Gradually the acrimony will dissipate, as Ana, who hides a tragic secret under her passionate spirit, begins to thaw Reza's chill, and their relationship will change both women in ways they never anticipated.
Freakazoid - The Complete First Season
Cyber nerd Dexter Douglas surfs the web one fateful night, gets swept into a digital techno-electro smash-up that bites him in the gigabytes and – ZAP! — goes from geek to freak. To Freakazoid!, that is, a smart- mouthing, butt-kicking, mega-voltage superhero with things to do (unless there’s something really good on TV). It’s Freaka-Me, Freaka-You fun!
Freaky Friday
Gary Nelson Los Angeles and San Diego double for Short Hills, New Jersey, in the film.
Fred Rogers - America's Favorite Neighbor
Fred Rogers has been America’s favorite neighbor for more than 30 years on PBS… delighting, enlightening and reassuring children with his unique television programs. Now, his life and legacy are celebrated in this commemorative program full of treasured memories, rare vintage clips and behind-the-scenes footage from his 50 years in television. Fred Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor is hosted by actor (and former Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood crew member) Michael Keaton.

Program Content
-A Beautiful Life in this neighborhood (2003)
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Free Spirits
Bruce Geisler When high school drop-out Michael Metelica and eight hungry friends retreated to a rural Massachusetts treehouse in 1968, they never imagined it would grown into one of the largest, most controversial New Age communes of the 1960s and 70s. At its peak, the Brotherhood of the Spirit (later named Renaissance Community) had nearly 400 full-time members, real estate in four Massachusetts downs, an airplane, music recording and filmmaking facilities, and a million dollar a year income. Many members stayed a decade or longer, committing their youth, sweat and worldly possessions to building an intentional community that they hoped would serve as a model of brotherhood and spiritual awareness for the whole world. For some, their time there was the highlight of their lives, filed with humor, danger, intense personal growth, and daily absurdity. For others, it was a cultish nightmare. Their story reflects the 60s/baby boomer generation, as they survived the hostility of the towns around them - fire bombings, the brutal murder of a member - only to fall because of internal forces, including the changes in their founder and leader, Michael Metelica Rapunzel.
French Connection II
John Frankenheimer, William Friedkin
The French Connection
William Friedkin Two narcotics detectives, "Popeye" Doyle and his partner Buddy Russo (Gene Hackman, Roy Scheider), start to close in on a vast international narcotics ring when the smugglers unexpectedly strike back. Following an attempt on his life by one of the smuggl
David Rosenbloom, Gregory Hoblit A phenomenon allows police officer John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) to save the life of his long-dead father (Dennis Quaid). But changing the past leads to a string of brutal, serial homicides. Now, they both must race across time to stop the killer.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary
Music Only Track
Photo gallery
Theatrical Trailer
Nominated for six 2002 Academy Awards(R), including Salma Hayek for Best Actress, FRIDA is the triumphant motion picture about an exceptional woman who lived an unforgettable life! A product of humble beginnings, Frida Kahlo (Hayek) earns fame as a talented artist with a unique vision. And from her enduring relationship with her mentor and husband, Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina — CHOCOLAT), to her scandalous affairs, Frida's uncompromising personality would inspire her greatest creations! Also starring Antonio Banderas (SPY KIDS), Ashley Judd (KISS THE GIRLS), Edward Norton (RED DRAGON), and Geoffrey Rush (QUILLS).
A Friend Indeed : The Bill Sackter Story
Lane Wyrick
Friends with Money
Robert Frazen, Nicole Holofcener Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Keener, Frances McDormand and Joan Cusak star in FRIENDS WITH MONEY, the story of four best friends whose comfortable lives are thrown off balance as the realities of early middle age set in. It paints a painfully hilarious portrait of modern life in the class-sensitive West side of Los Angeles. Written and directed by Nicole Holofcener (Lovely and Amazing).
From Beyond
Stuart Gordon The second H.P. Lovecraft adaptation by Stuart Gordon FROM BEYOND is pure Lovecraftian science-terror. Out-there scientist Dr. Pretorious (Ted Sorel) and his assistant Dr. Tillinghast (Jeffery Combs) are working towards breaking through earthly perceptions and revealing a new alternate universe. They do this by stimulating the pineal gland of the human brain which enables people to see the strange creatures that inhabit a parallel dimension. Unfortunately these creatures can now see humans as well and they are none too pleased with it. Dr. Pretorious is killed by the floating monstrosities but the police blame his assistant for the murder and lock him up. Only Dr. Katharine McMichaels (Barbara Crampton) believes the insane tales of Dr. Tillinghast and it's up to her to shut down the experiment that threatens to unleash the other-dimensional creatures on this universe forever. Great special effects and solid performances by Combs and Crampton complement a near-perfect realization by Gordon of Lovecraft's vividly detailed and chilling vision of scientific possibilities.System Requirements:Running Time: 85 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HORROR Rating: R UPC: 027616085504 Manufacturer No: M108550
From the Earth to the Moon - The Signature Edition
Tom Hanks, Michael Grossman This 12-hour HBO miniseries created by Tom Hanks garnered 17 Emmy nominations and captivated audiences. From the early stages of the space program and Kennedy's 1961 call to reach the moon within a decade to the successes and heartbreaking failures of the race for space, the dream was kept alive by dedicated, daring professionals and a nation intent on reaching for — and landing amid — the stars, all while the world faced the Vietnam War.
From Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard comes the electrifying, untold story behind one of the most unforgettable moments in history. When disgraced President Richard Nixon agreed to an interview with jet-setting television personality, David Frost, he thought he'd found the key to saving his tarnished legacy. But, with a name to make and a reputation to overcome, Frost became one of Nixon's most formidable adversaries and engaged the leader in a charged battle of wits that changed the face of politics forever. Featuring brilliant portrayals by Frank Langella and Michael Sheen, Frost/Nixon is the fascinating and suspenseful story of truth, accountability, secrets and lies. Starring: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall, Toby Jones, Matthew MacFadyen, Oliver Platt, Sam Rockwell Directed by: Ron Howard
Frozen River
Courtney Hunt Frozen River is a dramatic feature film which takes place in the days before Christmas near a little-known border crossing on the Mohawk reservation between New York State and Quebec. Here, the lure of fast money from smuggling presents a daily challenge to single moms who would otherwise be earning minimum wage. Two women- one white, one Mohawk, both single mothers faced with desperate circumstances- are drawn into the world of border smuggling across the frozen water of the St. Lawrence River. Melissa Leo (21 Grams, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, television's Homicide: Life on the Street) plays Ray, Misty Upham (Edge of America, DreamKeeper, Skins) plays Lila, and Oscar nominee Michael O'Keefe (The Great Santini, Caddyshack, Ironweed) plays the New York State Trooper who ultimately brings the two to justice.
The Fugitive
Andrew Davis The Fugitive (1993) Harrison Ford (Actor), Tommy Lee Jones (Actor), Andrew Davis (Director) | Rated: PG-13 | Format: DVD FACTORY SEALED BRAND NEW:-
Full Metal Jacket
Stanley Kubrick The story of an 18-year-old marine recruit named Private Joker - from his carnage-and-machismo boot camp to his climactic involvement in the heavy fighting in Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive.
The Full Monty
David Freeman, Peter Cattaneo A group of unemployed Yorkshire steelworkers hopes to replenish their empty wallets and boost their flagging morale by following in the footsteps of the Chippendale's strippers. These guys are hardly what you would think of as buff, and few can even dance. They simply take these problems in stride, because these are men with a plan—displaced, unemployed, and feeling suffocated by the women in their lives, they just want to earn a little respect. The dialogue and interaction between these men will have you screeching with laughter, but of equal importance is their sense of camaraderie and caring. First-time director Peter Cattaneo is a name to watch for; he easily conveys the sheer humanity of these people in their small town with their sad stories and irresistible sense of optimism. —Rochelle O'Gorman
Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
Steven Shainberg From the window of her immaculate New York apartment, lonely housewife Diane Arbus (Kidman) locks eyes with a masked figure on the street, a mysterious new neighbor (Downey, Jr.) whose penetrating gaze strips the veneer off her tidy reality. Mysteriously drawn to the man that intrigues her and determined to take his photograph, Diane ventures to his apartment and embarks on a journey that will unlock her deepest secrets, awaken her remarkable artistic genius, and launches Diane on her path to becoming the artist she is meant to be.
Patrice Chéreau Jean (Pascal Greggory), a successful publisher, is acutely aware of and deeply pleased with his high social standing, fine taste, and abundant material possessions, among which he seems to include his wife, Gabrielle (Isabelle Huppert). But in a single af
Peter Weir An outstanding drama, Gallipoli resonates with sadness long after you have seen it. Set during World War I, this brutally honest antiwar movie was cowritten by director Peter Weir. Mark Lee and a sinfully handsome Mel Gibson are young, idealistic b
Gandhi at the Bat
Gang of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets
Maria Beatty GANG OF SOULS (1989) is Maria Beatty's engaging documentary exploring the insights and influences of the American Beat Poets. The film conveys their consciousness and sensibility through candid interviews with William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Diane Di
Garbage Dreams
Mai Iskander
Gardens of the Night
Damian Harris In the most powerful role of his career, Tom Arnold plays Alex, who, with his partner Frank (Kevin Zegers)
lures eight-year-old Leslie (Ryan Simpkins) into a car, changing her life forever. For seven years, she and
another child, Donnie, live in horror, with no one to turn to but each other. Eventually abandoned by their
captors, Leslie (now played by Gillian Jacobs) and Donnie (Evan Ross), struggle with a hand-to-mouth
existence on the streets of San Diego. Haunted by their pasts, it seems reality for Leslie and Donnie is
being bought by strangers and never going home. Also featuring unforgettable performances by
John Malkovich and Jeremy Sisto.
George Lucas in Love
Chris LaMont, Joe Nussbaum, Nicholas Goodman, Ryan Schifrin A hilarious and affectionate parody of both the Star Wars films and the Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love, George Lucas in Love provides more wit and intelligence in eight minutes that most full-length feature films do in 90. It's 1967, and George Lucas (Martin Hynes) is only three days from graduating from film school. The "agricultural space tragedy" he's been working on isn't going well at all. Taunted by his asthmatic rival (who wears a black cape), flummoxed by his adviser (who speaks in backwards sentences), he's at wit's end, until inspiration arrives in the form of the comely Marion (Lisa Jakub), the leader of the student campus rebellion who sports a distinctly familiar hairdo featuring twin buns. Funny without being too in-jokey, and clever but never full of itself, George Lucas in Love is a perfect example of the short film parody: it never wears out its welcome. Can't catch all the references? A fun-filled enhanced version of the short, like a Pop-Up Video, points out all the allusions along with facts about the making of the short, and a 10-minute, behind-the-scenes feature details the creative process from inception to the success the film received upon its release.

Included on the DVD are three additional short parodies—Swing Blade (which the makers of George Lucas in Love cite as their inspiration), Film Club, and Evil Hill. Swing Blade is a blissfully short, truly inspired melding of Sling Blade and Swingers, with a Billy Bob Thornton look-alike trying to make it on the L.A. singles scene, and Film Club is a goofy take on Fight Club, but with independent filmmaking taking the place of bare-knuckle brawling ("I want you to shoot me, and make sure you give me lots of head room."). Only Evil Hill, which purports to tell you how Dr. Evil of Austin Powers became truly evil, loses its momentum in its 10-plus minutes, as it attempts to mix Austin Powers references with both Notting Hill and the Marilyn Monroe mythos. Sometimes imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery. —Mark Englehart
George Stevens - D-Day to Berlin
Catherine Shields Produced and narrated by George Stevens, Jr. from his father's films, this documentary of Stevens' World War II combat photo unit includes his remarkable color footage of the War in Europe (the only color film of the ground war). This three-time Emmy Award-winning documentary provides a rare look at history as it happens, capturing the horrors of World War II as seen on the frontline. From the Normandy invasion to the liberation of Paris, Stevens' powerful, unforgettable documentary captures all these moments and more.
Casey Affleck, Matt Damon, Gus Van Sant From the groundbreaking director of GOOD WILL HUNTING and FINDING FORRESTER, GERRY stars Academy Award(R) winner Matt Damon (Best Original Screenplay, GOOD WILL HUNTING, 1997; THE BOURNE IDENTITY, OCEAN'S ELEVEN) and Casey Affleck (OCEAN'S ELEVEN, SOUL SURVIVORS) in a suspenseful and highly provocative story of two men pushed to the limit! A pair of best friends (Affleck and Damon), who've nicknamed each other "Gerry," set out on a desert hike. But what begins as a simple daytime adventure turns into an intense life-and-death journey that will test the strength of human endurance and ultimately, their friendship! Written by Damon, Affleck, and Director Gus Van Sant, this uncommonly compelling and starkly visualized film is a must-see motion picture that has earned the overwhelming praise of critics nationwide!
Get Low
Aaron Schneider Academy Award winner Robert Duvall (1983, Best Actor, Tender Mercies) is Felix Bush, the “Hermit of Caleb County,” a man so haunted by his secrets that he has lived in quiet desolation in the Tennessee backwoods for over 40 years. Realizing that he is near his own mortality, Bush decides to have a “living funeral party,” inviting people to tell their stories about him. Enlisting the help of Frank Quinn (Golden Globe winner Bill Murray, 2004, Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, Lost in Translation) and Buddy Robinson (Lucas Black, Legion), Bush goes through a process of self-discovery, allowing him to deal with his past secrets, including ones involving old flame (and new widow) Mattie (Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek, 1980, Best Actress, Coal Miner's Daughter).
Get Shorty
Golden Globe(r) winner* John Travolta leads an all-star cast in the hysterical comedy thatTime calls "smart, shrewdly crafted [and] hilarious!" Loan shark Chili Palmer (Travolta) is bored with the business. So when he arrives in LA to collect a debt from down-and-out filmmaker Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman), Chili talks tough...and then pitches Harry a script idea. Immediately, Chili is swept into the Hollywood scene: He schmoozes film star Martin Weir (Danny DeVito), romances B-movie queen Karen Flores (Rene Russo) and even gets reservations at the hottest restaurants intown. In fact, all would be smooth for this cool new producer, if it weren't for the drug smugglersand the angry mobster who won't leave him alone! *1996: Actor (Comedy)Get Shorty
Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai
Jay Rabinowitz, Jim Jarmusch Forest Whitaker, John Tormey. A Mafia hit man lives strictly by the rules of the samurai in this visually stunning film by Jim Jarmusch. 2000/color/116 min/R.
Ghost of Cite Soleil
Asger Leth An epic portrait of a family and a culture torn apart by poverty and violence, GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL is a powerful and unsettling documentary that takes us inside the lives of the notorious gang leaders who dominate the Haitian slum of Cite Soleil, one of the most desperate communities in the Western hemisphere. Set to a score by Wyclef Jean, who also executive produced the film and serves as an inspiration to the young men of Haiti, the film follows two of the gang leaders, who happen to be brothers, and are also aspiring rappers. The foot soldiers of these gang leaders are known as chimeres ("ghosts") and it was those ghosts whom former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is said to have employed to silence his opponents. Filmed in the months leading up to Aristide's overthrow in 2004, the film captures the smoldering tensions between the two rival gang leaders, and their love for the same woman, set in a city the United Nations has declared the most dangerous place on Earth.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Ghost World
Terry Zwigoff Thora Birch (American Beauty) and Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation) "sneak into your heart and stay there" (Rolling Stone) in this "eerie, masterful movie" (Movieline) from the acclaimed director of Crumb. Co-starring Brad Renfro (Deuces Wild), Illeana Douglas (Stir of Echos) and Steve Buscemi (Fargo) in "the best role of his career" (Movieline), Ghost World is a "smartly strange comedy [that] stands out like the Taj Mahal" (Time)! While their classmates head for college, Enid (Birch) and Rebecca (Johansson) focus their energies on tormenting those around them - from a goofy convenience store clerk (Renfro) to an eccentric art teacher (Douglas). But when they zero in on an oddball loner (Buscemi) looking for Miss Right, their seemingly innocent meddling threatens to shatter one of their hearts not to mention their lifelong friendship.
The Ghost Writer
Roman Polanski When a gifted ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) is hired to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), he quickly finds himself trapped in a web of political and sexual intrigue. Lang is implicated in a scandal over his administration's harsh tactics, and as the ghostwriter digs into the politician's past, he discovers secrets that threaten to jeopardize international relations forever. Co-starring Olivia Williams and Kim Cattrall, it is a taut and shocking thriller from acclaimed director Roman Polanski (The Pianist).

