Visible Links (Identifying Marks in foreground)

Dimensions: 16 x 10’ installation
Materials: 600, 4 x 5” mounted ink jet prints with names/job titles of workers, company logos and locations, and a color-coding system. Pedestal holds researched napkin, plate, wineglass and flatware.
Location: gallery installation, Chicago, IL
Date: 2000
Description: Visible Links traces the origins of an ordinary place setting through photographs of the actual workers who participated in the manufacturing, transportation and distribution of those products: a plate, a wineglass, a napkin and a set of flatware. After making phone and email contact, I obtained over 600 photographs by sending out single-use cameras to the companies and unions I traced in the United States, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa and the Caribbean. The photographs were used to create a gallery installation and a poster. The poster was sent to everyone who was part of the project. Worked with numerous businesses, unions, organizations and individuals from around the world.