DVD Features;
An Interview with Roman Polanski,
The Ghost Writer: Fiction or Reality?,
The Cast of The Ghost Writer
Ivan Reitman Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote the script, but Bill Murray gets all the best lines and moments in this 1984 comedy directed by Ivan Reitman (Meatballs). The three comics, plus Ernie Hudson, play the New York City-based team that provides supernatural pest control, and Sigourney Weaver is the love interest possessed by an ancient demon. Reitman and company are full of original ideas about hobgoblins—who knew they could "slime" people with green plasma goo?—but hovering above the plot is Murray's patented ironic view of all the action. Still a lot of fun, and an obvious model for sci-fi comedies such as Men in Black. —Tom Keogh
Gift Of The Game
Vincente Minnelli Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan. Can you believe it's been 50 years since this delightful, multi-Oscar-winning musical debuted in picture houses across the country? And yet the romance in this coming-of-age story is just as exuberant as it was back then. 2 DVDs. 1958/color/116 min/G/widescreen.
Gimme Some Truth - The Making of John Lennon's "Imagine"
John Lennon Studio: Emi Music Distribution Release Date: 01/25/2006
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Peter Webber Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Wilkinson. A daring, intimate fictionalization of the circumstances surrounding the inspiration behind the famous painting by 17th-century Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. 2003/color/100 min/PG-13/widescreen.
The Girl
Fredrik Edfeldt In the summer of 1981 a 10-year old girl is left behind with an aunt when the rest of her family goes to Africa as aid workers. The aunt, soon courted by a man, leaves the girl with the promise to return 'in just a few days'. The girl doesn't tell anyone that she is now completely abandoned and the summer passes by. With sharpening senses she gradually discovers the often absurd and careless adult world.
Karyn Kusama Michelle Rodriguez, Jaime Tirelli, Paul Calderon, Santiago Douglas, Ray Santiago, Elisa Bocanegra - Dir:Karyn Kusama The story of a quick-tempered young woman who finds discipline, self-respect and love in the boxing ring. Once Diana decides she wants to
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt star in the outrageous '80s comedy hit! Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a shy good girl. Lynne (Helen Hunt) is a cool rock chick. But when the two friends scheme to get Janey on television's biggest after-school dance show, they find themselves on a wild adventure filled with cute boys, hot dancing, prudish nuns, mean rich kids, parents that just don't understand, and girls doing what they know best...just having FUN! Shannen Doherty, Jonathan Silverman, and Lee Montgomery co-star in this fun-filled comedy that's totally packed with outrageous '80s fashions, music, dance moves, and more!
Gladiator Signature Selection
Ridley Scott A man robbed of his name and his dignity strives to win them back, and gain the freedom of his people, in this epic historical drama from director Ridley Scott. In the year 180, the death of emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) throws the Roman Empire into chaos. Maximus (Russell Crowe) is one of the Roman army's most capable and trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor. As Marcus' devious son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) ascends to the throne, Maximus is set to be executed. He escapes, but is captured by slave traders. Renamed Spaniard and forced to become a gladiator, Maximus must battle to the death with other men for the amusement of paying audiences. His battle skills serve him well, and he becomes one of the most famous and admired men to fight in the Colosseum. Determined to avenge himself against the man who took away his freedom and laid waste to his family, Maximus believes that he can use his fame and skill in the ring to avenge the loss of his family and former glory. As the gladiator begins to challenge his rule, Commodus decides to put his own fighting mettle to the test by squaring off with Maximus in a battle to the death. Gladiator also features Derek Jacobi, Connie Nielsen, Djimon Hounsou, and Oliver Reed, who died of a heart attack midway through production.
Glengarry Glen Ross
James Foley An Examination Of The Machinations Behind The Scenes At A Realestate Office.
A Global Warning?
n/a Arctic ice is melting, sea levels are rising, and glaciers are shrinking at alarming rates. And the Earth is getting unmistakably warmer. But is this vast, potentially catastrophic, climate change the result of human behavior? Or is it simply the Earth s natural cycle of warming and cooling periods that have occurred since the planet formed? THE HISTORY CHANNEL offers an in-depth study of the science behind this controversial, hot-button issue.

Scientists explore the skies to examine the warming effects of the sun and dig deep into the Earth to study continental movement and the volatile activity at the planet s core. Experts speculate on how natural events, including volcanic eruptions and massive meteor impacts, have affected temperatures and weather systems over the planet s 600-million-year history.

Shot on location at some of the most breath-taking locations on the planet, and filled with dynamic special effects, A GLOBAL WARNING? is a captivating look at the Earth s climatic evolution and a study of the longevity of our planet—and man s future on it.

DVD Features: Additional Scenes
Gloomy Sunday
Rolf Schubel Gloomy Sunday, winner of major German film awards and an art-house favorite that ran 70 weeks in Boston, hits all the right notes with its poignant, glowingly shot tale set in Budapest during the Holocaust and, like Schindler's List and The Pianist, filled with the passion and pain of that tragic era. The song itself - recorded by Billie Holliday and other greats - is the stuff of legend, reportedly having a fateful real-life impact similar to that shown on screen. But it's love's power that is ultimately at the heart of this acclaimed film. And from the opening scene to the deft twist ending, that power is extraordinary.
Edward Zwick Stirring Civil War drama recounts the inspiring true story of the Union's 54th Regiment, comprised of black soldiers who had to fight prejudice and neglect to win the chance to prove themselves in battle. Matthew Broderick, as the 54th's white commander, stars along with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, who earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. 122 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital stereo Surround, French Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital stereo, Spanish Dolby Digital stereo, Portuguese Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; audio commentary; theatrical trailers; featurettes; "making of" documentary. Two-disc set.
The Gloucester 18
John Michael Williams
God of Vampires
Rob Fitz Professional Killer, Frank Ng, has been contracted to murder a Chinese crime lord. The routine hit goes awry when Frank discovers his mark is actually a vampire. Suddenly, the tables have turned. The professional killer the hunter has become the hunted. This is no ordinary vampire of myths and legends, however. Frank has come face to face with the vengeful Kiang-Shi (Chinese vampire), and it vows to inflict upon Frank such unbearable pain that death will be his only sanctuary. Cursed, Frank is condemned to helplessly witness the horrific and merciless deaths of those he loves, everyone he knows, and anyone he merely brushes by. His anguish intensifies when he dooms his younger brother to this terrible fate. Enlisting the help of a Chinese herbalist, knowledgeable in the ways of ancient lore, and an unlikely team of vampire hunters, Frank strikes out in a final battle against the Kiang-Shi and his minions of the dark. Tonight, Frank Ng will discover that to destroy the monster, one must become the monster!
God on Trial
Andy DeEmmony Who is to blame for the greatest of all crimes? Facing extermination at Auschwitz, a group of prisoners solemnly weighs the case against God.Following the harrowing ritual of selection for death or hard labor, a group of new inmates unsure of their appointed fates begins asking how God could allow for so much suffering. Impulsively, the men decide to put God on trial for abandoning His chosen people. Amid the sound of prisoners outside being marched to the gas chamber, the trial unfolds, addressing the age-old question: How can there be evil in a universe ruled by an all-powerful, benevolent God?Some of the prisoners are passionate defenders of their faith, but as the hour approaches when many of them will be chosen to die, they reach a verdict. It is a surprising conclusion to this challenging and respectful proceeding.
God's Cartoonist: The Comic Crusade of Jack Chick
Kurt Kuersteiner For nearly forty years, Chick Publications under the leadership of Jack T Chick has published over three quarters of a billion religious tracts that have been distributed in over 100 languages around the world. In the process, Jack Chick's name has become revered in the world of fundamentalist teachings, reviled among dozens of major religions and banned as hate literature in several countries. Outside the world of religion, the tracts have become highly valued pop culture collectibles with presentations in galleries from NY to LA and a permanent collection in the Smithsonian. Notoriously reclusive, Chick Publications for the first time let camera crews in to meet the creators of the infamous works as well as noted authors, artists and collectors who have covered the history of all things Chick including the art, artists, writers, controversies, death threats, witch spells, Illuminati, Catholic assassins and more!
The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration
Francis Ford Coppola's epic masterpiece features Marlon Brando in his Oscar©-winning role as the patriarch of the Corleone family. Director Coppola paints a chilling portrait of the Sicilian clan's rise and near fall from power in America, masterfully balancing the story between the Corleone's family life and the ugly crime business in which they are engaged. Based on Mario Puxo's best-selling novel and featuring career-making performances by Al Pacino, James Cann and Robert Duvall, this searing and brilliant film garnered ten Academy Award® nominations, and won three including Best Picture of 1972.
The Godfather Part II - The Coppola Restoration
This brilliant companion piece to the original The Godfather continues the saga of two generations of successive power within the Corleone family. Coppola tells two stories in Part II: the roots and rise of a young Don Vito, played with uncanny ability by Robert De Niro, and the ascension of Michael (Al Pacino) as the new Don. Reassembling many of the talents who helped make The Godfather, Coppola has produced a movie of staggering magnitude and vision, and undeniably the best sequel ever made. Robert De Niro won an Oscar®; the film received six Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1974.
The Godfather Part III - The Coppola Restoration
One of the greatest sagas in movie history continues. In this third film in the epic Corleone trilogy, Al Pacino reprises the role of powerful family leader Michael Corleone. Now in his 60's, Michael is dominated by two passions: freeing his family from crime and finding a suitable successor. That successor could be fiery Vincent (Andy Garcia)... but he may also be the spark that turns Michael's hope of business legitimacy into an inferno of mob violence. Francis Ford Coppola directs Pacino, Garcia, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, Eli Wallach, Sofia Coppola, Joe Montegna and others in this exciting, long-awaited film that masterfully explores the themes of power, tradition, revenge and love. Seven Academy Award® nominations for 1990 were the result, including Best Picture.
Gods & Generals
Ronald F. Maxwell A sweeping epic charting the early years of the Civil War and how campaigns unfolded from Manassas to the Battle of Fredericksburg, this prequel to the film Gettysburg explores the motivations of the combatants and examines the lives of those who waited at home.
The Godthumb
Andrea DeCaro, John Laus, Todd Portugal, David Bourla A notorious New York mafia family rules a vast criminal empire of extortion, gambling, and murder, all led by The Godthumb. His struggle to control the underworld of crime and corruption is only offset by the "favors" he is asked from his many personal and professional "family" members. From the comic mind of Steve Oedekerk (Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Jimmy Neutron, Ace Ventura) comes a gripping tale of true crime mixed with sensationalistic falsehoods and wrapped in vicious mobster stereotypes. Whatever you do, don't fuhgeddaboudit!
Godzilla Vs Hedorah
Yoshimitsu Banno No Description Available.
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 1-JAN-2007
Media Type: DVD
Goin' South
Gone Baby Gone
Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Ben Affleck Gone Baby Gone is Ben Affleck s directorial debut, adapted by Affleck from the novel by Dennis Lehane "Mystic River".
It is an intense look inside an ongoing investigation about the mysterious disappearance of a little girl. As two young private detectives (Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) hired to take the case get closer to finding her, they discover that nothing is as it seems and more dangerous than they ever thought possible. Also starring Academy Award® winners Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) and Ed Harris (Pollack).
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Alex Gibney Oscar® winning director Alex Gibney presents a probing look into the uncanny life of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson inventor of gonzo journalism and author of the landmark Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Accompanied by an iconic soundtrack, this fast moving, wildly entertaining film addresses the major touchstones in Thompson s life from his intense and ill fated relationship with the Hell s Angels to his deep involvement in Senator George McGovern s 1972 presidential election.
The Good German
Steven Soderbergh Who knows what American journalist Jake Geismer (George Clooney) expected to find in postwar Berlin? Peace, maybe. Or at least a story. But certainly not Lena (Cate Blanchett), his beautiful, embittered one-time love. And not the trail of secrecy and deception that leads from Lena to the scheming young corporal (Tobey Maguire) who's her new lover...and to a murder no one seems interested in solving. Except Jake. Steven Soderbergh directs three of today's top talents in this zigzag thriller that's both an atmospheric homage to 1940s filmmaking and a deft modern film noir. The Good German is "haunting and hypnotic, it's pure moviegoing bliss" (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone).
The Good Son
Joseph Ruben Evil resides in an unexpected place in this gripping, suspense-filled drama. Macaulay Culkin stars as Henry, an angelic-looking boy who seems loving and loyal to his parents, sister and friends. Only his cousin Mark (Elijah Wood) sees what lurks behind Henry's smile- secret thoughts and a love of deadly games. But when Mark tries to warn Henry's family, they won't believe him, leaving the terrified youngster alone to battle his jealous, menacing cousin.
The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It
Judith Ehrlich, Rick Tejada-Flores {WINNER, Film of the Year, American Historical Association}
{WINNER, Best Documentary, Ojai Film Festival}
{WINNER, Erik Barnouw Award Film of the Year, Organization of American Historians}


Millions of people from Allied countries fought to liberate Europe from Hitler's grip during World War II. Yet 40,000 Americans refused to shoulder weapons in "the Good War."

Narrated by Ed Asner, this important film tells the story of a previously ignored chapter of WWII — the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. It is a story of personal courage, idealism and nonconformity based on both ethical and religious beliefs about men whose love of country could not extend to killing their fellow man.

Many were Quakers or others whose religious beliefs interpreted the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill" to include war; others were passionate pacifists who felt morally incapable of cooperating with a violent conflict, no matter how worthy the cause.

All lived with the scorn of a nation, and often family and friends as well. While it has been more than half a century since WWII, this particular war story has been almost entirely lost to history until now.

Includes the Conscientious Objector Handbook: the up-to-date guide to the draft

Other Bonus Materials include:
- WWII Poster Gallery - Propagandizing the Good War
- DVD-ROM Features - Documents and Links to Non-Violence, Draft, Counter-Recruitment and Military Resources
A Good Year
Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) is a highly successful investment expert with no time for life outside work. When his estranged uncle dies, Max inherits the vineyard in France where he grew up as a child, and his first intention is to sell the vineyard as qui
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
He went from teacher to legend in one lifetime.

Arthur Chipping, the Latin master at an English boys’ boarding school, is as awkward as he is stubborn. The eccentric schoolmaster lives a full, rich life within the cloistered school, defined by his role as the intellectual shepherd of generations of young students. Then, everything changes.

When Mr. Chipping travels through the countryside on summer holiday, he unexpectedly falls in love with the unconventional Kathie (Victoria Hamilton, Mansfield Park). The love and devotion of his new wife ignites his passion and brings him out of his shell, revealing the sensitivity lying beneath his gruff exterior. But after tragedy strikes, Chips’ true character is put to the test in the most difficult examination of his life. Ultimately, it is a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a tender, heartwarming story that spans over 50 years in one passionate life. Portraying the storied Arthur Chipping in James Hilton’s classic tale of love and transformation, Martin Clunes (Shakespeare in Love) turns in a bravura performance in a film filled with countless noteworthy turns.

Special DVD features include: materials and activities for educators; selected cast filmographies; selected cast list; biography of host Russell Baker: a link to the Masterpiece Theatre Web site; closed captions; and v and described video for the visually impaired.

On one DVD5 disc. Region coding: All regions. Audio: Dolby stereo. Screen format: Letterboxed.
Martin Scorsese Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco. The riveting tale of the real gangster life" as told by an ex-mobster. Based on a true story and expertly directed by Martin Scorsese, this violent and darkly comic tale was nominated for six Oscars, including a Best Supporting Actor win for Pesci. 2 DVDs. 1990/color/146 min/R/widescreen.
The Goonies
Richard Donner Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden dubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys... and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
Gosford Park
Goya's Ghosts
Milos Forman Academy Award® nominees Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem star in two-time Academy Award® winning director Milos Forman's thrilling new romantic drama! Goya's Ghosts is a sweeping historical epic, told through the eyes of celebrated Spanish painter Francisco Goya (Skarsgard). Set against the backdrop of political turmoil at the end of the Spanish Inquisition and start of the invasion of Spain by Napoleon's army, the film captures the essence and beauty of Goya's work which is best known for both the colorful depictions of the royal court and its people, and his grim depictions of the brutality of war and life in 18th century Spain. When Goya's beautiful muse (Portman) is accused of being a heretic, renowned painter Francisco Goya (Skarsgard) must convince his old friend Lorenzo (Bardem), a power-hungry monk and leader of the Spanish Inquisition, to spare her life.
Grace of My Heart
Allison Anders For Years, Her Songs Brought Fame To Other People. Then Shefound Her Own Voice. From The Late 1950'S Doo-Wop Era To Thepsychedelic 70'S, Songwriting Sensation Denise Waverly Strugglesto Escape The Shadow Of Pop Music Icons And Ultimately Emergesas A Singer In Her Own Right.
The Graduate
Mike Nichols The Oscar-winning coming-of-age comedy that launched star Dustin Hoffman's career and spoke to a generation. Follow aimless college grad Benjamin Braddock as he is seduced by the glamorous Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), only to fall in love with her daughter (Katharine Ross). Music by Simon and Garfunkel; Mike Nichols directs. 106 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo Surround; Subtitles: French, Spanish; documentary; interview; theatrical trailer. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.
Gran Torino
Clint Eastwood A disgruntled Korean War vet, Walt Kowalski (Eastwood), sets out to reform his neighbor, a young Hmong teenager, who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possession: his 1972 Gran Torino.
Grand Prix
John Frankenheimer Nine races. One champion. James Garner, Yves Montand, Brian Bedford and Antonio Sabato portray Formula I drivers competing to be the best in this slam-you-into-the-driver's seat tale of speed, spectacle and intertwined personal lives. Eva Marie Saint and Toshiro Mifune also star. John Frankenheimer (who 32 years later would again stomp the pedal to the metal for the car chases of Ronin) directs this winner of 3 Academy Awards?,* crafting split-screen images to capture the overlapping drama and orchestrating you-are-there POV camerawork to intensify the hard-driving thrills. Nearly 30 top drivers take part in the excitement, so buckle up, movie fans. Race with the best to the head of the pack.

DVD Features:
Theatrical Trailer
The Great Dictator
Charles Chaplin, Kevin Brownlow, Michael Kloft Kevin Brownlow and Michael Kloft's absorbing documentary, "The Tramp and the Dictator," backgrounds Chaplin and Hitler (who were born a few days apart) and gives a detailed account of The Great Dictator's production. Twenty-five minutes of color fo
The Great Gatsby
Tom Priestley, Jack Clayton Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor.
The Great New Wonderful
Danny Leiner Maggie Gyllenhaal, Edie Falco, Tony Shaloub, Stephen Colbert and Olympia Dukakis star in this lighthearted comedy about life in New York City one year following 9/11. It’s a comedy about starting over.
The Great Raid
Scott Chestnut, Pietro Scalia, John Dahl In the epic tradition of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, THE GREAT RAID is an inspirational true story of the most triumphant rescue mission in U.S. military history! As World War II rages, the elite 6th Ranger Battalion is given a mission of heroic proportions: push 30 miles behind enemy lines and liberate over 500 American prisoners of war. Under the command of Lt. Col. Henry Mucci (Benjamin Bratt — TRAFFIC), the men of the 6th will face the unthinkable by attempting the impossible! Also featuring James Franco (SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2), Connie Nielsen (GLADIATOR), and Joseph Fiennes (SHAKESPEAKE IN LOVE), this gripping big-screen hit captures a moment in time when men of honor became soldiers of destiny!
The Great Santini
Houseley Stevenson Jr., Lewis John Carlino A mighty actor-Robert Duvall-gets a role to match as a "top gun" Marine fighter pilot at odds with his family and peacetime America. Blythe Danner and Michael O'Keefe co-star. Year: 1979 Director: Lewis John Carlino Starring: Robert Duvall, Blythe Danner, Michael O'Keefe
Great World of Sound
Craig Zobel, R. Craig Zobel Martin is an uncomplicated guy who responds to an ad in the paper for a company called Great World of Sound. Joining the crew, Martin partners up with larger than life Clarence, and the two hit the road to discover and sign new musical talent. As the veneer falls away from GWS, the two have to reconcile the excitement with the reality of the job. Have they become scam artists, or are they victims of the scam?
The Greatest American Hero: Season One


This critically acclaimed series, which is a perfect blend of superhero action and sharp-witted comedy, centers on a normal high school teacher with a super-poweredsuit he doesn't know how to operate! With the help of his friends and through some trial and error, his mission is to travel around the world to fight crime and save the day!

Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) is an ordinary school teacher who becomes extraordinary after an encounter with extraterrestrials leaves him with a power suit that transforms him into a superhero! But when he loses the suit's instruction manual, Ralph must learn by trial and error to control the capabilities and powers of his red magic outfit to fight the battle against injustice and crime. With the help of his attorney girlfriend Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca) and FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), the world's most unlikely flying crime fighter gets tangled in one outrageous adventure after another in this quirky sci-fi/action/comedy series. Created by legendary writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell, this complete first season collection includes all 8 acclaimed episodes from this multi-Emmy®-nominated series which co-stars Michael Pare and Faye Grant.


Episode List:PilotThe Hit CarHere's Looking at You, KidSaturday Night on Sunset BoulevardReseda RoseMy Heroes Have Always Been CowboysFire ManThe Best Desk Scenario
Grey Branches
Grey Gardens
Michael Sucsy Based on the life stories of the eccentric aunt and first cousin of Jackie Kennedy, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange, Grey Gardens tells the tender, intimate story of an eccentric mother and daughter (both named Edith Bouvier Beale aka "Big and Little Edie"). They were raised as Park Avenue débutantes but withdrew from New York society, taking shelter at their Long Island summer home, "Grey Gardens ." As their wealth and contact with the outside world dwindled, so did their grasp on reality. They were reintroduced to the world when international tabloids learned of a health department raid on their home, and Jackie swooped in to save her relatives. Based on the lives that inspired the Maysles Brothers' classic documentary.
Grindhouse Presents, Planet Terror - Extended and Unrated
Robert Rodriguez (Horror) A fun zombie film that busts at the seams with gross special effects, amazing action, and deliciously over-the-top moments, as gun-legged Cherry Darling and one man wrecking crew El Wray try to save the world from a horde of flesh-eating zombies.
The Grocer's Son
Eric Guirado It is summer, and thirty-year-old Antoine is forced to leave the city to return to his family in Provence. His father is sick, so he must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed driving the family grocery cart from hamlet to hamlet, delivering supplies to the few remaining inhabitants. Accompanied by Claire, a friend from Paris whom he has a secret crush on, Antoine gradually warms up to his experience in the country and his encounters with the villagers, who initially seem stubborn and gruff, but ultimately prove to be funny and endearing. Ultimately, this surprise French box-office hit is about the coming-of-age of a man re-discovering life and love in the countryside.
Grosse Pointe Blank
George Armitage Here's the killer comedy hit that's loaded with outrageous fun! For Martin Blank (John Cusack — HIGH FIDELITY, SERENDIPITY), a hit man stuck in a career rut, attending his 10-year high school reunion is about the last thing he's in the mood for! But when the prospects of rekindling an old flame (Minnie Driver — GOOD WILL HUNTING) and pulling off one final job convince him to go, things are looking up ... that is, until Martin's arch rival (Dan Aykroyd) shows up aiming to blow the competition away! For hilarious comedy entertainment that's packed with action, GROSSE POINTE BLANK is a surefire knockout!
Groundhog Day
Murray, Macdowell Bill Murray does warmth in his most consistently effective post-Stripes comedy, a romantic fantasy about a wacky weatherman forced to relive one strange day over and over again, until he gets it right. Snowed in during a road-trip expedition to watch the famous groundhog encounter his shadow, Murray falls into a time warp that is never explained but pays off so richly that it doesn't need to be. The elaborate loop-the-loop plot structure cooked up by screenwriter Danny Rubin is crystal-clear every step of the way, but it's Murray's world-class reactive timing that makes the jokes explode, and we end up looking forward to each new variation. He squeezes all the available juice out of every scene. Without forcing the issue, he makes us understand why this fly-away personality responds so intensely to the radiant sanity of the TV producer played by Andie MacDowell. The blissfully clueless Chris Elliott (Cabin Boy) is Murray's nudnik cameraman. —David Chute
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
Dito Montiel Though he now lives in L.A., writer Dito Montiel (Robert Downey, Jr.) left his heart in Astoria, New York, where he came of age in the 1980s with a group of tough, streetwise friends. Asked by his mother (Dianne Wiest) to return home to see his dying father (Chazz Palminteri), Dito embarks on a soul-wrenching journey of self-discovery. Autobiographical drama based on the book by screenwriter/director Montiel also star Shia LaBeouf, Rosario Dawson. 98 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: Spanish; audio commentary; alternate opening; alternate ending; deleted scenes; "making of" documentary.
Gunner Palace DVD
Michael Tucker (III), Petra Epperlein Genre: Education/General Interest, War, Documentary, Theatrical Release, Soldiers, Military (Usa), Weapons, Saddam Hussein Director: Mike Tucker Description: In this striking documentary shot in 2003, early on in the US-led war on Iraq, a group of American soldiers in Baghdad who have taken over a bombed-out palace that belonged to Uday Hussein, the son of Saddam Hussein, offer the camera a view on their world. While they party poolside for most of the day and lead raids on homes of suspected bomb-builders most nights, they also have a lot to say about the war and their situation. Rapping to each other or to the camera, they use rhyme to speak their minds about various aspects of the war, their day-to-day duties, and life in Iraq. Their youth and immaturity is striking, as is the war itself and the nebulous reasons that they are stationed there. While the primary purpose of GUNNER PALACE is to give the perspective of the soldiers, secondarily viewers get a glimpse of Iraqi civilians and how they react to the US military presence—some are terrified, others are skeptical, still others are compliant and grateful if not totally sure why. However, giving voice to the soldiers remains the film's major theme, and for this reason, filmmakers Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein appealed the original R-rating given to the film by the MPAA, and won. With a PG-13 rating, filmmakers explained, teenagers considering military careers can watch the film and benefit from seeing soldiers in combat and hearing them talk about what it's like. Release Notes: DVD Features: Region (unknown) Audio: Stereo 2.0 Surround Sound 5.1 Additional Release Material: Deleted Scenes U.S. Theatrical Trailer DVD Rom Features: Weblinks
Gus Van Sant's Last Days
Gus Van Sant An official selection in the 2005 Cannes Film festival, GUS VAN SANT'S LAST DAYS is inspired by the final hours of Kurt Cobain. The film introduces us to Blake (Michael Pitt, The Dreamers), a brilliant, but troubled musician. Success has left him in a lonely place, where livelihoods rest on his shoulders and old friends regularly tap him for money and favors. The film follows Blake through a handful of hours spent in and near his wooded home... a fugitive from his own life.

DVD Features:
Deleted Scenes
Music Video:"Happy Song" by Pagoda
Other:The Making Of
Outtakes:On the set of Gus Van Sant's Last Days: The Long Dolly Shot
Guys and Dolls
Hollywood legends Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons and Vivian Blain (from the original Broadway cast) are dazzling in this Frank Loesser (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) masterpiece, unleashing a "spectacular, song-and-dance show that's loaded with entertainment" (New York Journal-American). Featuring hits like "Luck Be a Lady" and "A Woman in Love," this smash film version of one of Broadway's most popular musicals is guaranteed, rip-roaring "four-starentertainment" (New York Daily News). The slickest big-time New York City gamblers,Sky Masterson (Brando) and Nathan Detroit (Sinatra), can't resist making or taking a bet on anything. So when a pretty missionary (Simmons) sets up shop in the neighborhood, Nathan stakes a grand that Sky can't seduce her. But all bets are off when Sky falls madly in love in this romantic musical spectacular that sets the Big Apple afire with excitement!
H.R. Giger Revealed
David N. Jahn The documentary director David N. Jahn started working as an assistant at Giger's atelier in Zürich in 2000. After he returned back to Prague, Jahn offered Giger to produce a DVD that would map his work and current life. The shooting took place at Giger's studio in Zürich and in Gruyéres where the H.R. Giger Museum and bar are located. In Vienna, they managed to film an interview with the Austrian fantastic artist Ernst Fuchs. In New York, the film-makers encountered Debbie Harry (Blondie) for whom Giger produced an album cover and two music videos. At the vernissages in Paris and Prague, they recorded an array of interviews with other personalities of the artistic and cultural world that also appear in the film. Even though the authors don't avoid the particular developmental periods of Giger's work, the main purpose was not to create the artist's biography. In this case, it is more likely considered to be an authentic perspective on the peculiar world of this Swiss artist.

The second part of the H.R. Giger DVD - Art in Motion - is a real adventure for all Giger fans. All those who have met Giger's art in books or at exhibitions know what we are talking about. Surrealistic paintings often hide dimensions which the viewer becomes aware of after a while and sometimes very unexpectedly. It is the first time you will be able to see Giger's paintings processed digitally in high resolution quality, 3D animated and together with original film music and surround sound. Watch ten moving image collages (including Erotomechanics) where we used over 200 diapositives which cover the most important periods of his work. Each of those collages will be presented in an abstract story, which will tell us more about Giger´s life and artistic work.

The third bonus part contains various hard-to-get short Giger movies - High and Heimkiller, Second Celebration of the Four and many more. Full DVD content with trailers can be found at
Hacking Democracy
Simon Ardizzone, Russell Michaels The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY bravely tangles with our nation's ills at the heart of democracy. The film the Diebold corporation doesn't want you to see, this revelatory profile follows a tenacious grandmother from Seattle, Bev Harris, and her band of extraordinary citizen-activists as they set out to ask one simple question: How does America count its votes? From Florida and California to Ohio and Washington State, filmmakers Simon Ardizzone, Robert Cohens, and Russell Michaels starkly reveal a rotten system riddled with inaccuracy, incompetent election officials, and electronic voting machines that can be programmed to steal elections. Equipped only with a powerful sense of righteous outrage, the activists take on voting machine manufacturer Diebold, exposing unsettling security holes in the company's equipment. They even go dumpster diving at a county election official's office in Florida, uncovering incendiary evidence of miscounted votes.

HACKING DEMOCRACY takes a nonpartisan, clear-eyed look at the secrecy, cronyism, and incompetence of elections in present-day America as it captures a citizen's movement intent on taking back elections—and democracy itself. "It is hard to imagine...a documentary this season that is more important to the civic life of the nation—let alone one that is so compelling and ultimately moving" (Baltimore Sun).
Hair High By Bill Plympton
Bill Plympton "Hair High" is a gothic high-school comedy with a "Carrie"-like story. Cherri and Rod are the high-school king and queen and they justifiably rule their domain. Spud, the new kid in town, accidentally offends both Cherri and Rod and is forced to become Cherri's slave. Naturally, they immediately hate each other, but of course later they fall in love. Cherri and Spud secretly decide to go to the prom together, and on prom night a rejected Rod forces their car off the road and into the lake. In true 50's ballad style, their car sinks to the bottom of the lake as they share one last kiss. While the bodies of Cherri and Spud lie in a timeless embrace, Rod is successful in thwarting any investigation and is able to get away with murder. On the night of the following year's prom, the car magically comes to life and slowly drives out of the lake with Cherri and Spud, as if nothing had happened, only this time their bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition.Their rusty and water-logged car drives to the prom and just as Rod is about to crown himself new king of the prom, Cherri and Spud enter the ballroom - the spotlight follows them as they cross the dance floor, with all the attendees in shock. As they approach the stage, spiders, bugs, snakes, lizards and fish ooze from their sagging skin and skeletal bodies, and the prom attendees freak as they mount the stairs to the stage. Spud takes the crown and places it on Cherri as the animals attack and devour Rod. Starring the voices of: Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Silverman, Ed Begley Jr., Beverly D'Angelo, Keith Carradine, David Carradine, Martha Plimpton, Matt Groening Tom Noonan, Don Hertzfeldt and many others.
Ben Scholle, Curtis Elliott HAIRKUTT - DVD Movie
Half Nelson
Ryan Fleck Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) is a young inner-city junior high school teacher whose ideals wither and die in the face of reality. Day after day in his shabby Brooklyn classroom, he somehow finds the energy to inspire his 13 and 14-year-olds to examine everything from civil rights to the Civil War with a new enthusiasm. Rejecting the standard curriculum in favor of an edgier approach, Dan teaches his students how change works ' on both a historical and personal scale ' and how to think for themselves.

Though Dan is brilliant, dynamic, and in control in the classroom, he spends his time outside school on the edge of consciousness. His disappointments and disillusionment have led to a serious drug habit. He juggles his hangovers and his homework, keeping his lives separated, until one of his troubled students, Drey (Shareeka Epps), catches him getting high after school.

From this awkward beginning, Dan and Drey stumble into an unexpected friendship. Despite the differences in their ages and situations, they are both at an important intersection. Depending on which way they turn ' and which choices they make ' their lives will change.
Hamburger Hill
Peter Tanner, John Irvin Graphic portrayal of the ten day assault on Hill 937, beginning on May 10, 1969, that took 70% casualties from the Men of the 101st Airborne Division.
Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: R
Release Date: 21-OCT-2003
Media Type: DVD
Hamlet 2
Andrew Fleming One high school drama teacher is about to make a huge number 2 in this wildly irreverent and completely outrageous movie from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine! When his school's theatre department is threatened to be cut, failed-actor-turned-high-school-drama-teacher Dana Marschz writes a play that he hopes will solve everything: a sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Now, staging one of the most politically incorrect musical-theater extravaganzas ever seen, Dana and his class will put it all on the line for one controversial, conflicted night of hilarity!
Audrey Tautou (star of Amélie) shimmers like a born movie star in Happenstance. A woman on the morning train tells Tautou that the full moon will lead her to her soulmate; from there, Happenstance follows a marvelous interlocking series of events, in which little things (like whether or not a young museum guard eats a piece of chocolate) affect bigger ones (like whether or not an adulterous husband will tell his wife the truth). The numerous characters intersect with each other's lives, creating a web of coincidences that finally catches Tautou like a hapless fly. This could have been cloying and forced, but the writing and directing are so deft and subtle that the coincidences of Happenstance feel natural and compelling. A sweet and hopeful movie, with excellent performance all around, but Tautou's wide-open eyes leap out of her every scene, hypnotic and charming. —Bret Fetzer
The Happiest Millionaire
Norman Tokar Burt Lancaster and Rex Harrison were considered for the role of Anthony J. Drexel Biddle, but Walt Disney awarded the role to his favorite actor, Fred MacMurray.
Todd Solondz This animated feature film DVD is for matrure audiences on ly. It features widescreen, Dolby Surround, is digitally ma stered,, with interactive menus, scene access, cast & crew information, & Spanish, English, & French subtitles.
Happy Endings
Don Roos Lisa Kudrow, Laura Dern, Tom Arnold. A diverse group of mostly middle-class Americans experience a number of emotional ups and downs in their flawed yet realistic lives, each loosely connected to each other through a restaurant. A witty look at love, family and life. 2005/color/128 min/R/widescreen.
Happy Times
Yimou Zhang
Mike Leigh Academy Award nominee Mike Leigh (Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, Vera Drake, 2004), delivers the delightfully fresh and cheerful comedy Happy-Go-Lucky. Free-spirited and effervescent, Poppy is a schoolteacher whose unstoppable optimism guides her life. Bubbling forth with giggles, laughter and jokes, life's a bowl of cherries even when she comes across a few pits. Whether it's a cranky driving teacher or a fiery flamenco instructor, Poppy embraces life on the sunny side of the street. It's a joyous, feel-good film you'll find irresistible. Bonus features include: Behind the Wheel of Happy-Go-Lucky, Happy-In-Character, audio commentary by Director Mike Leigh
Hard Candy
David Slade A smart, charming teenage girl, Hayley probably shouldn't be going to a local coffee shop to meet Jeff, a 30-something fashion photographer she met on the Internet. But before she knows it, she's mixing drinks at Jeff's place and stripping for an impromptu photo shoot. It's Jeff's lucky night. But Hayley isn't as innocent as she looks, and the night takes a turn when she begins to impose a hard-hitting investigation on Jeff in an attempt to reveal his possibly scandalous past.
A Hard Day's Night
Richard Lester In 1964, the Beatles had just recently exploded onto the American scene with their debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The group's first feature, the Academy Award-nominated "A Hard Day's Night," offered fans their first peek into a day in the life of the Beatles and served to establish the Fab Four on the silver screen, as well as to inspire the music video format. Songs: I'll Cry Instead, A Hard Day's Night, I Should've Known Better, Can't Buy Me Love, If I Fell, And I Love Her, I'm Happy Just to Dance with You, Ringo's Theme (This Boy), Tell Me Why, Don't Bother Me, I Wanna Be Your Man, All My Lovin', She Loves You.
Hard Eight
Paul Thomas Anderson A professional gambler befriends a luckless young couple, but when a secret from his past threatens that friendship, he decides to take care of the situation.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: R
Release Date: 5-AUG-2003
Media Type: DVD
Hardware Wars
Ernie Fosselius San Francisco filmmaker Ernie Fosselius made the most successful short film of all time in the 1978 Hardware Wars, an inspired, mock-trailer for a nonexistent, cheapo rip-off of Star Wars. It worked like this: instead of Chewbacca, Fosselius offers the Cookie Monster. Instead of Darth Vader's breathy, slightly echoed voice emerging somehow behind that black-mask helmet, we get a villain whose every ranting utterance is so muffled even this film's Princess Leia equivalent beseeches him, "What? I don't understand you." And so on. Part of the joke is that George Lucas's revolutionary special effects are supplanted by common kitchen gizmos—mixers, toasters—that serve as spaceships and weapons sources. The updated special edition contains 20 computer-generated "special defects" that don't—the distributor boasts—at all match Fosselius's earlier version. Um... right on? —Tom Keogh
Harold and Maude
Edward Warschilka, William A. Sawyer, Hal Ashby The self-destructive and needy wealthy teenager Harold is obsessed by death and spends his leisure time attending funerals, watching the demolishing of buildings, visiting junkyards, simulating suicides trying to get attention from his indifferent, snobbish and egocentric mother, and having sessions with his psychologist. When Harold meets the anarchist seventy-nine-year-old Maude at a funeral, they become friends and the old lady discloses other perspectives of the cycle of life for him. Meanwhile, his mother enlists him in a dating service and tries to force Harold to join the army. On the day of Maude's eightieth birthday, Harold proposes to her but he finds the truth about life at the end of hers.
Harper dvd Authentic Region 1 WB Release Paul Newman & Lita Milan Star
Paul Newman steps into the hard-boiled tradition of Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe as Lew Harper, a "new type" of detective — as he puts it. Lauren Bacall plays the wife of a missing millionaire who hires the reluctant Harper to find him. Coming across a menagerie of pulp characters including a gigolo (Robert Wagner), a junkie (Julie Harris) and a group of cultists, Harper unravels a case of kidnap and murder in this sharply written mystery.
Harsh Times
David Ayer (Action) Bale stars as an ex-Army Ranger who finds himself slipping back into his old life of petty crime and booze after a job offer from the LAPD evaporates. Honorable discharged, Homeland Security wants to recruit him for some special ops in Central America, but first he has to pass a urine test...which proves difficult. Film directorial debut for Ayer who has written such box office hits as TRAINING DAY, U-571 and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS
Henry Koster James Stewart gives one of his finest performances in this lighthearted film, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Stewart stars as the good-natured Elwood P. Dowd, whose constant companion is Harvey, a six-foot tall rabbit that only he can see. To his sister, Veta Louise, Elwood’s obsession with Harvey has been a thorn in the side of her plans to marry off her daughter. But when Veta Louise decides to put Elwood in a mental hospital, a hilarious mix-up occurs and she finds herself committed instead. It’s up to Elwood to straighten out the mess with his kindly philosophy, and his “imaginary” friend, in this popular classic that features a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award-wining performance by Josephine Hull.
Harvie Krumpet
Adam Elliot Harvie Krumpet is the biography of an ordinary man seemingly cursed with perpetual bad luck. From being born with Tourette’s Syndrome, to getting struck by lightning; from having his testicle removed to developing Alzheimer’s disease; Harvie’s troubles seem unending! Yet, Harvie learns many lessons in life and enjoys its many fruits. He finds love, freedom, nudity and ultimately the true meaning of what it is to be human.
The Haunting
Ernest Walter, Robert Wise A group is introduced to the supernatural through a 90-year old New England haunted house. Be prepared for hair-raising results in this classic horror film!
The Hawk Is Dying
Julian Goldberger When stricken with a family tragedy, George (Academy Awardr Nominee Paul Giamatti) becomes obsessed with taming a wild, red-tail hawk. In a tour-de-force performance he locks himself into a battle of wills with a fierce creature that would rather die than succumb.
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Véronique Parnet, Laetitia Colombani When we first meet rising young artist Angelique (Tautou), she is in the glorious throes of true love, and the whole world has seemingly fallen under her spell. Her handsome lover Loic is madly in love with her, her paintings are winning wide acclaim, and a glorious future seems all but assured. But Angelique's blissful world may not be as enchanting as it first seems, and in a quick startling moment, her life - and our understanding of it -seems to unravel in front of our eyes. Starring Audrey Tautou (Amelie), Samuel Le Bihan (Three Colors: Red).
He Was a Quiet Man
Frank A. Cappello Bob Maconel (Christian Slater) endures another eight hours in a dull grey cubicle. Ignored by his co-workers, Bob feels completely invisible and out of sync with the world. On one strange day he crosses the line from potential killer to inadvertent hero when he saves beautiful Venessa (Elisha Cuthbert). His Boss (William H. Macy) transforms Bob into a new man but his good fortune is short lived when the Object of his Desire asks him to end her life.
Head in the Clouds
John Duigan As war clouds gather over Europe, a free-spirited socialite and her two lovers live a life of pleasure and privilege until the Spanish Civil War tears them apart. Starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz.
Heart of the Beholder
Conrad Bachmann, Ken Tipton DVD, NTSC, Region 1 Rated :R
Allan Arkush Andy Kaufman, Bernadette Peters, Randy Quaid. Two household robots choose to leave servitude behind and let their romance flourish in this futuristic comedy. 1981/color/79 min/PG.
Hearts of Darkness - A Filmmaker's Apocalypse
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse is an engrossing, unwavering look back at Francis Ford Coppola’s chaotic, catastrophe-plagued Vietnam production, Apocalypse Now. Filled with juicy gossip and a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the stressful world of moviemaking, the documentary mixes on-location home movies shot in the Philippines by Eleanor Coppola, the director’s wife, with revealing interviews with the cast and crew, shot 10 years later.
Michael Mann An L.A. cop (Al Pacino) becomes fixated on a deadly thief (Robert Dinero) and his crew ( Val Kilmer & Jon Voight) who are taking Los Angeles to the cleaners. This movie includes one of the most spectacular shoot outs in film history as Dinero and Kilmer rip through downtown Los Angeles with both guns blazing.
Heathers - 20th High School Reunion Edition
It made overnight stars of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater,shocked uncool film critics everywhere and became oneof the biggest cult classics of the ʻ80s. Twenty years later, HEATHERS remains the only brilliantly black comedy about peer pressure, malicious croquet and having abrain tumor for breakfast. At Westerburg High where cliques rule, jerk jocks dominate and the most popular girls are all named Heather, itʼs going to take a Veronica (Ryder) and the mysterious – and possibly psychotic – new kid J.D. (Slater) to give teen angst a body count. Shannen Doherty co-stars in the most cruelly hilarious high school movie ever made,featuring a new, high quality transfer. The extreme always seems to make an impression: Heathers is back like youʼve never seen or heard it before!
The star power of Cate Blanchett (THE SHIPPING NEWS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and Giovanni Ribisi (GONE IN 60 SECONDS, BOILER ROOM) propels this luminous and intensely haunting motion picture from the acclaimed director of RUN LOLA RUN and WINTER SLEEPERS. Philippa (Blanchett), a British teacher living in Turin, Italy, has watched helplessly as her husband and friends have fallen victim to drug overdoses. To compound her desperation, the police — who are complicit in the actions of Turin's biggest drug dealer — have completely ignored Philippa's repeated offers of information. So, with the unexpected help of a sympathetic police officer (Ribisi), Philippa feels she has nothing to lose by taking divine justice into her own hands. A probing exploration of the modern world and its moral choices — you'll be mesmerized by Philippa's transformation from grieving widow to wanted fugitive on a journey through retribution and redemption, innocence, and crime!
Diane Keaton Pull up a cloud and take a ride through HEAVEN. Created and directed by the multi-talented Diane Keaton, HEAVEN takes a wonderfully lighthearted look at the Great Beyond.
Heavenly Creatures
Peter Jackson A starkly original film-going experience based on a true life story, this film from New Zealand director Peter Jackson (Dead Alive, The Frighteners) is a stirring drama that offers up the unexpected. The story concerns two girls, outcasts who become best friends, whose bizarre fantasy life becomes more intense as their bond becomes increasingly more obsessive. When the mother of one of the girls tries to intervene and split the girls apart, they kill her and stand trial for murder in what is to this day still a celebrated and controversial case. Kate Winslet (Titanic) and Melanie Lynskey create two sympathetic and yet uncomfortably eerie characters in riveting portrayals. Featuring some startling and unique moments of visual brilliance as well as a disturbing love story between the two girls, Heavenly Creatures is at once both unsettling and beautiful to behold. —Robert Lane
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Jeff Krulik, John Heyn Filmed in 1986 at a Maryland concert arena parking lot before a heavy metal show, HMPL is an unvarnished anthropological study of American metalheads in their mid-'80s glory. It is the quintessential '80s magnum opus, made complete with a vast display of muscle cars, spandex, bleach-blonde frizzy perms, bare-chested dudes, Mullets From Hell, faded denim metal chicks, and the largest collection of late '70s Camaros ever seen in one location.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
John Cameron Mitchell This is the story of hedwig an ambitious glam-rocker who comes to america determined to find fame fortune and his other half. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 06/03/2003 Run time: 91 minutes Rating: R
Chris Terrio A legendary superstar, a self-absorbed photographer, a tempermental attorney, a struggling actor, and a heartbroken journalist undergo major changes in one compelling 24-hour period. Glenn Close, Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, and Jesse Bradford star.
David Mamet Gene Hackman plays the veteran ringleader of a gang of theives (Delroy Lindo, Ricky Jay and Rebecca Pigeon as Hackman's youngish wife) that pulls off complex heists for a despicable fence (Danny DeVito). After stiffing the gang on a jewelry robbery, DeVito forces the gang to go after a Swiss gold shipment and to use his son (Sam Rockwell) in the crime. Mistrust runs rampant as double-crosses threaten the split-second operation.

DVD Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Theatrical Trailer
Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?
Frances Causey, Donald Goldmacher This film portrays the takeover of the American political economy by mega-corporations, through a coordinated strategy initially proposed by Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell in 1971.
Hell On Wheels
Bob Ray Fast, fun and inspiring, HELL ON WHEELS is the true tale of a group of hard-hitting Austin, Texas women who resurrect the sport or roller derby, only to find internal strife ripping the fledgling organization apart. Two leagues emerge from the clash and, in four short years, the two Texas leagues overcame all obstacles to revel in undreamed of success. Riding a wave of international acclaim, the Lonestar Rollergirls and the Texas Rollergirls launch a roller derby revival, inspiring hundreds of other leagues to start up across the globe. Shot over a five-year period by filmmakers Bob Ray and Werner Campbell, HELL ON WHEELS is a dizzying clash of athleticism, exhibitionism, egos, politics, and business that is moder-era rollery derby.
Henry May Long
Randall Sharp
Henry Poole Is Here
Henry Poole is Here tells the funny, poignant and uplifting story of a disillusioned man who attempts to hide from life in a rundown suburban tract home only to discover he cannot escape the forces of hope.
Henry V
He ruled a massive empire...and fought a mighty war! Kenneth Branagh, Paul Scofield, Derek Jacobi, Ian Holm, Emma Thompson and Judi Dench star in this heroic, action-packed epic based on the timeless play by William Shakespeare. "Magnificent, passionate and steeped in powerful emotion" (The Washington Post), Henry V is a "stunning," (Leonard Maltin) OscarÂ(r)-nominated* adventure that takes its place amongst the greatest war films of all time.Having recently been crowned King of England, Henry (Branagh) commands a massive invasion to assert what he believes is his legal right to the throne of France. But a mighty army stands in his wayÂ...and the young monarch must rely on untested reserves of courage and cunning as he personally leads his outnumbered forces into a desperate battle for the honor and glory of the British Empire. *1989: Director, Actor (Branagh), Costume Design (winner)
Henry VIII
Pete Travis Henry VIII, ascended to the throne as a lithe, handsome seventeen-year-old and died after an extraordinary 38-year-reign, an embittered, obese invalid.The rest of Europe looked on in amazement as Henry, desperate for a male heir, cast aside the older, but loyal Katherine of Aragon for a series of marriages, with wives who are better known for the way their lives ended rather than for how they were lived - the determined temptress Anne Boleyn; the pious yet tragic Jane Seymour; the outcast Anne of Cleves; the young, adulterous Katherine Howard and finally, the devoted care-giver Katherine Parr.This tale of Henry VIII depicts the sexual intrigue, betrayal and rivalry that existed within his Court, in a reign hallmarked by political and religious upheaval, violence and corruption.
Henson's Place: The Man Behind the Muppets
Bob Blatchford, David A. Goldsmith Take a peek behind the curtain with HENSON'S PLACE, the original documentary about Jim Henson, the creative visionary that brought us the enchantment of “The Muppet Show,” THE DARK CRYSTAL and more! From honing his skills as a puppeteer in college to creating some of the world’s most beloved characters in the last 30 years, see the imaginative genius like never before. Enjoy interviews with Henson, his wife Jane, long-time puppeteer partner Frank Oz and others, as they share memories of the legendary “Muppet Show,” “Sesame Street,” and “Fraggle Rock,” with a behind-the-scenes look inside the revolutionary Henson Workshop. Experience Henson’s desires to not only create new worlds, but also to celebrate the child inside all of us!
Hey Arnold - The Movie
Tuck Tucker Nickelodeon's hero with the football-shaped head leaps onto the big screen in this delightfully entertaining feature film adventure for the whole family!

A heartless industrialist has an evil plan: to level Arnold's neighborhood and build a huge shopping mall. With time running out, someone needs to save the day. And that someone is Arnold. With Helga, his pigtailed nemesis who secretly loves him, and Gerald, his cool best friend, Arnold takes a stand to prove the real meaning of progress - finding new joys in the old neighborhood he calls "home."

Featuring the voice talents of Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Sorvino and Christopher Lloyd, Hey Arnold! The Movie is " . . . a treat for all ages!" (Mike Sargent, WBAI-FM).
The Hidden Blade
Iwao Ishii, Yôji Yamada Mid-19th Century Japanese Samurai film was nominated for 12 Japanese Academy Awards. Recommended.
High Fidelity
Stephen Frears From the guys who brought you GROSSE POINTE BLANK comes the absolutely hilarious HIGH FIDELITY. John Cusack (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH) stars as Rob Gordon, the owner of a semi-failing record store located on one of the back streets of Chicago. He sells music the old-fashioned way — on vinyl, with two wacky clerks, the hysterically funny rock snob Barry (Jack Black) and the more quietly opinionated underachiever Dick (Todd Luiso). But Rob's business isn't the only thing in his life that's floundering — his needle skips the love groove when his longtime girlfriend Laura (newcomer Iben Hjejle) walks out on him. And this forces him to examine his past failed attempts at romance the only way he knows how! For a rocking fun time, give HIGH FIDELITY a spin. It's sure to make your all-time top five list for comedies — with a bullet.
High Tension
Alexandre Aja Cecile de France, Philippe Nahon. A group of college girls are terrified by a knife-wielding maniac who invades their secluded French farmhouse. Written and directed by Alexandre Aja. 2003/color/95 min/NR.
Highlander: Director's Cut 10th Anniversary Edition
Russell Mulcahy This 1986 fantasy/action thriller has since spawned two sequels, a popular syndicated TV series, numerous comic-book spinoffs, and a loyal (if somewhat oddly obsessive) following of fans. Directed by music video veteran Russell Mulcahy (which explains the
The History Boys
From award-winning playwright Alan Bennett (The Madness of King George) comes this delightfully witty comedy of eight boisterous-yet-talented schoolboys hoping to gain admittance to England's most prestigious universities. They're aided on their quest by two teachers, a shrewd young upstart and an inspiring old eccentric, whose opposing philosophies challenge the boys to confront the true meaning of education and the relative values of happiness and success.

Adapted from the original Tony Award winning play and starring the original Tony Award winning cast, The History Boys is an engaging, thought-provoking, and wickedly funny look at history, the pursuit of knowledge, and the utter randomness of life.
History of the World Part I
Mel Brooks' uproarious version of history proves nothing is sacred as he takes us on a laugh-filled look at what really happened throughout time. His delirious romp features everything from a wild send-up of "2001" to the real stories behind the Roman Empire (Brooks portrays a stand-up philosopher at Caesar's Palace), the French Revolution (Brooks reigns as King Louis XVI) and the Spanish Inquisition (a splashy song-and-dance number with monks and swimming nuns.) It's Mel and company at their hilarious best.
A History of Violence
David Cronenberg An average family is thrust into the spotlight after the father (Viggo Mortensen) commits a seemingly self-defense murder at his diner.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Director David Cronenberg Commentary
Deleted Scenes:Deleted scene w/director commentary
Documentary:"Acts of Violence" documentary
Easter Eggs
Featurette:"The Unmakeing of Scene 44" "Violence's History: U.S. vs. International Versions" "Too Commercial for Cannes"
Vadim Jean Hogfather is the magical, menacing, wicked, and witty family story unlike anything else you could ever imagine. From the imagination of best-selling author Terry Pratchett comes Hogfather. It’s the holiday of Hogswatch, the night when kids anticipate presents from the beloved Hogfather. But someone wants the Hogfather out of the way. Now it’s up to the most unlikely of heroes to get the holiday back on track. Just in time for the Easter season, Hogfather is a cross between Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter that’s sure to be a family favorite you’ll be watching for years and years to come.
A Hole In A Fence
D.W. Young Chronicling the changing fortunes of Red Hook, Brooklyn, A HOLE IN A FENCE explores the complicated issues of development, class and identity facing one of New York City's most unique neighborhoods.

It's the story of a vanished homeless community and the young architect who documented it; of an urban farm run by local kids amidst a landscape of industrial decay; of young graffiti writers losing their stomping grounds; of the arrival of a controversial Ikea megastore; of a photographer's vision of nature's renewal; of the doomed struggle to save a rare part of the neighborhood's working waterfront; and of a filmmaker's discovery of a fleeting, hidden world on the other side of a rusty old fence.
Hollywood Shuffle
The best example of urban guerilla filmmaking is ironicallyand happilyalso one of Hollywood'smost triumphant success stories. Actor Robert Townsend (I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!), decrying the lack of good roles for black actors, puts his money where his mouth is and co-scripts (with Keenen Ivory Wayans), directs and stars in this "exuberant, tirelessly energetic, funny, appealingly mean-spirited and easy-to-like" comedy (Janet Maslin, The New York Times) that took Tinseltown by storm! Actor wannabe Bobby Taylor (Townsend) dreams of landing a role any role. But in a town where the best black roles are usually jive-talkin' gangsta stereotypes, Bobby learns that you have to make your own partseven if they're just in your head. Spoofing everything from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Eddie Murphy to Siskel & Ebert, Bobby's vivid imaginationand Hollywood Shuffleare "an exhilarating blast" (New York)!
The Holy Girl
Lucrecia Martel The Holy Girl poignantly captures the lives of two teenage girls, Amalia, daughter to the owner of the hotel, and the girl's best friend Josefina, as they adjust to their growing sexuality and religious passion. After an encounter with the respected Dr. Jano, a physician attending the convention, Amalia confides in Josefina that she is going to deliver him from sin. After submitting to her wishes, Dr. Jano realizes that no matter how good the temptation, nothing is worth the evil it causes.
Home Game
Yaron Shane
Homegrown: The 21st Century Family Farm
Robert McFalls
Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey
Duwayne Dunham To film a scene in which Shadow tries to get out of a pit but keeps slipping back because he can't get a good grip, one trainer stood at the top of the pit calling the dog while another trainer stood at the bottom telling the dog to stay. When he did as commanded he would naturally start sliding downward.
John Sayles From Oscar® nominated director, John Sayles, comes an electrifying and vivid rock 'n' roll fable. When Tyrone, owner of the Honeydripper lounge, is faced with having to shut down his juke joint, his hopes rest on one man—the famous Guitar Sam. It's a make or break weekend for the Honeydripper, this better be some Saturday night!

With exquisite performances by Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Stacy Keach, Mary Steenburgen and Sean Patrick Thomas; and featuring musicians Keb' Mo' and Dr. Mable John—Honeydripper is an award winning film, full of great music and plenty of soul.
Wil Shriner From Walden Media (The Chronicles of Narnia franchise) and based on the best-selling book, Hoot is a classic story that is fun for all ages. When a boy and his classmates realize that a population of endangered, burrowing owls is threatened by new construction, the kids decide to take on crooked politicians and bumbling cops in the hope of saving their new friends.
Hope for Uganda
Steven Stuart Baldwin
The Host
Bong Joon-ho A creature plunges from the Han River Bridge into the river emerging on its shores for a feeding frenzy upon onlookers. When a young girl is snatched in the melee, her family set off to recover her from the monster that the government claims to be a host of an unidentified virus
Hot Fuzz
A side-splitting parody of action and cop movies! This wildly funny film is filled with thrilling car chases and spectacular shoot-outs. The nonstop action leaves a blazing trail of bloody bodies in a quest to solve the crime. Stars Simon Pegg (28 Days Later), and Jim Broadbent.
Hotel Rwanda
Terry George Once you find out what happened in Rwanda, you'll never forget. OscarÂ(r) nominee* Don Cheadle (Traffic) gives "the performance of his career in this extraordinarily powerful" (The Hollywood Reporter) and moving true story of one man's brave stance against savagery during the 1994 Rwandan conflict. Sophie Okonedo (Dirty Pretty Things) co-stars as the loving wife who challenges a good man to become a great man. As his country descends into madness, five-star-hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina (Cheadle) sets out to save his family. But when he sees that theworld will not intervene in the massacre of minority Tutsis, he finds the courage to open his hotelto more than 1,200 refugees. Now, with a rabid militia at the gates, he must use his well-honed grace, flattery and cunning to protect his guests from certain death. *2004: Actor, Hotel Rwanda
The Hours
Stephen Daldry THE HOURS tells the story of three very different individuals who share the feeling that they have been living their lives for someone else. Virginia Woolf (Kidman) lives in a suburb of London in the 1920’s as she struggles to begin writing her first great novel, Mrs. Dalloway, while also attempting to overcome the mental illness that threatens to engulf her. Laura Brown (Moore), a young wife and mother in post-World War II Los Angeles, is just starting to read Mrs. Dalloway, and is so deeply affected by it that she begins to question the life she has chosen for herself. Then, in contemporary New York City, Clarissa Vaughan (Streep) is a modern-day mirror image of Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway as she plans what may be the final party for her friend and former lover, Richard (Harris), who is dying of AIDS.
House of D
David Duchovny David Duchovny, Robin Williams, Tea Leoni. An American living in Paris comes to terms with himself and his family in this touching story written and directed by Duchovny. 2004/color/97 min/PG-13.
House of Games
David Mamet Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright and screenwriter David Mamet first sat in the director’s chair for this sly, merciless thriller, one of the most original and acclaimed films of the eighties. Mamet’s witty tale of a therapist and best-selling author (Lindsay Crouse) who must confront her own obsessions when she meets an attractive cardsharp (Joe Mantegna) is as psychologically acute as it is full of twists and turns, a rich character study told with the cold calculation of a career criminal.
House of Sand
Filmed entirely on the magnificent, sandy coast of northern Brazil, Áurea's saga begins in 1910, in Maranhão, where her fanatical husband has relocated his family to start a farm. Desperate and pregnant, Áurea (Fernanda Torres) longs to return to the city, but cannot traverse the dunes with her aging mother, Maria (Fernanda Montenegro) in tow. When calamity strikes, the two women find themselves stranded. Eventually, they settle among the shifting sands and Áurea finds peace. But her passionate daughter, Maria, longs to explore the world beyond the dunes. This profound portrait of passing generations has established Andrucha Waddington as one of the most exciting directors in Brazil today.
House of Sand and Fog
Vadim Perelman Academy Award winners Ben Kingsley (Gandhi) and Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind) deliver stunning performances as two strangers whose conflicting pursuits of the American Dream lead to a fight for their hopes at any cost. What begins as a struggle over a rundown bungalow spirals into a clash that propels everyone involved toward a shocking resolution. "The surprise ending will leave you breathless!" (Clay Smith, Access Hollywood)
The House of Yes
Mark Waters This outrageous comedy was cheered for its edgy humor and hot young cast! All Marty (Josh Hamilton — ALIVE) wants is a normal life, but nothing goes as planned when his fiancee (Tori Spelling — SCREAM 2) meets his far-from-normal family. His beautiful but crazy twin sister, "Jackie-O" (Parker Posey — DAZED AND CONFUSED), becomes dangerously jealous ... and their younger brother (Freddie Prinze, Jr. — I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER) puts the moves on Marty's new love! Soon, Mother's hiding the kitchen knives ... but she can't hide the family's shockingly hilarious secrets! One of Hollywood's most talked about releases in years — this offbeat motion picture is wild entertainment fun!
House on Haunted Hill/The Last Man On Earth
Sidney Salkow, Ubaldo Ragona, William Castle Two of Vincent Price's most "Haunted" classics!
How Much Do You Love Me?
Bertrand Blier In this gleeful, bawdy sex comedy, Francois, a balding, downtrodden office worker tells the gorgeous prostitute, Daniela (Monica Bellucci), that he's won the lottery and invites her home to spend his money. The ensuing negotiations of cat-and-mouse are played out with verve and wit by both, and by a supporting cast of vicariously engaged friends and neighbors, including Gerard Depardieu as Monica Bellucci's bedraggled mobster boyfriend, Charly.
Howl's Moving Castle
Hayao Miyazaki In Hayao Miyazaki's latest animated masterpiece, journey beyond imagination and enter a "breathtaking fantasy world" (Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times) filled with adventure, humor and heart. Sophie, a quiet girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. The vain and vengeful Witch of the Waste, jealous of their friendship, puts a spell on Sophie. In a life-changing adventure, Sophie climbs aboard Howl's magnificent flying castle and enters a magical world on a quest to break the spell. Featuring the voice talents of Jean Simmons, Christian Bale, Lauren Bacall, Blythe Danner, and Billy Crystal, Miyazaki's artistry comes to life on DVD with inventive characters, unique storytelling and richly detailed animation. (c) 2004 Nibariki • GNDDDT
Starring Paul Newman, Patricia Neal and Melvyn Douglas.
The Hudsucker Proxy
Ethan Coen, Joel Coen A clerk (Robbins) is promoted to company president as part of a stock manipulation scheme, but the clerk has an idea that will ruin everything if he gets the chance.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG
Release Date: 7-JUN-2005
Media Type: DVD
Huff - The Complete First Season
Dan Lerner, Daniel Attias, Ellen S. Pressman, Mark Piznarski, Martha Coolidge Dr. Craig Huffstodt is a family man and a successful psychiatrist who gets a wake-up call when one of his patients, a 15-year-old boy, commits suicide during a therapy session. Huff's whole existence - as doctor, husband, father, son, brother and friend - goes through a dramatic reawakening as he begins to question who he is, what he's made of and how he fits in —- anywhere. Having always considered himself the eternal caretaker, whose mission is to save people, Huff suddenly realizes that he can't save everyone. The lines of reality start to blur as he goes from the functionally insane at the office to the daily insanities of life with his family at home. His nurturing nature is tested at nearly every turn and soon his so-called "normal" world and family life start to become as surreal as the world of his patients.
Huff - The Complete First Season
Dan Lerner, Daniel Attias, Ellen S. Pressman, Mark Piznarski, Martha Coolidge Dr. Craig Huffstodt is a family man and a successful psychiatrist who gets a wake-up call when one of his patients, a 15-year-old boy, commits suicide during a therapy session. Huff's whole existence - as doctor, husband, father, son, brother and friend - goes through a dramatic reawakening as he begins to question who he is, what he's made of and how he fits in —- anywhere. Having always considered himself the eternal caretaker, whose mission is to save people, Huff suddenly realizes that he can't save everyone. The lines of reality start to blur as he goes from the functionally insane at the office to the daily insanities of life with his family at home. His nurturing nature is tested at nearly every turn and soon his so-called "normal" world and family life start to become as surreal as the world of his patients.
The Human Stain
Academy Award(R) winners Anthony Hopkins (1991 Best Actor, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) and Nicole Kidman (2002 Best Actress, THE HOURS) along with Gary Sinise (FORREST GUMP) and Ed Harris (THE HOURS) star in the provocative mystery THE HUMAN STAIN. Coleman Silk (Hopkins) has a secret. A terrible 50-year-old secret that the esteemed college professor has kept hidden from everyone — including his wife, his children, and his down-and-out young lover (Kidman) — and it's about to ruin his entire life.
Holly Mosher In the beautiful coastal city of Recife, Brazil lurks a world capital for sex tourism. This award-winning documentary exposes the heart-wrenching realities and follows two groups of determined women who strive to get kids off the streets and break the cycle of domestic violence. Hummingbird shows us how these nonprofit groups work to empower individuals and inspire positive life change - offering many a second chance.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Inspired by Victor Hugo's classic novel, Disney brings the heroic adventures of Quasimodo, the gentle and lonely bell ringer of Notre Dame, to spectacular life. This critically acclaimed Disney masterpiece is an "uplifting, thrilling story with a heart-touching message that emerges from the comedy and song" (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times). At the urging of his hilarious gargoyle pals Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, Quaismodo leaves the solitary safety of his tower, venturing out to find his first true friend, the gypsy beauty Esmerelda. The most unlikely of heroes, Quasi fights to save the people and the city he loves and, in turn, helps us to see people for who they are, rather than how they appear. The star-studded voice cast includes Jason Alexander, Tom Hulce, Kevin Kline, and Demi Moore in a magnificent Disney musical from renowned composer Alan Menken.
The Hunting Party
Inspired by true events, The Hunting Party stars Richard Gere and Terrence Howard as vacationing journalists who try to track down a missing war criminal in one of Eastern Europe’s deadliest regions. What begins as an impulsive reporting adventure immediately turns dangerous, as hostile locals, shady underworld figures and a case of mistaken identity puts them squarely in their target’s crosshairs. Amid the bullets and bombs, they discover that getting the scoop is one thing – getting out alive is something else entirely.
Hurricane Heroes
Over 50,000 dogs and cats were left behind in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as FEMA required that all animals be left behind in the mandatory evacuation.This forced separation created America's first-ever major animal rescue.A dedicated and compassionate group of volunteer rescuers and animal welfare groups from around the world risked their lives to sledgehammer down doors and brave toxic floodwaters in a truly heroic effort to save nearly 10,000 animals.Hurricane Heroes is a film about hope and survival in the face of one of the worst natural disasters in American history.It will renew your faith in the American spirit.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Hurry Sundown
Otto Preminger Otto Preminger (Anatomy of a Murder) directs this epic adaptation of K.B. Gilden's novel about racial prejudice and emotional unrest in 1940s Georgia. Henry Warren (Michael Caine) is an unscrupulous and racist landowner obsessed with buying up all available land in a Georgia farming town. Blocking his path are sharecroppers Rod McDowell (John Phillip Law) and Reeve Scott (Robert Hooks), one white and one black. The star-studded cast includes Jane Fonda, Faye Dunaway, Diahann Carroll, Burgess Meredith, Robert Reed and George Kennedy. Screenplay adapted by Thomas C. Ryan and Horton Foote.
Hustle & Flow
Billy Fox, Craig Brewer DJay is a Memphis hustler who spends most days in a parked Chevy philosophizing about life while Nola (Taryn Manning), turn tricks in the backseat. He's not very good at pimping, but he can hustle almost anything or anyone and makes enough to keep himself and three girls satisfied and housed in his shotgun home. DJay however is in the midst of a midlife crisis; he quietly harbors dreams of becoming a respected rapper. When he learns from a local club owner, Arnel (Isaac Hayes), that rap mogul Skinny Black (Ludacris), is rolling through town, DJay decides to record his flow with the hopes of slipping his demo to Skinny. With little help from his friends and "family" DJay sets in motion the hustle of his life, and galvanizes the lives of those around him as they learn that "Everybody's gotta have a dream."
Hysterical Blindness
Mira Nair Uma Thurman and Juliette Lewis, two of today's most sensational actresses, tackle what it was to be single in the 80's in a new movie with a terrific 80's soundtrack. It's 1987 in Bayonne, New Jersey. The bars are full and smoky and Debby (Thurman) and Beth (Lewis) are out looking for a good time. Debby is searching for the kind of love they sing about in songs, the kind that lasts forever. What she can't see is that most guys are only looking for a love that lasts one night. From Mira Nair, director of Monsoon Wedding and Mississippi Masala.
I Am Love
Luca Guadagnino I AM LOVE tells the story of the wealthy Recchi family, whose lives are undergoing sweeping changes. Eduardo Sr., the family patriarch, has decided to name a successor to the reins of his massive industrial company, and in so doing, surprises everyone by splitting power between his son Tancredi and grandson Edo. However, Edo dreams of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a talented chef. At the heart of Tancredi's family is his wife, Emma (Tilda Swinton), a Russian immigrant who has adopted the culture of Milan. An adoring and attentive mother, Emma's existence is shocked to the core when she falls deeply in love with Antonio and pursues a passionate love affair that will change his family forever.
I am Sam
Jessie Nelson Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Penn give career-defining performances in this humorous and heart-warming film about a mentally-challenged father who enlists the aid of a high-powered attorney to help him regain custody of his daughter. An all-star supporting cast and a spectacular soundtrack complete this unforgettable story of life, love and laughter.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Filmmaker Commentary - With Director / Co-screenwriter Jessie Nelson
DVD ROM Features:Script-to-Screen Link to Original Website Hot Spot
Deleted Scenes:Deleted and Alternate Scenes with optional Director commentary
Documentary:Original Documentary: Becoming Sam
Other:Theatrical Press Kit DTS sound
Theatrical Trailer
I Capture the Castle
Tim Fywell When her family moves into a glamorous castle in the English countryside, Cassandra (Romola Garai) imagines great things will happen. But the decaying castle loses its appeal as her novelist father (Bill Nighy, Love Actually) develops writer's block and her mother dies of cancer. From this sad beginning, I Capture the Castle turns into an utterly engaging coming-of-age story as 17-year-old Cassandra and her older sister Rose (Rose Byrne) struggle to win the attentions of their new American landlord (Henry Thomas, E.T. The Extraterrestrial)—but when everything goes the way Cassandra hopes, her hopes fall apart. Garai's wonderful performance carries the audience through bittersweet discoveries about life and adulthood with hope and yearning. The entire cast—-also featuring Tara Fitzgerald (Brassed Off) and Marc Blucas—is superb. I Capture the Castle is an absolutely lovely movie, delightful and surprisingly wise. —Bret Fetzer
I Do
Eric Lartigau Life is good for Luis. He's happily single, enjoys his job and is loved and pampered by his mother and sisters. But all that changes one day when his family decides he should get married. Luis hurriedly hatches the perfect plot to avoid their plans: He will find a "perfect" woman to charm his family - and then arrange for her to stand him up at the altar on their wedding day! It seems like his plan is foolproof when Luis hires the beautiful Emmanuelle for the job...but even the best-laid plans of single men can go horribly wrong! Key Selling Points: The smash-hit romantic comedy that earned over $35 Million in box office Nominated for 3 Cesar Awards, including Best Actor (Alain Chabat), Best Actress (Charlotte Gainsbourg), Best Supporting Actress (Bernadette Lafont)
I Heart Huckabees
David O. Russell Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin lead an all-star cast including Jude Law, Naomi Watts and Mark Walhberg in this outrageous comedy from director/co-writer David O. Russell (Three Kings). Kindhearted but confused activist Andrew Markovski hires a pair of screwball "existential detectives" (Hoffman and Tomlin) to help him find the meaning of life. All the while, a sexy, French author (Isabelle Huppert) is trying to throw a wrench in their plan by seducing andrew's mind and body.
I Love Your Work
Adam Goldberg Movie star Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) is at the top of his game: a seemingly endless supply of money, celebrity friends (Vince Vaughn), parties, a beautiful wife (Franka Potente)…and his name and image, known all around the world.

But with fame and fortune comes attention, and not always the kind that is wanted. Convinced that the ‘chance’ encounters that he has been having with his fans are not really coincidental, he looks to his bodyguard (Jared Harris) and a video store clerk (Joshua Jackson) for help – despite the protests of those around him. Is he truly paranoid, as they suggest? Or are they motivated by jealousy and spite? Has he found himself in the crosshairs of an obsessed fan…or is it someone much closer to him? Will one of the top movie stars in the world be able to survive, when he doesn’t even know who - or what- he is up against?
I Only Want You to Love Me
Rainer Werner Fassbinder In one of his most personal films, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (The Marriage of Maria Braun) wrote and directed this true-crime story, which he adapted from the book "Life Sentence". Having grown up in a small town with a domineering mother and a father who never believed in his worth, a young newlywed moves to the big city with his bride and starts anew. The pressures of work, family and finances become too much for him and he experiences a nervous breakdown. Cinematography by legendary DP, Michael Ballhaus (The Departed).
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Robert Zemeckis Nancy Allen, Bobby Dicicco. Beatlemania reigns in this charming comedy about a group of teen Beatle fans who will do anything to get tickets to the Fab Four's 1964 Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Featuring original Beatles music. 1978/color/99 min/PG/widescreen.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
In I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD, Willie (Owen), a former mobster, comes back to town after he learns his younger brother Davey (Rhys Myers) has committed suicide. Upon learning that Davey was brutally raped by mobsters, Willie is determined to seek justice by finding the men who victimized him. While on the search for the mobsters, Willie comes face-to-face with Frank Scott, the local "bad boy" and conflict arises when Frank starts to believe that Willie is back in town to reclaim his status as the town's bad boy.
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Keenen Ivory Wayans A hilarious Soul Cinema send-up, this ultra-slick, urban action comedy blows 70's blaxploitation movies right out of the 'hood! Featuring the very funny Wayans family (Keenen, Damon and Kim), Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas, Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, Ja'net DuBois, David Alan Grier, Kadeem Hardison and Chris Rock, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is a perfect "mixture of nostalgia, silliness and genuinely unpredictable humor" (The New York Times). Jack Spade, a goody-goody war hero with medals for short-hand, returns to the ghetto to discover that his brother, Junebug, has OG'd (Over-Golded on jewelry). Jack swears revenge against the local gang boss, Mr. Big, and sets off to enlist an army of Shaft, Superfly and Black Caesarlook-a-likes, that is. They don't come easy, cheap or youngbut they do have nice clothes and enough firepower left in them to practically destroy Mr. Big's Big Brim Bar where the bad guys wearyou guessed itbig hats!
I'm Not There
Todd Haynes Inspired by the life and songs of Bob Dylan, I'm Not There is "a profoundly personal and passionate film" (A.O. Scott, The New York Times) that captures the essence of this elusive genius. Six different actors — including Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere and Oscar® nominee Cate Blanchett in a "soon-to-be-legendary performance" (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone) - each embody part of the Dylan legend: from Greenwich Village folk singer to electric guitar trailblazer to born-again preacher. Directed by Academy Award®-nominated writer/director Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven), I'm Not There is "unquestionably the year's most original American movie" (Thelma Adams, US Weekly).
I, Robot
Alex Proyas In the year 2035, technology and robots are a trusted part of everyday life. But that trust is broken when a scientist is found dead and a skeptical detective (Smith) believes that a robot is responsible. Bridget Moynahan co-stars in this high-tech action thriller that questions whether technology will ultimately lead to mankind's salvation . . . or annihilation.
Ice Castles
Maury Winetrobe, Donald Wrye The beloved three-hankie tearjerker starring 1970s teen heartthrob Robby Benson and Lynn-Holly Johnson, ICE CASTLES is a classic story of love triumphant over tragedy. Alexis "Lexie" Winston (Johnson) is a pretty teenage figure skater and Olympic hopeful who seems destined for greatness. Encouragedby her coach Beulah (superbly portrayed by Colleen Dewhurst), Lexie strives to be her best. Her father (Tom Skerritt) has his misgivings, but Lexie skates her way to the finals. Just as Lexie's headed for the top, she suffers a freak accident. With the love and support of her childhood sweetheart, Nick Peterson (Benson), Lexie transforms her personal misfortune into a heartbreaking victory. Powered by a swelling Marvin Hamlisch score and Melissa Manchester's smash hit theme song, "Through the Eyes of Love," ICE CASTLES is an inspirational drama guaranteed to leave a lump in your throat.
The Ice Storm
Ang Lee When a self-centered husband's relationship with his wife and mistress grow cold, it takes a wife-swapping "key party" and a freak ice storm to clear the air and change their lives forever. Director Ang Lee offers a compelling look at a controversial era.
David Rennie, Mike Judge From Mike Judge, one of the creative minds behind Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill and Office Space, comes an outrageous sci-fi comedy that'll make you think twice about the future of mankind.

Meet Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson). He's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But when a government hibernation experiment goes awry, Bowers awakens in the year 2505 to find a society so dumbed-down by mass commercialism and mindless TV programming that he's become the smartest guy on the planet. Now it's up to an average Joe to get human evolution back on track!

Filled with razor-sharp sarcasm and outrageous sight gags, Idiocracy will make you laugh out loud whether you're an absolute genius or a complete idiot!
The Idolmaker
Arthur Schmidt, Taylor Hackford No Description Available.
Genre: Feature Film-Drama
Rating: PG
Release Date: 14-AUG-2001
Media Type: DVD
Igby Goes Down
Burr Steers Many movies strive to capture the confused, yearning spirit of The Graduate or The Catcher in the Rye; Igby Goes Down succeeds. Igby (Kieran Culkin) is a teen struggling to find any purpose or meaning to his life; surrounding him are his tyrant mother Mimi (Susan Sarandon), schizophrenic father Jason (Bill Pullman), wealthy and deceitful godfather D.H. (Jeff Goldblum), and cold brother Oliver (Ryan Phillippe)—all of whom have their own problems. While evading being sent to yet another boarding school, Igby seeks solace with two women: Rachel (Amanda Peet), a drug-addicted dancer who's D.H.'s mistress, and Sookie (Claire Danes), a college student who becomes perhaps his only friend. Culkin carries the film, ably supported by the superb cast; script, direction, and performances are razor sharp. Igby Goes Down doesn't let anyone—including Igby—off the hook for their cruelty, hypocrisy, or lack of empathy. —Bret Fetzer
Il Postino
Michael Radford Cheered by critics and audiences everywhere, IL POSTINO (THE POSTMAN) is the record-breaking Academy Award(R)-winning (Best Dramatic Score, 1995) romantic comedy that delivers heartfelt laughs! Mario is a bumbling mailman who's madly in love with the most beautiful woman in town ... and who's too shy to tell her how he feels. But when a world-famous poet — Pablo Neruda — moves into town, Mario is inspired. With Neruda's help, he finds the right words to win the woman's heart! This unforgettably funny comedy proves that passion ... with some artful deception ... can win the most improbable love!
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
Imaginary Heroes
Dan Harris In this "mixture of poignant drama and quirky humor...delivered by a superb cast" (Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune), the Travis family experiences a stunning tragedy which begins to unravel them. Teenaged son Tim (Emile Hirsch, The Girl Next Door) views his life as a bad dream. His father, Ben (Jeff Daniels - Terms of Endearment, The Hours), tunes out and treats his wife and children like strangers. His mother, Sandy (Oscar(r)-nominee Sigourney Weaver, 1986, Best Actress, Alien) sharpens her tongue with sarcasm and dulls her senses with pot while struggling hard to conceal a secret that threatens to ruin them all. With elements of pathos, salty humor and self-discovery, the Travises learn to accept one another as family - warts and all.
IMAX: Mummies- Secrets of the Pharaohs
Keith Melton In mind-blowing IMAX detail, unravel the enshrouded human time capsules that have become the most fascinating mystery of our time Egypt's mummies. Probe ancient tombs to uncover these carefully hidden phenomena, and follow top scientists as they embark on a modern-day forensic investigation of the mummies that could have huge implications in the study of modern diseases. Film scanned at 8K for superior video quality.

Wrapped With Special Features: Full-length Making-of-Featurette shot in HD: Meet The Mummies - Educational Section, Mummies Quiz, Additional Spanish and French tracks in DTS Master Audio 5.1
IMAX: Ride Around the World
Don Howard, Harry Lynch TAKE A WILD RIDE to discover the amazing 1200-year global history of the cowboy. Rope wild bulls on one of the most famous American ranches. Swim with horses through the watery Argentine backcountry. Stage an attack on the casbah with Moroccan mounted warriors. Gallop over mountaintops in spectacular British Columbia. Journey on horseback through these exotic landscapes and many more as you RIDE AROUND THE WORLD!
IMAX: Wild Ocean
Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas Wild Ocean is an uplifting cinematic experience capturing one of natures greatest migration spectacles through the magic of IMAX. Plunge into an underwater feeding frenzy amidst the dolphins, sharks, whales, gannets, seals and billions of fish. Filmed off the Wild Coast of South Africa, Wild Ocean is a timely documentary that celebrates the animals that now depend on us to survive and the efforts by local people to protect this invaluable ecological resource. Hope is alive on the Wild Coast where Africa meets the sea.

Stills from Wild Ocean (Click for larger image)
Nyc, Year 2095. A Floating Pyramid Has Emerged In The Skiesabove, Inhabited By Ancient Egyptian Gods. They Have Castjudgment Down Upon Horus, One Of Their Own. Now He Must Find Ahuman Host Body To Inhabit & Search For A Mate To Continue Hisown Life.
Enki Bilal New York City, year 2095. A floating pyramid has emerged in the skies above Manhattan, inhabited by ancient Egyptian Gods. They have cast judgement down upon Horus (a falcon headed god), one of their own. With only seven days to preserve his immortality, he must find a human host body to inhabit, and search for a mate. In the city below, a beatiful young woman, Jill, with blue hair, blue tears and a power even unknown to her, wanders the city in search of her identity aided by a doctor who is fascinated by this mystery of nature. Reality in this world has a whole new meaning as bodies, voices and memories converge with Gods, mutants, mortals and extra terrestrials. Stunning visual effects meld with the poetic surrealism of comic-book creator Enki Bilal's fantastic epic story. A ground-breaking step into the future of film-making. LIMITED EDITION STEELBOOK PACKAGING.
Enki Bilal New York City, year 2095. A floating pyramid has emerged in the skies above Manhattan, inhabited by ancient Egyptian Gods. They have cast judgement down upon Horus (a falcon headed god), one of their own. With only seven days to preserve his immortality, he must find a human host body to inhabit, and search for a mate. In the city below, a beatiful young woman, Jill, with blue hair, blue tears and a power even unknown to her, wanders the city in search of her identity aided by a doctor who is fascinated by this mystery of nature. Reality in this world has a whole new meaning as bodies, voices and memories converge with Gods, mutants, mortals and extra terrestrials. Stunning visual effects meld with the poetic surrealism of comic-book creator Enki Bilal's fantastic epic story. A ground-breaking step into the future of film-making. LIMITED EDITION STEELBOOK PACKAGING.
Immortal Beloved
Gary Oldman, Isabella Rossellini. Ludwig van Beethoven's tormented love life is discovered by one man searching for the composer's immortal beloved," whom he mentions in his letters but never names. 1994/color/121 min/R/(CC).
The Importance of Being Earnest
Mistaken identity carried to lovely, ludicrous extremes. This crisp adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic comedy stars Colin Firth (The Turn of the Screw) as an English dandy who pretends to be his own brother, Earnest. Enter his best friend, played by Rupert Everett (My Best Friend's Wedding), who's also being Earnest for effect. Embellish the elegant country estate with two saucy—not to mention confused—young ladies and Dame Judi Dench as formidable Lady Bracknell. The results: a fluffy soufflé of wit and Wildean wisdom. 1-1/2 hours.
Gary Fleder An exciting, action-packed sci-fi story from the author of TOTAL RECALL and BLADE RUNNER, the thrilling Director's Cut of IMPOSTOR brings you Gary Sinise (FORREST GUMP, APOLLO 13), Madeleine Stowe (WE WERE SOLDIERS, PLAYING BY HEART), Vincent D'Onofrio (THE CELL, MEN IN BLACK), and Mekhi Phifer (O, 8 MILE) in a stellar cast. At a time when the earth has been at war with an alien force for over a decade, the latest work of lauded government scientist Spencer Olham (Sinise) promises to save the planet. But suddenly, Olham himself is accused of being an alien spy and is thrown headlong into a disorienting nightmare as a fugitive from the law. With blasts of adrenaline-fueled intensity, this futuristic thriller soars as Olham races to prove his identity to the world ... and himself ... in time to save all mankind!
The Impostors
Suzy Elmiger, Stanley Tucci Meet Authur (Stanley Tucci) and Maurice (Oliver Platt), two out-of-work actors who escape from the police by stowing away aboard a luxury liner. But soon the ship hits the fan, and the impostors must give the performance of a lifetime - not only to evade the authorities, but to foil the dastardly plot of a deranged crewman who has explosive plans for eveyone on board.
In America
Jim Sheridan From Academy Awad Nominee Jim Sheridan comes this deeply personal and poignant tale of a poor Irish family searching for a better life In America. Through the eyes of their spunky daughters, two anguished parents find hope and the ability to once again believe in love and magic…even amidst the dangers of New York's harrowing Hell's Kitchen. With mesmerizing performances by Samantha Morton and Djimon Hounsou, In America is "a classic" (USA Today) you won't ever forget.
In Bruges
Colin Farrell and Academy Award-nominee Ralph Fiennes star in this edgy, action-packed comedy, filled with thrilling chases, spectacular shoot-outs and an explosive ending you won't want to miss! Hit men Ray (Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson, Harry Potter) have been ordered to cool their heels in the storybook city of Bruges (it's in Belgium) after finishing a big job. But since hit men make the worst tourists, they soon find themselves in a life & death struggle of comic proportions against one very angry crime boss (Fiennes)! Get ready for the outrageous and unpredictable fun you will have In Bruges, the movie critics are calling, "wildly entertaining" - Stephen Rebello, Playboy. Starring: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes, Clemence Poesy, Jeremie Renier, Thekla Reuten, Jordan Prentice Directed by: Martin McDonagh
In Cold Blood
Peter Zinner, Richard Brooks Robert Blake, Scott Wilson. The senseless murder of a Midwestern family sends police on a grim search for the two killers. Based on the book by Truman Capote. 1968/color/134 min/NR/widescreen.
In My Sleep
Philip Winchester, Lacey Chabert, Abigail Spencer, Allen Wolf When Marcus wakes up with blood on his hands, he is startled to hear that a close friend has been found stabbed to death. Marcus struggles with parasomnia, a rare sleep disorder, and he wonders if he could have killed his friend while sleepwalking to hide a dark secret. The police close in as Marcus frantically investigates his own nocturnal activities, desperate to figure out what happens when he goes to sleep. His journey to uncover the truth leads him to a shocking discovery. Philip Winchester (Strike Back, Camelot), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls, The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), and Abigail Spencer (Mad Men, Cowboys & Aliens) star in this award-winning movie that The Hollywood Reporter hails as "a sexy, well-made thriller!"

Special Features:

• THE MAKING OF IN MY SLEEP: This featurette gives the audience an exciting inside glimpse into the day-to-day production of a feature film by a first time director.



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In Search Of Beethoven [DVD] [2009]
Phil Grabsky
In the Bedroom
Todd Field Nominated for 5 Academy Awards(R) including Best Picture (2001), this universally acclaimed film features Academy Award-winners Sissy Spacek (Best Actress 1980, COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER, 1980) and Marisa Tomei (Best Supporting Actress 1992, MY COUSIN VINNIE), and Academy Award-nominee Tom Wilkinson (Best Actor, IN THE BEDROOM, 2001). When young Frank Fowler (Nick Stahl) becomes romantically involved with an older single mother (Tomei), his parents (Spacek and Wilkinson) are concerned. But when the relationship takes a sudden and tragic turn, the Fowlers are forced to confront the harsh reality of their situation and the inescapable consequences of their actions. An uncommonly suspenseful and disturbing film powered by a remarkable cast, IN THE BEDROOM has been hailed by critics everywhere as one of the year's finest motion pictures.
In the Line of Fire
Wolfgang Petersen Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich. A veteran Secret Service agent tries to keep a brilliant psychotic from killing the President. Includes director commentary, a Showtime special and more! 1993/color/127 min/R/widescreen.
In the Valley of Elah
Mike Deerfield returns to the U.S. after his tour of duty in Iraq and abruptly goes missing. His father Hank, a spit-and-polish ex-MP from the Vietnam era, goes looking for him. What he finds goes to the heart of American combat experiences in the Iraqi conflict. Academy Award®-winning* Crash filmmaker Paul Haggis teams with Oscar®- winning* actors Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon in a probing, powerful, fact-based look at fathers and sons…and at a nation and the young soldiers it sends into battle. Jones plays Hank, whose quest lays bare a tangled web of cover-up, murder, mystery and profound revelation about the personal costs of war.
In This World
Michael Winterbottom The journey to freedom has no borders. In This World follows the hazardous journey of two Afghan boys as they travel from Pakistan through Iran, Turkey, Italy, France and the UK in search of refuge in London. A moving and dramatic story that reveals the desperate measures people take to escape persecution and the life-threatening conditions they find themselves in along the way.
Incident at Loch Ness
Incident at Loch Ness chronicles the story of the making (an unmaking) of acclaimed director, Werner Herzog's film. Herzog's stated intent was "to explore the origin and the necessity of the monster" rather than to look for the creature itself. Shocking, controversial and strangely humorous, the film raises many questions about where reality ends and fiction begins.
Including Samuel
Dan Habib
The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit
Helen Garrard, Rob Copeland, Nick Park This award winning Wallace & Gromit compilation video includes three irresistible films- A Close Shave, A Grand Day Out and The Wrong Trousers. Climb aboard for a wacky voyage with The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit!
The Incredibles
Brad Bird From the Academy Award(R) winning creators of FINDING NEMO (2003 Best Animated Feature Film) comes the action-packed animated adventure about the mundane and incredible lives of a house full of superheroes. Bob Parr and his wife Helen used to be among the world's greatest crime fighters, saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. Fifteen years later, they have been forced to adopt civilian identities and retreat to the suburbs where they live "normal" lives with their three kids, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Itching to get back into action, Bob gets his chance when a mysterious communication summons him to a remote island for a top secret assignment. He soon discovers that it will take a super family effort to rescue the world from total destruction. Exploding with fun and featuring an all-new animated short film, this spectacular 2-disc collector's edition DVD is high-flying entertainment for everyone.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Michael Kahn, Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg and George Lucas bring you the greatest adventurer of all time in “a nonstop thrill ride” (Richard Corliss, TIME) that’s packed with “sensational, awe-inspiring spectacles” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times). Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull finds Indy (Harrison Ford) trying to outrace a brilliant and beautiful agent (Cate Blanchett) for the mystical, all-powerful Crystal Skull of Akator. Teaming up with a rebellious young biker (Shia LaBeouf) and his spirited original love Marion (Karen Allen), Indy takes you on a breathtaking action-packed adventure in the exciting tradition of the classic Indiana Jones movies!
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Steven Spielberg The third installment in the widely beloved Spielberg/Lucas Indiana Jones saga begins with an introduction to a younger Indy (played by the late River Phoenix), who, through a fast-paced prologue, gives the audience insight into the roots of his taste for adventure, fear of snakes, and dogged determination to take historical artifacts out of the hands of bad guys and into the museums in which they belong. A grown-up Indy (Harrison Ford) reveals himself shortly afterward in a familiar classroom scene, teaching archeology to a disproportionate number of starry-eyed female college students in 1938. Once again, however, Mr. Jones is drawn away from his day job after an art collector (Julian Glover) approaches him with a proposition to find the much sought after Holy Grail. Circumstances reveal that there was another avid archeologist in search of the famed cup — Indiana Jones' father, Dr. Henry Jones (Sean Connery) — who had recently disappeared during his efforts. The junior and senior members of the Jones family find themselves in a series of tough situations in locales ranging from Venice to the most treacherous spots in the Middle East. Complicating the situation further is the presence of Elsa (Alison Doody), a beautiful and intelligent woman with one fatal flaw: she's an undercover Nazi agent. The search for the grail is a dangerous quest, and its discovery may prove fatal to those who seek it for personal gain. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade earned a then record-breaking $50 million in its first week of release.
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is no ordinary archeologist. When we first see him, he is somewhere in the Peruvian jungle in 1936, running a booby-trapped gauntlet (complete with an over-sized rolling boulder) to fetch a solid-gold idol. He loses this artifact to his chief rival, a French archeologist named Belloq (Paul Freeman), who then prepares to kill our hero. In the first of many serial-like escapes, Indy eludes Belloq by hopping into a convenient plane. So, then: is Indiana Jones afraid of anything? Yes, snakes. The next time we see Jones, he's a soft-spoken, bespectacled professor. He is then summoned from his ivy-covered environs by Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott) to find the long-lost Ark of the Covenant. The Nazis, it seems, are already searching for the Ark, which the mystical-minded Hitler hopes to use to make his stormtroopers invincible. But to find the Ark, Indy must first secure a medallion kept under the protection of Indy's old friend Abner Ravenwood, whose daughter, Marion (Karen Allen), evidently has a "history" with Jones. Whatever their personal differences, Indy and Marion become partners in one action-packed adventure after another, ranging from wandering the snake pits of the Well of Souls to surviving the pyrotechnic unearthing of the sacred Ark. A joint project of Hollywood prodigies George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, with a script co-written by Lawrence Kasdan and Philip Kaufman, among others, Raiders of the Lost Ark is not so much a movie as a 115-minute thrill ride. Costing 22 million dollars (nearly three times the original estimate), Raiders of the Lost Ark reaped 200 million dollars during its first run. It was followed by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1985) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), as well as a short-lived TV-series "prequel."
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Steven Spielberg The second of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones epics is set a year or so before the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1984). After a brief brouhaha involving a precious vial and a wild ride down a raging Himalyan river, Indy (Harrison Ford) gets down to the problem at hand: retrieving a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village. His companions this time around include a dimbulbed, easily frightened nightclub chanteuse (Kate Capshaw), and a feisty 12-year-old kid named Short Round (Quan Ke Huy). Throughout, the plot takes second place to the thrills, which include a harrowing rollercoaster ride in an abandoned mineshaft and Indy's rescue of the heroine from a ritual sacrifice. There are also a couple of cute references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, notably a funny variation of Indy's shooting of the Sherpa warrior.
Infernal Affairs
An award-winning crime thriller in the intense tradition of HEAT and RESERVOIR DOGS ... critics everywhere have hailed INFERNAL AFFAIRS for its gritty action and international superstars. Chan Wing Yan (Tony Leung — HERO) is a hard-nosed veteran cop sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious Triad crime ring. An expert at bringing down violent syndicates, Chan thinks it's going to be a routine mission. What he's not prepared for is the discovery that the Triad's boss (Eric Tsang — THE ACCIDENTAL SPY) has planted a mole (Andy Lau — THE LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER) in the police department ... and now Chan is being hunted down. In this battle of wills, only one cop can win!
The Informant!
Steven Soderbergh The U.S. government decides to go after an agri-business giant with a price-fixing accusation based on the evidence submitted by their star witness, vice president turned informant Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon).
Inglourious Basterds
Single disc DVD with outer slipcover. DVD has no inserts.
Jamin Winans IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE meets SIN CITY in this high-concept visual thriller. John and Emma, father and daughter, are thrust into a fantastical dream-world battle between forces of good and evil in this allegorical tale of love, loss and the search for redemption.
Inlaws & Outlaws Deluxe DVD
Drew Emery What do you get when you fall in love? Inlaws & Outlaws cleverly weaves together the true stories of couples and singles, both gay and straight, into a collective narrative that is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. At the top of the film, you meet real people one on one. You dont know whos gay or straight or whos with whom. As their stories unfold and stereotypes fall by the wayside, you wont care because youll be rooting for everybody. With candor, good humor, great music and real heart, "Inlaws & Outlaws" gets past all the rhetoric to explore what we all have in common: we love. Cast: True stories from: Heather Andersen, John Auburn, Frank Chaffee, Leslie Christian, John Gliessman, Aubree & Laramie Holliman, Chuck Lazenby, Jane Lighty, Pete-e Petersen, Susan Ritzner, Tammy Snow, Dayna Tolman and more. Featuring musical performances by Felicia Loud. World Premiere: Seattle International Film Festival Best of Fest: Palm Springs International Film Festival Grand Jury Award: deadCENTER Film Festival Best Local Film: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
The Inner Tour
Ra'anan Alexandrowicz Controversially divisive in the Israeli press for its sympathetic portrayal of Palestinian citizens, THE INNER TOUR (Official selection, Sundance Film Festival, 2002) is a fascinating and humanistic portrait of ordinary people caught up in one of the most emotionally painful and seemingly intractable national conflicts of our time. Just months before the second Intifada (uprising) began in 2000, Israeli director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (with his Israeli and Palestinian co-producers) filmed a group of West Bank Palestinians on a three-day bus tour to Israel, where many of the passengers once lived. Their weekend trip becomes an extremely charged journey of deep emotional distances and contradicting realities as the travelers interact with ordinary Israelis and visit places that they feel simultaneously rooted to and alienated from. Their contemplative observations of and encounters with the country they are visiting lie at the heart of this piercingly resonant documentary.

DVD Special Features:
- "Aftereffect": A behind-the-scenes program by Sundance Channel, featuring interviews with the filmmakers
- Sundance Channel promo
- Director s statement
- Theatrical trailer for Alexandrowicz's JAMES' JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM
Inside Job
Charles Ferguson From Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson (NO END IN SIGHT), comes INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia.
The Insider
Michael Mann THE INSIDER recounts the chain of events that pitted an ordinary man against the tobacco industry and dragged two people into the fight of their lives. Academy Award(R)-winner Al Pacino (1990 Best Actor, SCENT OF A WOMAN; THE RECRUIT) gives a powerful performance as veteran 60 MINUTES producer Lowell Bergman and Academy Award(R) Winner Russell Crowe (2000 Best Actor, GLADIATOR; A BEAUTIFUL MIND) co-stars as the ultimate insider, former tobacco executive Dr. Jeffrey Wigand. When Wigand is fired by his employer — one of the largest tobacco companies in America — he agrees to become a paid consultant for a story Bergman is working on regarding alleged unethical practices within the tobacco industry. But what begins as a temporary alliance leads to a lengthy battle for both men to save their reputations, and much, much more. As they soon find out, Corporate America will use all legal means at its disposal to save a billion-dollar-a-year habit. And as the corporate giants soon find out, Bergman and Wigand are honorable men, driven to smoke out the evidence. Also starring Christopher Plummer (MALCOLM X) as anchor Mike Wallace and Gina Gershon (FACE/OFF), THE INSIDER will chill you with its cold, hard edge — and thrill you with its unbelievable twists and turns.
Erik Skjoldbjærg Disgraced Swedish detective Jonas Engström (Stellan Skarsgård) travels to northern Norway to solve a brutal murder in Insomnia. Unable to sleep through the night of the midnight sun, Engström quickly loses his grip on the case and his mind. Erik Skjoldbjærg's debut feature is a deft amalgam of psychological thriller, morality play, and police procedural. Criterion presents the DVD premiere of Insomnia in a new widescreen transfer.
Interrogate This: Psychologists Take on Terror
Maryanne Galvin Psychologists, nurses, physicians, anthropologists are among the many professions assisting the U.S. military during the war on terror. Other films have covered the controversy around the use of torture and coercion in these sites. This film captures the unique perspective of psychologists in these complicated settings and the heated debate about their roles as consultants to the interrogators.

Where is the line in the sand for psychologists working in U.S. national security detention centers?

Should psychologists help the U.S. military interrogate national security detainees?

"Interrogate This" presents a troubling, spirited and deeply human story illustrating the complexities encountered when national security, terrorism, psychology, politics, and ethics collide.

Rather than one particular slant on the ethics of interrogation or treatment of detainees in U.S. national security detention centers, the film offers a variety of perspectives. Thoughtful positions from individuals closest to the issues include:
*Military psychologists who served at Guantanamo and elsewhere;
* A career military intelligence officer;
*Lawyers representing detainees and human rights organizations;
*Friends and family of one particular detainee;
*Psychologists/activists promoting a moratorium on continued involvement in detention centers where detainees lack human rights; and
*Representatives from the world's largest professional organization for psychologists-the American Psychological Association (APA)

Over the past several years, members of the APA have gone head to head debating the ethical implications of consultation to interrogations of suspected terrorists in detention centers around the globe.

National security experts claim that there is a broad spectrum of terrorist groups and organizations, each with a different psychology, motivation and decision making structure.

Similarly, there is a broad spectrum of American psychologists, each with a different perspective, rationale and problem solving approach when the discussion centers on ethics and interrogations of national security detainees in U.S. custody.

"Interrogate This" puts 13 such individuals in the hot seat and asks the question: Can reasonable people sometimes differ when it comes to drawing a line in the sand for psychologists helping with these interrogations?

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Steve Buscemi Self-destructive journalist Pierre Peders (Buscemi) is no stranger to violence and inhumanity. Having made his name as a war reporter, he has traveled the world seeing some of the most horrifying sights imaginable. So he feels that his current puff-piece assignment, an interview with pop diva, TV and movie star Katya (Miller), is beneath his dignity. The two meet in a restaurant and, instantly, it's a collision of two worlds: Pierre's serious political focus and Katya's superficial world of celebrity. But perhaps all is not as it appears. When Pierre is slightly injured in a traffic accident inadvertently caused by Katya, she's the proverbial girl who causes traffic accidents, they end up in Katya's spacious loft for a long night of talking, drinking, sparring, and coming close to a sort of embattled intimacy. Each is scarred in their own way, aching from deep, hidden pain. But honest revelations give way to punishing deceptions. Their confrontation evolves into a passionate verbal chess game spiked with wit, intrigue and sexual tension, capped with a riveting twist ending.
Into the Storm